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DAY 3163

Jalsa, Mumbai              Nov 25/26,  2016               Fri/Sat  12:36 am

Birthday - EF Pankaj Kanodia

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy birthday greetings to the Ef above and may all that he wishes come true to his utmost desire .. love from us all ..

So last nights’ Blog was a blob ..! I revisited it this morning and was devastated to read what I read .. it has no meaning or sense and therefore any attempt by the Ef to make any of it, shall lead a very frustrated and wondered opinion on its contents ..

All that was sleep induced .. and sleep induced writing has its own charms .. it indicates what the brain is thinking or working on, and it is surprising how many varied thoughts enter and translate into words on paper .. if this writing can be so described ..

There is a growing feeling among many that ease of accessibility equates to immediate and instant reaction and response .. kindly erase such .. it is not possible to be able to react in as immediate a manner as one would desire .. one, referring to all that come to this platform or any other, during the course of our much admired and long lasting connect ..

Something is breaking .. breaking within .. and that is not such a good feeling .. well, not a good feeling, often said by the author of this blog .. one that has the right in some manner, to express himself in the manner he so wishes .. one that expresses joy and admiration for giving many others the fond desire to connect .. and one that has through the years only felt love and grace from all .. but ..

So fine .. if that has been the desired will .. so be it .. there was never an invitation or an appeal to come on board .. all that came had come from an understanding that they believed in .. some have stayed on, some have left .. some are considering leaving .. !!

In the free environ of this balance sheet, devoid of any great expression, all are not just invited guests, but also those that came on for the love of interaction .. they got it they liked it I presume, and they left .. 

Expectations from me are large and voluble .. humanly it shall be impossible to chart out a dictation that would be received by all for all .. I do not sit on anxious waiting to respond to immediate demands and requests .. if it can be done I shall do it, if not .. tough ..

Just because ‘no means no’ reaches some proportion of populace demanding such .. it does not clear by any means that ‘yes means yes’ .. many suggest, indeed advise, the ease with which the ‘yes’ is accomplished within my precincts .. but a stop they say is now mandatory .. stop to the verbage .. stop to the reaction … stop to the willingness of all that needs to be willed and executed .. STOP !!

Yes .. one asks .. and one gets ..

But is that perpetual and constant .. ?? Is that what yes conveys .. and does every yes deserve what the giver of it senses, or is it the yes that the taker gives .. I am troubled by that and need to understand .. no .. not understand, for, understanding denotes desire to know .. I may not wish it so .. 

Best then to cover the head in silence .. allow the within to speak .. if at all it does .. 

For long, have the ease of operation been achieved because the demand for a NO, never existed or, was never expected ..and when it did come, the first person it encountered was the one with the YES .. 

The building crumbled on learning this .. the debris shattered all over extensively .. and shall continue to be buried for long ..

Until the YES and the NO have gained some character .. some presence .. here, there, everywhere …

Amitabh Bachchan 

I really don’t like to talk about these people on my blog all the time, (trust me I’ve blocked too many people this week) but babyboy-kitten is c//gl and feels very aggressively about ignoring boundaries(thinks you shouldn’t have the right to “exclude” them??), and disregards banners on the regular it looks like. So a heads up if this is the type of person you don’t want interacting with you.


Hello, so I don’t do these a lot, but c'mon, 201 followers? That’s crazy for me! I know you probably see these things a lot and that this number is comparably low to some (or many) of your own, but wow! I look at this number and think to myself that these are 201 active Tomarry/Harrymort lovers and it fills me up with joy. (Of course, some of these are probably pornbots but V(^_^)V.) I would post things even if there were five of you, but of course, I’m glad that so many people enjoy and appreciate what I try to do.

I do my best to post stuff at least once everyday and rarely post original content (it’s not my strong point. I always make sure to cite my sources if I ever do make an original post that isn’t my original words though! I was taught that if I didn’t cite my sources, the horrible IB gods shall descend with their wrath upon me.), but I’m mostly just passing around other posts. I’m horrible at maintaining my interest in things, but my blogs have always remained close to my heart. I just can’t escape, haha.

I don’t know, is there anything you guys want me to do? Anything that you want me to share? I debated whether or not I should tag all of my followers with this post like I’ve seen others do, but I always feel weird calling people out. I’m friendly though, I promise! If y'all want to talk about anything, I’m free and respond generally quickly so if you want to hit me up…. God, I’m as awkward on the internet as I am in real life. But really, feel free to talk to me!

Well, you’ll hear from me at the 300 mark! (And no, I don’t do this because I think only a hundred benchmark is worth noting but because I don’t want people to be bogged down with my ramblings everytime I get 5 more followers. I doubt any of you would care that much. And I just seem desperate [or more desperate than I already am] and that’s probably not what you guys came here for.) So, bye lovelies! And really, HIT ME UP. I always have an ear, an eye, an arm, or some other weird body part that will take notice and respond. God, this is why I don’t have any friends. But yeah, you know what I’m trying to say hopefully. Ok I should really end this and I really appreciate that you’ve actually read this post and I’m probably boring you now so bye!

TL;DR— just an appreciation post for everyone that I do sometimes. But that I don’t usually do too much as I end up rambling and I’m not coherent/articulate enough to say precisely so I end up doing a super long rambling episode to show my love. I shall now settle into the abyss to wait for my time to rise up again.