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What are Yandere Whirl, predaking, heatwave, blurr, ratchet, and blitwing, like? I saw them on the chart

I think Blurr is the only one we haven’t talked about yet lol!  XD






Blurr:  He’s a racer, a member of the Elite Guard, and overall a pretty popular guy so he’s used to getting exactly what he wants, and what he wants now is you.  The relation ship moves fairly quickly, because Blurr doesn’t like to take things slow.  He wins you over with charm and witty banter, relishing every blush or flustered smile his flirting brings out in you.

He’s always a perfect gentleman around you.  He never comes off as possessive or controlling, doesn’t ever appear to be (outwardly) jealous when you’re hanging around with other people.  If you did have a complaint, it would be that he seems to have a habit of talking about people behind their backs.  He makes little biting jokes or comments to you about other people, particularly if any of them seem slightly interested in you, in the hopes that he’ll squelch any budding interest you might have before it has a chance to develop.  If you tell him to stop though he will, at least around you…

He’s not above using his rank or his influence to dissuade any potential threats however.  If Blurr genuinely believes someone is trying to steal you away from him, he can make their life a living hell.  He’ll spread nasty rumors among the higher ups and conspire amongst his fellow guardsmen until that person’s reputation is basically worthless (provided the person in question is a Cybertronian that is.  Blurr’s not too worried about a human showing him up, but if he was he’d take them on a little “friendly joyride” in an attempt to scare them away.) 


I made this a while ago for @herzspalter , because they sort of made me ship this and i think is cute af (and bc i like how they portrait bbb tbh)

Is late and all but i thought this meme was perfect!!! Hope you like it !! :V even though is a very used meme … lmao

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to draw any sketch until the end of June / my animation project? 

Well, I just couldn’t resist drawing a sketch of Blitzwing and the Jet Twins, seeing how they share a lot of similarities (they are subjected to experiments involving the modification of the body beyond what is possible, like triple-changers / flying autobots. Not to mention the fire and ice/wind powers).

Anyway, Blitzwing sees two flying Autobots and want to give a hug. Jet twins Do Not Want.