How the fuck do people actually know their gender

So…inspired by the drama about “plus size dolls” that happened in the Monster High tag, I decided to try and make a “fat” mh character. What monsters would be like that though? I was thinking of basing her off the CAM blob girl, with a different and better outfit.

Let’s make up a profile right on the spot..uhh…

Blobbi Brown, daughter of the Blob. Her freaky flaw is that she has a nearly all-consuming hunger…she feels compelled to eat everything. As a result, she is full-figured but she believes that you can be fabulous at any size…she doesn’t let what others may see as unattractive bring her down.

Her killer style involves bright colors and lots of translucent accessories to match her skin. She has a pet slime mold named Viscous who is nearly as hungry as she is.

Blobbi is passionate about food…she is in Culinary Arts class along with Deuce and organizes bake sales. Since she’s always cooking for herself, why not cook for others too?

Her amorphous physiology also grants her limited shapeshifting abilities…she can melt into a puddle or bend her body around things. If anything gets thrown at her, it goes into her and she has to fish it out of her stomach.

Is this acceptabru guys? Still a work in progress

kingsman magical girl au

where eggsy’s life goes sour and there’s no way out and he’s about to fricking die and there’s an older gentleman (harry), and innocent bystander to his entirely avoidable altercation with dean’s goon squad

and then out of nowhere: GALAHAD STAR POWER





complete: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4


While I continue to pine for a Gooliope, I thought I’d take some photos of my blob girls ^_^  This is Jellifer, a custom CAM blob girl, Jellia, a factory CAM blob girl, and Prisma, a custom blob girl made from a CAM cat head and other CAM parts.  Jellifer and Prisma have “blobs” of Sugru on them, and Prisma’s wig came from an old Bratz Kidz set that had plastic wigs.  Once I finish my goo girl, Gregooria, I’ll take photos of her with this group too.  (I just need to finish up her purse)

Sorry this is long. I got my tumblr taken away and can only put this through submissions. My apologies.


You are my sunshine

My only sunshine

You make me happy when skies are gray

You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

So please don’t take my sunshine away

Toby is nine. He comes home from school, one eye bright and a smile stretched across his small face. He looks happy, but his aura gives away his nervousness, his fear.

Good, a part of Dipper, a part he’d rather forget, whispers. Let him fear. It’s what he deserves after all he’s done.

The young boy rushes up to Dipper and hands him a small piece of paper. “I… I made you this.” His aura shifts, showing more nervousness than it had before, and he backs away. Toby turns on his heel and runs off.

Dipper looks down at the small, slightly crumpled paper. On it is a sloppy drawing of three people-looking things. With a jolt Dipper realizes who they are, who Toby had drawn with crayons and pencil, who Toby had drawn with care and oh god does that say what I think it does-

One little blob of crayon displayed a small boy with blonde hair and one eye, representing Toby. Another blob was a young girl with blonde hair and oh that’s his sister oh no. A final crayon drawing was a black blob with brown hair and golden eyes floating above the children and Dipper knew exactly who that was-

‘My family’ was written in messy scrawl at the bottom.

Dipper tried to tear it up, to throw it away, to burn it, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. The drawing, despite being messy, was obviously drawn with care and love. Dipper could feel it.

(And, though he refused to admit it, a part of Dipper loved the drawing. Loved the feeling of knowing he had a family again. Loved the feeling of not being entirely alone).

You are my sunshine

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Mabel Pines: The Ultimate Problematic Fave

Originally posted by trailerdrake

Spoilers Ahead

First off before anybody starts throwing tomatoes and knives at me, Mabel Pines is probably the best written characters in the entire show and is definitely my personal favorite. And based on a ton of other posts, it seems that she’s alot of people’s favorite character. And its easy to see why. She’s cute, charming, has a big heart, and isn’t stupid. Also, she’s quirky with reason. It seems that every single one of her quirks was written into her with purpose, and unlike a ton of other female characters considered “adorkable” and “quirky” these traits don’t seem superficial. 

And yet she is also a character who constantly screws up everything. At several points in Gravity Falls, Mabel will do something that will cause the audience to yell “Mabel, No!” at the screen. Examples of this include:

  • Having a very poor track record with romance. She has so far dated
    • A group of Gnomes stacked on top of each other to resemble a Zombie
    • An entire boy band she wished to keep in the Mystery Shack almost like a group of pets
    • A Blonde Boy who makes out with Puppets
    • And a creepy 9 year old with psychic abilities a luscious hair.
    • Actually, the only sane romance she had all summer was with a Kind-hearted merman.
  • Pushed Dipper and Wendy into a room together with the Shapeshifter, and didn’t let them back in, despite their cries for help.
  • Accidentally ruins Dipper’s attempts at embarrassing himself in front of Wendy so she could save a pig.
  • Nearly sold his brother out to Bill to keep her play going.  Emphasis on Nearly.
  • Ruined Waddle’s attempt at turning the entire world into a world of supergeniuses.
  • Very nearly erased her own memories with a mind wipe gun.
  • Stole love potion from Love God and briefly ruined her friend group.
  • Showed a really nasty side of her personality in “Northwest Mansion Mystery”
  • Regularly makes fun Dipper. To her, its all affectionate fun, but it has been shown to be hurting Dipper in a couple of ways.
  • Chose not to play DD&MD with her brother, despite the fact that both of them really need to do something fun and stupid together.
  • Drank Unicorn Blood and is now officially living a half life. You heard me right, cubbletherobot
  • And is officially the harbinger of the apocalypse.

If I were to tell a random non-GF Fan that these where traits of everybody’s favorite character, I’d be called delusional, and yet here I am praising this show and praising this character. Why do people like Mabel. I have a couple of theories.

  • Mabel may get a happy ending, but never actually “wins”: Mabel’s Sock Opera was a total disaster, Mabel did not win the Golf Tournament, and Mabel has never had a successful romance. Gravity Falls seems to have a pretty good Karma system, and anytime a character screws up, they are immediately given their comeuppance. Mabel not only follows this rule, but arguably has it worse. Little Dipper establishes that Dipper is always the one getting awards and winning at everything, while she has to settle for “average” on almost everything. Actually, there is nothing in this show to suggest that Mabel is book dumb. We never get to see her actual grades, and the only canon thing we here is that Dipper’s is higher. Dipper could be getting all A++ on everything while Mabel keeps getting B’s. All this of course means we can feel for her when everything is going wrong. Everybody wants Mabel to get some credit, but all the scenarios given to her seem to give her the short stick.
  • Mabel is an Extroverted Loser who is actually somewhat aware of her status. Extroverted nerds are not uncommon in pop culture, though the biggest difference is that Mabel seems to be aware of some of the things said about her. We can laugh at how oblivious Tucker Foley from Danny Phantom is, but Mabel is smarter than that. Alternatively, she could be considered a “cool loser” in the same way Sam Manson is, but unlike Sam, its really easy to see why she might not fit in with people considered popular.  This makes Mabel an anomaly among “cool loser” characters, being someone who legitimately fits the definitions of both words. 
    • On another note, Mabel is an example of an extrovert whose insecurities stem from the fact. The most recent episode as of this blog has her running off because she doesn’t want to be alone. Mabel needs attention in order to function properly, and when she’s left out of the loop for something, something bad happens. Something bad always happens.
    • Still, Mabel’s strangeness is thoroughly embraced as a positive trait, especially after “Irrational Treasure”, by both herself and the show as a whole. At this point she doesn’t care what other people think of her. Surely thats an admirable trait to many of the fans out there.
  • Mabel has developed as the series continued. Well, duh, she shares the role of protagonist with her brother, and as such is expected to grow in one way or another. One of the most tragic developments in her character is her new found fear losing her brother, which makes its first official appearance in a Tale of Two Stans. I highly doubt she ever considered losing her brother a possibility when the show first premiered, and yet here we are now. She’s also become a bit more… morally ambiguous as the series progressed. Her lesson in The Last Mabelcorn is revealed through a fit of rage on her part. Mabel got angry and violent, and the fans loved it.
  • And most importantly, everything Mabel does is out of love, Why did she give Bill the Rift? Because she thought it meant more time spent with her brother. Why did she refuse to press the button on the portal? Because she saw the best in her Grunkle Stan. Why did she allow her show to be ruined? To save Dipper. Mabel’s heart is her biggest strength in the show, and is probably the one thing that keeps her from falling into the usual trappings of the usual quirky, moe-blob type of girl. The fact that she shows it off so often proves to the audience that she is in fact more than just the lovable sidekick in a show that could of easily went in that direction. Heck, she’s the beacon of light in a series pretty close to falling into straight up horror territory. She’s the glimmer of hope of hope the audience can cling to when the series is at its darkest. It’s this element that made the last thing we see in “Dipper and Mabel vs the Future” so tragic. She screwed up royally, but with the best of intentions. And now she has to deal with just how badly everything is going to be. But based on what I’ve seen in the show so far, I’d still have to say she still is the last glimmer of hope for the future of the mystery twins. She might have been the cause of this problem, but I betcha anything she’ll also be the one to solve it.