A quick sketch I made a few weeks ago, but I really want to color it someday. I’m just a huge fan of Rare’s works. Ah yeah I should do some new stuff someday, my bad haha.

Dinosaur Planet was going to be Rare’s swan song on N64. However, the game was finally released in 2002 only on the Gamecube, and the title changed to Star Fox Adventures.

According to many, in the porting Rare dropped some of the most interesting features, so we may never know if the Nintendo 64 version was better. Certainly much has been changed in the porting process: the main character, Saber, became Fox Mc Cloud, Crystal’s role was heavily cut (she should have been a fully playable character), and many scenes from the old Dinosaur Planet build are missing. Even more interesting are the pre-production artworks, which showed a more adult version of the characters, maybe because Saber was required to grow up during the adventure, or because there was a time travelling device like in Ocarina of Time. ”

vjgjlb-deactivated20141021  asked:

Can I ask for a tutorial on how you shade your drawing because literally they are gorgeous and I've always had such a hard time with shading! I totally understand if not. Either way your shading and general art is absolutely stunning, keep it up!

Aw, thanks a lot noibatty-4-u! : )

Do you have a particular colouring style in mind of mine? I keep changing and experimenting a lot, so if you’d tell me a more precise drawing, I could help you more!

In the meanwhile, I’ve done some step-by-step of my black and white painting (To colours of course) and some angular step-by-step too! Which is simpler…

I also have some older pokémon step-by-step on my deviantart here! I really love to experiment so sorry if it’s pretty open up anwser haha! I hope it helps for now! : )


Tip aside your doubt
Cast away your pride
Love can’t be kept out
Love can’t be denied
Let yourself be overtaken
And swept before the tide
Love’s the only thing
No one is above
I’m in love and love can’t be denied

(Love Can’t Be Denied - Alan Menken)

Two small sketches based upon concept art of Frozen (Originally know as The Snow Queen) from Disney - which is still in the making.


Typography doodle for illustration exercice again! (Sorry about the four posts spam, I just don’t have internet left at my house and I don’t wanna take risk to pay a added fee)

We had to be very minimalist so sorry if the animals aren’t very reconizable! It was really fun though. Two first are birds, a buffalon, a monkey, a giraffe and another monkey.