IMPOTENCE: COMING SOON [eat me drink me]

You have become a drug addict and had difficulties to stay skinny

You went crazy and started wearing shower curtains

You were no longer just abused and traumatized, You lost at this point of your career Your mind. Your narcissism did not work anymore

You began singing about Your much too young girlfriend. You abused Her pretty bad, because You could not handle Her beauty

You could not handle your jealousy

You were dating a girl just because You needed to hate someone. You used Her as a valve for Your madness

She was Your girlfriend, because You felt inferior in the company of

Normal aged women

After Dita

You craved for someone You could boss around

You were so satisfied by Evan’s naive attraction to You

You even purposed to Her

She was clever

First She became famous through You, and than She dumped You

You were used by someone You abused