block b quote

“I have a similar experience. Zico and I are childhood friends, but gradually, as the difference in our income increased, Zico started buying me luxury brands with an asking price of 1 million KRW (~ 907 USD) as presents.  Still, we’re friends, aren’t we?  So in order to buy Zico his birthday presents, I prepare for a year.  I save 100,000 KRW (~ 91 USD) a month. I really don’t have any individual talent…but I can shake my shoulders faster than anyone in South Korea.” - Kyung, Block B


“After breaking up, time plays a role in numbing down the regrets or the pain that are left behind. But at the same time, it makes them sharper and clearer. The breakup that you calmly accepted in the past becomes more heartbreaking in the present.