blizzard aftermath

I’m going to post a million blizzard aftermath photos tomorrow as I start the great excavation, but here’s a mid-blizzard video. To contextualize: today, I have waded through thigh-high drifts, scooped out walkways now again covered in snow, and have listened to the wind shrieking while snow whips through the air for literally the entire day. Basically the whole province is shut down. And I don’t mind admitting – it is more than a little fun (on this pre-shovelling side of things anyway!).

So the schools have decided to play it safe and cancel classes for the rest of the week… aside from half-assing chores left for them to accomplish during the day once they’ve awoken from their 12 hours of sleep, the kids should also take care of the mouse problem; Patti saw one in the kitchen last night.  My theory is that by Friday the kids will have stripped the pantry bare and the mouse will come to the realization that since there is nothing edible left in this house they’ll move along to the neighbors.  I fully expect to come home tonight and find my son nibbling on sheets of contact paper that formerly used to line the shelves.
—  Roger Wilkerson