block b is life

Type of Kpop Fan I Am

Me: Respects Idol’s personal life and just wants them to be happy.

Also me: *gets gun ready when i see someone too close to my bias*

“Hmm… I’m gaining weight and I don’t have real friends. I should stop eating too much and go out socializing more”
She said while opening a new bag of cookies and pressing play on her computer to watch various kpop groups on crack on youtube.

Block B representing me when I get up in the morning

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Kpop Fans

As London Tipton

When you don’t know the choreography but the song lit.

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I mean…this speaks for itself. 

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When you randomly find a video that’s been subbed and you’ve never seen it.

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When you watch a video without subs and still enjoy yourself.

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When you realize that even though Kpop is popular it’s hard finding people who like it too.

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