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i’m curious what are the goals that you can watch over and over and never get tired of

Tumblr leftists hate capitalism and criticize every aspect of it, but somehow the sex industry is exempt from their criticisms. We hear about how capitalism impoverishes people and then exploits the world’s most vulnerable groups, but somehow, an industry where men can buy women’s bodies for their use isn’t an issue. Somehow, large zones of the world being impoverished via colonialism/neo colonialism, women being hit the hardest (more of the world’s poor are women than men), and some of these women then being forced to enter wealthier zones of the world where men there will abuse them with impunity isn’t a problem. And anyone who says it is is somehow wrong. Like if anyone has been commenting on these sorts of things, feel free to send that my way, but mostly I see leftists here attacking capitalism and then turning around and whining that anyone who criticizes sex work as a concept (due to the specific kind of exploitation inherent in it) or the sex industry is a SWERF or something. Like if you’re not willing to criticize one of the most evil situations the neo-liberal global capitalist economy has produced, then obviously you’re just another garden-variety misogynist apathetic to the suffering of women hiding it behind virtue-signalling tumblr arguments. 

Caught Off Guard // Im Jaebum (M) (AU!)

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut, Officer!Jaebum, Dom!Jaebum

Summary; After stealing an expensive bracelet with the intentions of pawning it for cash, you get arrested by the malls security officer - and you offer him a deal he can’t refuse.

This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains smut - rough sex, handcuffs, general behaviour that you would actually go to jail for so please do not aTTEMPT THIS AT HOME YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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an inconvenient time of day | five mornings in the mill

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Aaron wakes to the sound of rain, fumbles for his phone to check the time before he remembers it’s Sunday. Thank god.

He pulls his arm back under the duvet where it’s warm. He’s got it snugged up to his chin, tucked under his knees, a perfect little cocoon against the February dawn.

Robert’s putting out heat behind him and Aaron moves his feet back, warms them on Robert’s ankles even though it makes him grumble in his sleep.

It’s not quite light out yet, he’s definitely got a couple of hours before he needs to move.

He turns over, plasters himself up against Robert’s back, tucks his cold nose into the hair at Robert’s nape.

Robert always pretends he hates being the little spoon but it’s all lies. He hums contentedly when Aaron slides an arm around his chest, hand coming up to cover Robert’s heartbeat.

It thumps in time with the patter on the windows and Aaron lets his eyes slip shut again. He’s exactly where he wants to be, he’s not moving.

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anonymous asked:

out of all the paladins, who do you think has the neatest handwriting? and the sloppiest?

Honestly, the neatest handwriting has to be Hunk. 

Hunk’s handwriting would be almost like block letters with random capital letters thrown in even when he’s writing lowercase? because his writing is almost like all capital letters anyway so it just flows well, y’know? and he’s used to writing out all his engineering stuff and he has to be able to understand it and everything so his is very clear, block lettering.

Sloppiest handwriting goes to either Keith or Pidge. They’re both used to scribbling their conspiracy theories in their little notebooks, so it has to be some kind of manic scrawl. 

Actually, it’s definitely Keith. Remember his crazy board that he showed everyone with the arrows and the ~mystical energy in the desert~ and the cave drawing pictures? He definitely writes like a man on speed. Like literally when he writes, it’s just a straight line with one or two bumps in it and when Lance is like “does anyone know what these three lines are?”, Keith is like “what, do you not know how to read English now?” and Lance is all “this is. literally one vertical line, one horizontal line, and a straight line with a small slash in it” and Keith is all “yeah, that says ‘I love you’, you absolute fool” and Lance is like “Keith, what the fuck”.

“Ici on noie les Algériens” - “Here we drown Algerians

-Graffiti on the Saint-Michel Bridge, after the massacre

The Paris Massacre of 1961

In 1961, France found itself embroiled in a fierce counter-revolutionary war against its colony of Algeria. The war started in 1954, and as it dragged on, anti-Algerian laws and attitudes seeped into mainland France. In retaliation of the brutal suppression of the Algerian independence fighters, several police buildings were bombed in Paris. French police began to ruthlessly target Parisians with Algerian backgrounds; other minorities, like Moroccans, Tunisians, Spaniards, and Italians, were sometimes targeted out of ignorance. Those stopped by police were met with harsh interrogation and outright violence - a disturbingly common method used by French police was to beat, handcuff, then throw a suspect into the Seine, effectively executing them through drowning. Established law followed this trend, and by 1961, it was illegal to merely protest against the Algerian War.

On October 5th, a general curfew of 8:30 PM was enforced against all “Algerian Muslim workers,” “French Muslims” and “French Muslims of Algeria.” Pro-Algerian movements urged Parisians to protest this curfew on the night of the 17th. French police responded by mobilizing some 8,000 + police officers and riot suppression specialists and blocking access to the capital by severing all routes of ingress and egress. Out of the 150,000 Parisians who had Algerian backgrounds, about 40,000 assembled to protest on the night of the 16th. French police cracked down, arresting some 11,000 of the protestors.

However, some 4,000 protestors avoided arrests and were able to peacefully protest on the Grand Boulevards. Stopped by police at the Opéra de Paris, the protestors turned around and reversed their route.

The massacre began shortly after. Near the Rex Cinema, police open fired on the crowd with live ammunition, then charged. A similar scene unfolded on the Neuilly-sur-Seine, with protestors being shot and beaten without cause. French police began to throw dead or unconscious protestors into the Seine, sometimes within sight of the Notre-Dame.

Other protestors were arrested and brought to different locations, like the Palais des Sports, Stade Pierre de Coubertin, or various police headquarters. For almost a week, the prisoners were beaten and tortured, or outright executed. French police who carried out the acts were noted to have stripped all identification off of their uniforms. Bodies and half-alive prisoners were dumped into the Seine at night.

For weeks, bodies washed up on the banks of the Seine. The entire massacre was deliberate and planned, penned and ordered by the head of the Parisian Police, Maurice Papon. Papon would receive the Legion of Honour from Charles du Gaulle later that year.

France never officially recognized the existence of the massacre until nearly four decades later, in 1998. However, official statements only mentioned 40 dead, when other estimates place the toll at closer to 200.

In 1998, Maurice Papon was first convicted of crimes against humanity due to his aiding in the deportation of French-Jewish citizens during the Vichy Regime. In 1999, he was also found guilty of perpetuating the 1961 massacre. He lost all rank and decorations, including his Legion of Honour, but was released in 2002 on the grounds of ill-health.


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“Sorry,” Bucky says, with the kind of charming smile that has Clint genuinely thinking about putting a ring on it, for claiming purposes if nothing else. “You seem like a swell guy - ”

Swell, Clint mouths to himself, amused. There’s something kinda hot about the times Bucky sounds a little like Steve; Clint is down to debauch.

“ - but I’m actually with someone.”

It’s been like this pretty much since they arrived in San Francisco, Fury-mandated leave that Clint had decided to spend with sun and Six Flags and his sexy as all hell guy. It’s been great for the free drinks - Bucky passes them over quicker when there are umbrellas, Clint’s kind of in a perpetual haze - but it’s a little wearing on the ego.

Clint kind of glances over, raises his hand in acknowledgement, gives a little grin. The guy is seriously hot, but Clint is secure in the knowledge that he’s got better arms.

“Souvenir shopping with your dad?” The guy asks sympathetically, and Clint’s mouth drops open. Bucky makes this kind of snort-choke noise at the back of his throat, and Clint’s stomach just drops.

The sun outside is blinding and Clint slips on his shades. He leans against the baked wall of the store, tips his head back and crosses his legs at the ankle, the picture of casual relaxation. Any observer would think he actually seems to get more relaxed, the longer he stands there, but that’s just ‘cos stillness is a skill and no one can see his eyes.

“Hey,” a voice says to his right. Clint nods, acknowledgement. It’s no big deal, right? So the best thing is just not to -

“Sorry about that asshole,” Bucky says.

“Fuck it,” says Clint, and pastes on a passable smile. “I’m not the cradle snatcher, here.”

Bucky moves to stand in front of him, blocking out the sun, and it takes a second for Clint’s eyes to focus, for him to snort himself into laughter that Bucky reflects with his mile-wide charming grin.

The shirt is black with scratchy white letters, tag still in and visible creases from the shelf. DADDY ISSUES it says, block capitals.

It’s not a ring, maybe, but it’ll do for now.

Soulmate au (pt.1)

It was said that when you met your soulmate, their thoughts about you appeared on your skin. The words could change over time but were impossible to remove if they still remained. And it wasn’t particularly thrilling to know your soulmate thought you were a loser.

So a good few weeks ago I received an ask and made this post and following on from that people asked if I would consider making it into a proper fic. I told them all yes, then continued to procrastinate for a month. But at last I finally got round to it, so here is part 1!

I’ve taken out a lot of the magic, except of course the soulmate concept. Please feel free to give me some feedback, introductions are so hard! 

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Sleater Kinney @ Capital Hill Block Party 2002:

“After SK played I was approached by a older gentleman who asked if I was shooting for some publication (I was not). Then he asked if it was at all possible to have a photo of his daughter. I was stunned. A couple of ladies confirmed that he was their biggest fan. We exchanged info and I mailed a couple of photos to him on the condition that I could get a couple of signed ones. He offered to pay for the prints but I very politely declined and told him that a signed photo would please me very much.” (X)