Kobushi Factory as mmorpg classes

Hirose Ayaka: Parental Guardian, high HP and tons of defense. Equip items are a giant shield and a really really big axe. You can’t really 1v1 her because she’s too tanky and you’ll be crushed. Destroys Taguchi on a daily basis.

Fujii Rio: Brawler, if you’ve ever wanted to punch someone really badly then punch that person with metal fists. Really fast due to the loss of defense, also quite annoying to deal with. You will never survive to enjoy the rest of your life.

Nomura Minami: Mage, a popular class, but she uses it cleverly. She’ll keep her distance from you in battle and in terms of a relationship because she knows you eat cup noodles at midnight. Are you ready for a spam of incoming blue blobbly stuff because I’m not.

Ogawa Rena: Rogue, slicing and dicing your ego with daggers. This is the annoying offense class that every asian pro player would pick and destroy you in a 1v1. The main counter to Taguchi, if she counters Taguchi there is no stopping her.

Hamaura Ayano: Warrior, the classic and basic class. Actually average in everything and that’s pretty cool but her Main Character™ abilities are crazy. Probably that class nobody really uses until she crushes the championship because of a 2x attack buff. The only one who wouldn’t be affected in a nerf wave.

 Taguchi Natsumi: Warlock, like a mage but less attack and a melee. Has average speed and 150% saltiness. Doesn’t help that her defense is incredibly low but not any lower than Rena’s. Takes a lot to master, but when she’s mastered, she’s the scariest thing you have ever seen. Hide your family. 

 Wada Sakurako: Cleric, all the salty gamers believe she isn’t essential but they’re damn wrong because there’s no team without a healer. The whole world should appreciate she exists like Minami does. Has high health and defense, attacking her is risking your life.

Inoue Rei: Necromancer, she is scary, she is probably overpowered, and she was barely touched by nerfs. Summons her minions into this cruel, Rena-ridden world. She also has a melee that deals severe to fatal damage. Though her health is mediocre. 

[Black] Seyoung Imagine: Stalker from your Dreams

Imagine having a weird dream about being followed by a crazy blackhaired man. You manage to wake up from that dream but after you did … strange things start to happen. You think you see that creepy man in every kind of reflection. It starts with a blobbly shape in the reflection on a pot. You don’t care, but it gets worse. You see him in more and more places. Mirrors, windows, pots, glasses, … He always has a creepy, insane grin on his face. which scares you a lot. You’re scared that he might be real, but that’s nonsense … you hope. Seeing him everywhere drives you crazy and makes you avoid all reflective things. One day the doorbell rings and as you look through the hole in the door to who it is, you gasp in fear … It’s him. He found you.

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