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More people should be talking about what’s going on with Jaehyo. He basically lived off of beer, salt, and bread crumbs for days for a Men’s Health magazine. I feel like this should be more publicized. I mean if it was any other idol people would be freaking out. Block B may not be your favorite group, but honestly, this is serious shit.

Block B reaction : They're losing their 4 years old child at a large store

Here’s the reaction, hope you’ll like it~ sorry for the wait again, and thanks for requesting ^^
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Zico : *404 error * JiHo would just stay here, looking the shelf store and don’t seeing his child. He would be really scared and start to run, screaming the name of his little girl. He found her in front of the Hello Kitty stand.

JaeHyo : JaeHyo would be panicked a little at first, but he stayed calm and went to the cash register, asking for the micro. « Ahn Jaehyo is waiting his little princess in front of sweets stand because he’s really scared right now, thanks » and he would find her easily

Tae Il : he would just be as panicked as Zico, but he wouldn’t show it, watching every shelf, biting his nails in stress. « Where is he, fuck i just turned the head to search pasta ». He would finally find his son in front of TV screen, fascinated by seeing his father in TV, singing.

Kyung : He would be as Zico, screaming his son name, looking every corners and asking people. He stopped for a bit for looking every corner of a shelf store. « it’s over, he’s gone and i’m here like a dumb, and Y/N, when she will know this, i’ll be dead, she’ll take my head and throw it in Han river with a baseball bat. My life is over ». But he would find him in front of cumcumbers display.

Ukwon : he would run everywhere, not knowing where he could go. He found chocolate box, and shook them, he thougt it could attract his daughter. « Y/c/n !! Where are you ? Dad has some chocolates !! ». Not even need to find her, she found her father faster than anyone.

B-Bomb : He would just stay here like « uh ? » and would search everywhere. Panicked, he would call you, who was in another shelf store « Jagi ? Please don’t be upset about me, but i lost Y/c/n, i don’t know where he is i’m stressed i’m gonna die » « Babo, he’s with me since we spearated in shelf store for searching some stuffs » « A-ah, okay…. » He would be awkward to not having notice this before.

P.O : JiHoon’s daughter was his everything, letting her breath 30 seconds was too long, he loooooved her so much. You and your daughter were his everything. When he lost her in the store, he became livid. Screaming and asking to the cashier to make an announce in his micro, but he would yell at him. The store leader would come to calm him down, but he would just jump on him and shaking him with all his strenght.  « DO YOUR MAXIMUM TO FIND MY PRINCESS NOOOW ». and His little girl would find him, she was with other childs, saying that her father was the best.

Can I just vent for a moment…this guy

this guy…

so many Zico feels…always

See here’s the thing, sometimes he is the cutest thing ever

Woo Jiho

like ugh so cute…rainbows and butterflies

but then other times he is the hugest most adorable freak


idiot…why do i love you?!?! derp derp derp

But this is where things get serious… he is also the sexiest person ever and i am pretty sure he wants to kill us

like uhhhmmmm no did i say you could do that


And my heart stopper…


Oh but i am not even close to finished yet! His interactions with the rest of Block B just….

what did you say?!

i think you are enjoying that too much

i mean it wasn’t like i was trying to listen or anything


i want to do the same to you…you life ruiner!

And then when all of block b is together…


i see you hiding in the corner

there we go front and center

And I most definitely love him because of this

girls listen to the boy 

And because you made it this far why not reward you with another Zico gif… i mean that’s why your here right?

You are Welcome

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I am a new fan and I want to watch Match Up but there aren't any links?

All their personal variety shows

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Match Up Returns (this was after one of their scandals and why the sad beginning. Half has been deleted sorry)

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Welcome to the Block B/BBC Fandom!

  • block b: *loses kyung in a crowd*
  • block b: ok, we need to use our most powerful weapon
  • block b: *screams* BBC
  • kyung: *knocks everyone in the way down&runs at the speed of light* WHERE where are they my beloved bEES i LOVE every single of you pleASE i miss you sosoomuch did you eat well how was your day??? are u happy?? i hope ur happy pls don't forget me i might cry I LOV-
  • block b: there he is

For the followers that don’t know what is going on with Ukwon. Someone got into his private Instagram account (separate from his idol/fan account which we are lucky to have at all since he has this account). They removed/took some private pictures and posted them without his knowledge. I only saw one with him and his girlfriend but it seemed there was more. I heard rumors where starting on these pictures or something which was hurting the people in the pictures; Sunhye most likely. That’s when he made that Instagram post;

I don’t know how photos were taken from my protected account, but did you really want to start a witchhunt by taking even that and making it into something it is not? That’s enough, it’s tiring. It’s really hard that many people are always getting hurt because of me, please leave the people around me alone. (cr. bontheblock)

I personally don’t understand why people can’t be happy with what he gives us. That some feel the need to intrude on his private life. We all know what kind of man he is and how shy/private he is. We are just pushing him away that much more. This could of been a BBC or easily an anti I seriously don’t want to point fingers when I don’t know who actually took the pictures. But if it was a BBC I’m ashamed. They most likely were not thinking straight but this was on a private account and you knew that. Please respect him and his friends and family. This is not a game of look at the cute couple this is his life. He not a toy but a human with feelings. We already had issues with him and he deleted his account as a warning that he will not have this. Please let this be the last time we have exhausted all ways around this. He has made it clear. Do Not go into Sunhye’s account looking for him. Do Not make marriage comments when he only 22 and is obviously not ready for it nor baby comments. Do Not poke through anything that looks personal/his relationship.  

You can’t really justify the oversexualized women and meat as part of the concept, because oversexualized women are not a concept. They’re not even being used here as a concept, they are literally props that were thrown in to contribute to the “badass, sexy, manly” feel of the MV.

Honestly, it can’t be justified as creative license because it’s not even creative. Using women like meat and then comparing them to literal meat is not only gross as all hell, it’s also a really lazy way to try to make the video seem edgier without actually adding any depth to it.