So I made a thing for the OC Promothon and maybe i get a little too excited and carried away, so sorry if this is too long.

Here we have what in its native planet is commonly known as Blobis, far beyond the distant Virgo stars. It is an amphibian that inhabits the marshy areas of the only continent of its planet in which there is oceanic climate.

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Emoji Review: cat

because it’s midnight and that’s the mood i’m in

this cat has nice shading but weird posture. I like the colors but he just feels off. 7/10 seems suspicious

this is the cutest cat i’ve ever seen in my life, points for minimalism and adorable face 10/10 i love him

why…does microsoft always do this. lines too thick, where tf is the other leg, i have questions 3/10 i’m afraid

what…is this. is it a dog. i’m…horrified at samsung’s idea of a cat. i’m going to have nightmares 0/10 why isn’t he orange

once again not orange, once again i don’t like it. he makes me uncomfortable and where are his eyes? squinting, i think he has small, soulless pits, and i don’t think i’m okay with that 2/10 at least it looks like a cat

??????? is this ancient egypt, because that’s the vibes i’m getting from this monstrosity. ???? 1/10 the orange is back

a good cat. i like this one, although his face is sort of chipmunky. friendly and sweet. i’d pet this cat. 9/10 you can’t beat google

he’s gray, and his face looks swollen. i like the blue ears, but other than that i’m just not digging it. 5/10 i think he’s staring at my soul

what the hell. what is this. is it a rat, cat, or hotdog? possibly all three? -4/10 shapeless blob

i like this one! he’s sort of mousy in the face, but the colors are nice and it looks like a cat 6/10 a for effort

this cat is staring straight into my soul and his sumg little smile tells me he know exactly what i’ve done. i’m not sure what i’ve done, but he knows. 4/10 because i’d feel guilty going any lower

i was expecting the worst with emojiidex, and this cat isn’t that bad! he looks like a cat, has functional shading, and has realistic lines. only complaint is that he’s a black cat, and i’m still not sure where the orange went. 8/10 he’s crossing my path i feel like that’s bad luck


“FACES” by Ben Chadourne f. Polar + Blobys

Echoing Flower, Silent Autumn


He thought he’d seen her before.

He’d sensed a heavy concentration of magic and quickly made his way to the source on the back of his Gargoyle, only to find an odd mess of creatures, both old and new. To one side, he saw the Dark Aetherians- shadowy beings,almost like animals. They were the corrupted forms of the beings that lived in the Aether, coming down to cause havoc and spread chaos.

And before them were another group. A multicolored bloby group of strange creatures the likes he’d never really seen before.

Except for once.

It had been a few days before he left for America. He’d been practicing with his Golem out in a field when he’d heard a slew of earsplitting cries off in the distance. Curiosity and the desire to do something useful with his powers drew him toward the sound, only to find a crying girl in armor surrounded by creatures just like the ones he saw below him now.

He commanded his Golem to attack them, then, while he helped get the girl to safety. He remembered telling her that everything would be just fine. He remembered the cries of the monsters as they tried and failed to damage his hulking stone beast. He remembered the shrieks of the men, the men who noticed the commotion and assaulted him with roaring guns and rockets.

Thankfully Golem was just too potent a wall for them to do anything.

And he remembered the bloodied corpse the armored girl held close, not daring to let it out of her sight for a moment.

As luck would have it, a small pod crashing into a building below hi drew his attention away from his memory- though perhaps that was spoken a bit too soon… As from the smoking wreckage the same armored girl from all those months ago rose to her feet and began to engage the monsters in battle.

And he wasn’t going to let her fight alone.

“Gargoyle. Bring me to the center. Time to do something either incredibly helpful or incredibly stupid.”

Probably both.

With a wild yell, he leaped off the back of his summon and willed the stone creature to return to the Aether, and from his pocket he withdrew another crystal. Hurling it to the ground, it shattered with a loud tingling crackle, a green magic circle rising in its wake. From it rose the hulking Golem, his sheer mass causing some of the monsters to fade away instantly- into shadows for the Dark Aetherians, into red mist for the other weird things.

“It’s alright. Everything’s going to be fine.”

He called to the girl, giving her a cheesy thumbs up as his Golem thrashed about the collection of monsters, crushing them beneath foot and fist.

“I’m here to help.”

Hobbes (Feb 2014 - Nov 9th 2015)
The last weeks have been really rough. After Kepler died some weeks ago (he probably had a heart attack) we have lost our sweetest big baby Hobbes today. He was so calm and cuddly the last days. Slept on my belly a lot and was just the most loving creature on this planet. The last days he started to fall out of his hammocks now and then and we thought he stared getting and old rat. Yesterday I recognized he did not hold his food properly. He tried to eat like a dog, without his hands and was somehow disorientated. I gave him baby food. I had my baby boy on my belly this morning before work, gave him another portion of baby food. We planned to go to the vet after work. When my boyfriend came home at noon, Hobbes already fell asleep forever. 
We will miss our “Kisses Blobi” so much. He loved to groom his humans and gave us lot’s of rattie kisses..He was such a special one and he’ll leave a big hole in our hearts.
Get over to the other side safely! We will miss you!