block 19

Prompt #19

She’d had the scar for as long as she could remember, but she couldn’t, for the life of her, remember where it came from. Things were getting like that recently. More holes in her memory and people who she thought existed had disappeared without warning…

Eggsy has needed glasses since he was little. At first they were just for his reading, because he used to squint whenever his teacher wrote something up on the board, no matter how close he was. So, Michelle took him to the opticians and got him kitted out in his first pair of glasses.

Eggsy’s eyesight became progressively worse, and by the time he’d started Year Five, he was in glasses all the time. That didn’t help his gymnastics much, because not wearing his glasses meant things far ahead of him became fuzzy and his depth perception wasn’t the best. So he trained without his glasses all the time to get used to it.

But then his mum got shacked up with Dean, or more accurately, Dean shacked up with them. And Eggsy soon began collecting the glasses Dean broke by slapping him around. It was always on purpose, with the intent to damage his glasses. Eggsy knew that, because Dean wouldn’t let his mum take him to go get them replaced. So he learned how to do it on his own.

The teasing in school was nothing compared to the shit he got at home, so Eggsy brushed it off. He was with his mates, and while they did tease a bit now and then, it wasn’t meant maliciously, same as when Eggsy teased them. It was banter.

Once Eggsy left secondary school, he was finally old enough to get contact lenses. He went straight to the opticians, having researched them thoroughly the night before. So he got his first contacts. They stung like a motherfucker the first time he put them in, and he went around blinking incessantly, but he didn’t need to wear his glasses so he was happy.

After all the aggro with Kingsman and Harry being “dead” for a few months, everything’s back to normal. Or, at least, as normal as being a spy will allow. Merlin’s been an absolute sweetheart, replacing the lenses in all of Eggsy’s Kingsman issue glasses with his prescription. Eggsy’s told Harry the story behind the old biscuit tin filled with twisted, bent and shattered glasses.

Every night, Harry will slowly slide Eggsy’s glasses down his nose and off his face, laying them to rest on the bedside cabinet. He’ll press small kisses to the bridge of Eggsy’s nose and each of his temples, before pulling him close and settling down to sleep.

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1. When I became a BBC
2. My bias in Block B
3. Favourite block B ship
4. What I think about BASTARZ
5. My favourite Zico quote
6. My favourite Jaehyo sass
7. The last Block B song I listened to
8. My fave Block B MV
9. My fave Block B song
10. Favourite variety show moment
11. A blog that reminds me of Block B
12. My favourite Taeil solo
13. My favourite thing about Block B
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15. Least favourite Zico hairstyle
16. Favourite derp photo
17. Favourite fact about Yukwon
18. Favourite fact about Block B in general
19. Member I’d most like to date
20. Member I’d most like to adopt
21. Member I’d most like to fight with
22. Favourite live performance
23. Thing I would most likely do if I met PO
24. Favourite prank that Kyung has done
25. Favourite photo of B-bomb
26. [Ask Your Own Block B Question]

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hello taylor , my name is verena and i’m 17 years old

and i need YOUR HELP!

today I wanted to shower, and then i figured that my bottle of shampoo was empty…… :( what should i do now? 

i’m going to your show in seattle block a row 19 seats 21-25 please everyone reblog this so taylor sees this!