blk on blk on blk

1.Don’t throw out your hair, a bird may get to it and make a nest and you will have headaches/go crazy.

2.If you want somebody to come back, sweep salt behind them when they leave.

3.Don’t sweep over someones feet, its considered bad luck.

4.If a spirit calls out your name don’t answer back.

5.Watch who you let in your house, they bring their spirits with them.

6.Don’t tell people your plans, they may pray against you.

7.Don’t let anyone play in your hair, they can put their energy on you.

-via Mama & Grandma
I lay awake quietly crying next to a man who claims to love me, forcing myself to remember the good times that we have had only to have my heart broken all over again when I realise that things will never be the same as they were.
—  blk-rze, An excerpt from a book I have yet to finish writing.

8. Put coins above your front door to bring prosperity into your home.

9. Cook Black eyed peas on New Years Day for Good Luck.

10. Itching palms are a sign of coming money.

11. Don’t put your purse on the floor or you’ll stay broke.

12. Fish dreams mean someones pregnant.

13. Splitting the pole brings bad luck.

14. Ringing in the ear/ jumping in the eye means someones talking about you

via mama & Grandma