Remember when I said I wasn’t going to draw any sketch until the end of June / my animation project? 

Well, I just couldn’t resist drawing a sketch of Blitzwing and the Jet Twins, seeing how they share a lot of similarities (they are subjected to experiments involving the modification of the body beyond what is possible, like triple-changers / flying autobots. Not to mention the fire and ice/wind powers).

Anyway, Blitzwing sees two flying Autobots and want to give a hug. Jet twins Do Not Want.

okay, listen, I know Blitzwing is ridiculous, and I love that about him, but I want to see more fic that plays up the fact that he’s also scary.

I mean, one of his personalities is all but emotionless; cold, calculating, and really clever. if Megatron hadn’t interrupted, Blitzwing’s plan would have had the Constructicons dead after Lugnut and Blitzwing were done using them for their own gain, which Blitzwing effortlessly masterminded.

and then there’s the personality that wants nothing more than to destroy, the personality that keeps going and throws himself bodily into harm’s way to crush you, and uses the entirety of all the strength at his disposal to wreck your shit and everything you care about.

and then there’s the personality I don’t see people give nearly enough scary-potential in fics. I mean, sure, Blitzwing’s Random personality is good for a laugh, but this was the personality that offhandedly, gleefully confirmed that Blitzwing is a cannibal.

“Oh, but I like iron filings — especially sprinkled on top of servo salad!”

like holy slag my guy Blitzwing EATS people

I’d like to see a lot more representation for that side of Blitzwing.

look guys I drew DIGITALLY.

here’s some Blitzbee~ I really felt like drawing them since theres not a lot being made out there, so, here I am contributing to the shit ship that I fell into

I’m a little out of shape with digital, school has really been keeping busy from posting on here XD Enjoy!