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[GENERAL KPOP NEWS] Korean Artists With the Name "Minhyuk" are Scheduled to Fight for Position as Alpha Minhyuk

Probably the most common name in the Kpop industry, the name “Minhyuk” happens to be many Korean idols’ real and stage name. With more people using their birth name, the amount of Minhyuks in the Korean music industry has gone beyond its limit. In order to lower the amount of Minhyuks in this booming industry, music companies agree to create competition in order to find the dominate Minhyuk in the industry. Famous Minhyuks around the country are coming to compete to win title as Alpha Minhyuk. Notable figures in this competition include but are not limited to:

  • Minhyuk of CNBLUE
  • Minhyuk of BTOB
  • Minhyuk (B-Bomb) of Block B
  • Minhyuk of Monsta X
  • Minhyuk of ASTRO

The competition will be at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on April 31 at 2:30 PM and will be broadcasted live for all of South Korea to watch on MBC.

[BLOCK B NEWS] Block B breaks Guinness Record for doing the most dabs at once

Block B recently came back with their 5th EP, ‘Blooming Period’, with their title track “TOY” which was made into a MV.

Fans were in shock to see the members dabbing all at once during the chorus. Some fans have questioned the necessity of the dabbing dance move oh Twitter. “I thought dabbing was just a GOT7 thing,” said one fan, “I wasn’t expecting Block B to go this far.” Later that evening, Block B surprised their BBCs again by proudly announcing that they have broken the world record for doing the most dabs at once. “Even GOT7 hasn’t done this!” member P.O said happily.

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In a recent interview with Block B, they told us about the pressure they felt while filming the MV. “Everything went smoothly until the dabbing scene,” vocalist U-Kwon exclaimed. He added later, “As the center for "TOY" and the initiator for the dab, I felt a lot of pressure, especially from Zico, the master of dabs.“ 

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With his love for hiphop and his long arms, many people consider Zico as one of the 3 Dab Gods. Zico told us to warn GOT7, and later said, “One day I’ll take BamBam’s spot, I promise. I will rise as the ultimate dabbing god.”

Zico and Seolhyun

Dude, the people that are actually upset over Zico dating Seolhyun need to stfu. She is amazing and so beautiful, people should be cheering him on. When I found out i was like “ooohhhhhh Zico, get it, get it”. Like, they are normal human beings and they need someone to be close with and show affection towards. If you are angry or sad about this news, just know, you are never going to date Zico, you were never going to have a chance to date Zico and shitting on his current relationship will just make him dislike you….why would you want one of your faves to hate you because you’re jealous. Just know, that one day, you will regret being a prissy little princess over this. One day, you will find someone that meets all of your expectations and you will love them for who they are and completely forget about crushing over some popular rapper that doesn’t even know you exist. Right now, in this moment, Zico says he loves Seolhyun (literally started squealing when i read that, cause its cute af) and that won’t stop just because you’re being a little bitch about it. So, stop being selfish and accept this wonderful relationship. They are both awesome people and I wish them the best and you should too.