cradisorn  asked:

(I´m asking for tomorrow if thats okay :) so what do you think for a weapon fusion holly bllue agates elevctric whip and pearls spear would make?? and pls not bow cuase opal have that and well I want something new thanks!

Hello~  For a fusion weapon of Holly Blue Agate’s electric whip and Pearl’s spear, I would reccomend:

a Bladed Whip

a Chain Whip

or a Chain Scythe

Mod Angel Aura Quartz

ssskeletonsoffun  asked:

Hhhhow do I gotta prove myself to prof. Bllue my bro???? Ppplease. I II I want,,,,,,, him,,,, what aare his office hours,,,,,,,,

What makes you stand out from other students? Lots of people wants to be his TA, why should he choose you?

Honestly just give him the blowjob of his life then you’re good bro