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hello yes can westerners who know nothing about kpop pls stop writing essays about how ‘fake’ and ‘manufactured’ kpop is?

just bc you saw bts attend the bbmas that one time doesn’t mean you know the ins and outs of the kpop industry or their career (or any other groups).

please stop perpetuating the idea that idols PAY their way into the industry. because that does not happen.
and it’s a massive slap in the face to all idols out there who have dedicated years of their life enduring horrendous training, extreme dieting and often times even leaving their family and friends to pursue their dream of becoming an idol.

all idols have trained so so hard to be where they are, and i honestly can’t stress that enough like just do ten minutes of research into life as a trainee and you’ll see what i’m talking about. so don’t try and downplay their success as an artist just because you think that western artists are ‘more creative’ or ‘more talented’ bc well it’s just not true anyway like how many western artists can sing and dance at the same time and not sound like they’re dying??most artists over here don’t even dance anymore anyway, reason being they know they can’t sing at the same time

basically what i’m trying to say is stop discrediting them. a lot of kpop groups write and produce their own music. and ALL groups have worked ridiculously hard to get where they are. stop comparing them to the likes of One Direction (that’s just embarrassing pls don’t ever do that,,,no rlly,, don’t), Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber because it’s not a fair comparison, the kpop industry and the western music industry are worlds apart you can’t compare them because they don’t operate the same.

Dear Kpop Multifandom

I have a new fandom for ya’ll to join!

A.C.E is debuting in less than 24 hours (May 23rd) and we’ve been waiting for this for a long time. By we, I mean CHOICE, the fandom which just got named. They have been showing their talent for us for a long time on Youtube by posting dance and song covers and damn, they are talented.

A.C.E consists of 5 boys, born between -94 and -97,                                         3 vocalists and 2 rappers, who are basically also vocalists..?                           Literally everyone can dance and they are just adorable and so lovable.             I’m just saying that the debut is going to be lit so join in~~


Show Me The Money 6 - PRODUCER CYPHER (ZICO & DEAN Ver.)

When is Jiho going to release a song in English so we all can officially become his hoes? Boy got lyrics in his rough guides that always get replaced in the official songs.

Lyrics like:

What ma name

Ima make that thing shake that booty for me

Knock your socks off

Let me hit that one more time, all the time

And more…

He holding out on us. I want rough guides, instrumentals, English lyrics that he replaces later, his more “sexual” lyrics not to go from “What ma name” to “Get that”.