blob escape

Car Boys finale

As the sedan teetered in the edge of his destiny, Nick’s focus was singular: “Be brave.” As Griffin had told him before, as he now repeated through the car’s radio. “Be brave.”

With one final slam on the gas, the reliable submersible tipped into the vortex, then, several things happened at once; suddenly overwhelmed with the sensation of falling, Nick braced himself against the dashboard, gripping the steering wheel and ceiling mounted handle for all the good it was worth. Light poured through the front windshield like water, shattering it instantly, and Griffin, his voice panicked as ever:

“Don’t be afraid. I’m right here with you. Take my hand.” As though it had always been there, his friends hand materialized from the darkness. His passenger now in a state of being and non-being, Nick struggled to look away, to focus on the road ahead.

“Open your mind Nick.” Spoke a new voice, the voice of a friend out of time. “Don’t resist it, accept the truth.” The light burned Nick’s eyes, and he cried out:

“No!” Shaking his head back and fourth, surely this was a nightmare, surely if he tried hard enough he would wake. He shut his eyes, feeling alone if not for the voice: “Open your mind, don’t resist it, accept the truth.” Over and over again as his remaining hand on the steering wheel was pulled away. He wouldn’t need it, seeing as there would be no steering in this bright void.

“We’re through the event horizon.” Said Griffin, his chipper voice cutting Nick from his daze. His passenger was there now, no quantum state, just along for the ride. As Nick turned to look ahead he noticed now not the light that had blinded him mere moments ago, but a soft green sphere, floating in what reminded him of the ocean, were it not for the stars whipping past them.

“Its… kind of beautiful. Isn’t it?” Nick asked.

“Its the root of all beauty Nick.” Griffin answered.

“Our radiator’s been damaged,” Nick pointed out, noticing a popup on his console. “I don’t think this is good for our car.”

“Nick,” Griffin muttered, “I’m so afraid in this moment. Can I have ball?” The car boys looked at eachother, each welling up, each unable to shead their tears before they were washed away by the lake.

“You want to bring ball into this?” Nick laughed, wiping away some tears with his sleeve. Reluctantly, he summoned ball, and with a crash, he knew something had gone wrong. A quick glance in the rearview revealed three things: a deflated soccer ball and it’s two passengers: The Ovo, and the blob. The moment of peace had passed.

“Nick! What are you doing?” Griffin screamed. Nick tried everything. The Ovo wouldn’t respond, Ball was deflated, all hope of defeating or escaping the blob was lost. All that remained was trapping it.

With no idea how they had done it, they left the blob behind. They had become the night sky, gliding above the trees, both alone and together in this space beyond space.

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taz is the chronological sequel to car boys, Where the blob escapes containment and tries to consume another universe

the ONLY way to win dnd is for thb to plane-jump into and rescue beam nick and beam griffin from the sedan

  • y'all about aos: *adjusting glasses* so you see this one sentence is technically scientifically inaccurate and therefore ruins the atmosphere of star trek :/
  • tos: abraham lincoln and surak team up for a televised fight to the death controlled by volcano blobs
  • tng: moriarty escapes and is actually a good scientific man who wants to live in peace
  • ds9: rumpelstiltskin is real and he's in my room
  • voy: main characters are turned into lizards and have a lizard baby and aren't in love when they get turned back but miss their lizard baby
  • ent: a cis man gets pregnant and grows wrist nipples
  • y'all: ...
  • y'all: so in aos it's unbelievable that-
==> escaped blob (closed rp)(nsfw mainly?)

*juddas found a crack in danams lab and smirked as he went to his blob form and squeezed out and began to roll away trying to get as far as he could going towards a large hive with quite a few subjugs about as he tried to find a way in*