iobeycher’s follow forever (Holiday/2012 edition)

I would like to thank these blogs for being amazing and beautifying my blog for the year of 2012 and possibly more years to come. Sorry if I forgot anyone, I’m getting these blogs from my ‘following’ list. But if you want to be in it, just ask! I love you guys. Happy Holidays! excuse my shitty edit

A, B, C - bangniam, blizzardds, bratssatsjessie, cat-98, cheekyritaora, cher-ios, cherloverr, cherhart, christmasbrits, curlscasta

D, E, F - deercaster, freezings, frostshires, fuckingamemberaday

G, H, I - harreho, harrysinthesnow, hatehaz, heythereshelleyimaddictedtoyou, hiyalovato, hobbithoran, i-army-cherlloyd

J, K, L - letitsnowpatrol, lttleminx

M, N, O - mistlecher, narrytown, nathbellsring, need-your-poison-now, onechickdirection, orgaziam

P, Q, R - playacher, rockmeh

S, T, U - shelletsleighbells, sn0wylouis, so-lumpy, styllez, tattums, thirlflake, thirlwallxox, troublecher, twinklelarry

V, W, X - wintershire, withacharryontop

Y, Z, 123 - 1d-prefers-me

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