bloc québécois

The Bloc Québécois & Green Party on The Three Main Parties In Depth:

Conservative Party

Bloc Québécois: Criss de calisse de tabarnak!!!!

Green Party: Worst at managing the environment ever, even Brian Mulroney cared!

New Democratic Party

Bloc Québécois: Ont pris nos sièges!

Green Party: Well, you guys aren’t that bad.

Liberal Party

Bloc Québécois:  Maudit fédéralistes!

Green Party: At least they’re not the Tories.

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is related to both Liberal leader Justin Trudeau – the two are 9th cousins – and Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe, who is Mulcair’s 10th cousin.

  • Mulcair and Trudeau’s family ties go back nearly 400 years to their 8th great-grandparents, Mathieu Amiot and Marie Miville.
  • Miville’s father, Pierre Miville, is one of the founding fathers of Quebec, and when his family arrived in the 1640s, they were considered to be one of the largest to settle in “New France”.
  • When Amiot married Miville in 1649, her dowry brought him property in the town of Quebec, making him a very successful landowner.
  • Mulcair and Duceppe’s family connection goes back even further to their 9th great-grandfather, Marin Boucher.
  • Marin was part of the “Percheron Immigration” from Perche, France in the 17th century. Most of these immigrants were builders, carpenters or – like Marin – stone masons, so they could literally build a new nation here in Canada. In fact, it is believed that the majority of French Canadian origins have Percheron blood.

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