SoonHoon, the childhood best friends

[for Lou]

  • it started off as any friendships back in kindergarten
  • pretty much their moms set a date up for them where they met and became friends
  • jihoon was an introverted child who liked staying inside and playing his dad’s piano
  • so soonyoung soon became his first and only good friend
  • they bonded quickly over music when they both started humming the same children’s song during lunch
  • they went to the same school while soonyoung made loads of friends, jihoon stayed behind books and on after school classes
  • jihoon joined many music classes
  • he was taking piano, guitar, and even cello classes
  • however, everyone told him that he is too short for the latter mentioned instrument
  • when he was not in the music room he was at the library studying for his tests
  • this was the only agreement between him and his family, if he is able to maintain and keep a high gpa then they will finance his extra music classes
  • although when he disappeared during lunch break to study in peace he was never alone
  • somehow soonyoung always popped up in the middle of his study session and kept talking nonsense to him
  • when this happened jihoon formed tube with his hands and pretended to shoot soonyoung with a tranquilizer dart
  • it was their thing that they quite early on developed when jihoon felt exhausted from socializing
  • then soonyoung just smiled at him and relaxed in silence next to each other
  • jihoon would read a book or play his guitar while soonyoung would be laying on the grass nodding and humming along to his melodies
  • they never stopped with this habit of theirs
  • and jihoon was always thankful that soonyoung visited him
  • even though he never showed it
  • whenever soonyoung visited him he smiled externally
  • altough he sometimes doubted their friendship
  • he sometimes thought that soonyoung was only friends with him because of their parents
  • but soonyoung was always there to cheer on jihoon
  • especially when jihoon decided to join the school’s baseball team in middle school
  • soonyoung went to every single game even when they were playing at another school
  • he never missed seeing jihoon play even when he was sick
  • “lee-ji-hoon, lee-ji-hoon” *sneeze* “lee-ji-hoon”
  • jihoon loved it that soonyoung was always there to cheer for him
  • he loved playing baseball and felt even more confident when he saw his best friend in the crowd
  • almost falling out of his seat in excitement 
  • but soonyoung wasn’t the only dedicated one in this friendship
  • it was jihoon who encouraged the most for soonyoung to change from taekwondo to dancing
  • “i don’t think i’m good enough for dancing”
  • often said soonyoung but jihoon with a serious look shook his head in response
  • “stop doubting yourself, you are one of the most skilled dancers i have ever seen in my life and you haven’t been able to practice for long yet”
  • this always made soonyoung smile
  • but there were ups and downs in their friendship 
  • especially when it was about which high school, then which college they should go to next
  • there were times when their dreams differed from each other
  • but they wanted to keep on going together
  • they eventually applied to different colleges but their campuses were close enough
  • there were 2-3 years when they were struggling with adjustment and classes and social life so they didn’t meet up often
  • but one day jihoon heard from his mom that soonyoung is going to perform at a festival in town
  • although jihoon had a big internship interview coming up, he didn’t care about it
  • he decided to go see soonyoung dance on stage in front of a huge crowd for the first time
  • because he wanted to see how much he improved
  • and he wanted to give back all those days when soonyoung came to see him play baseball even when it rained, snowed or he had a fever
  • when soonyoung saw jihoon in the crowd before he started dancing, he smiled at his best friend and started to feel at ease
  • “i dedicate this performance to the person who encouraged me to follow my dream, this one is for you jihoon”

I swear I like a different member of the cast everyday😭. I just wanna take some time to appreciate Algee’s beard and eyes 💞 I really try my hardest not to make this blog all about them but I just really love the black boy joy movement that they embody and promote. I deeply hope that it inspires others too.