block bunny

Subtly sad, slightly sultry, and softly sweet. The kind of feeling that lingers with you all day for no reason other than to leave you with the desire of some peace and quiet to roam in your thoughts. This playlist is for the times spent sitting by the window watching rain dribble down the pane….

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A 360° video of nanoblock Valentine Bunny Boy 😁 … #valentines #valentine #bunny #love #chrisnanoblock #nanoblock #nanoblocks #bricks #blocks #buildingblocks #toy

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Sorry about last night everyone. I still feel terrible but I’m 10% better. I’m not gonna forgive the person who guilt trip/triggered me but it doesn’t I have to be upset with the whole community because of it so I’m just gonna let kidhearts ask to follow me. The ones that follow me now you all are okay. But if this happens again I’m not gonna let anyone interact with me.