The trouble with being a mk.2 triple changer is that is comes with nasty side effects. No where near as bad as the mk.1 triple changers like Blitzwing, but if i wake up spitting energon again I might not be able to keep my promise of changing my behavior towards Black Airachnia.

Not really. I can handle a little energon. I just wanted to be dramatic because this fucking sucks.


I made this a while ago for @herzspalter , because they sort of made me ship this and i think is cute af (and bc i like how they portrait bbb tbh)

Is late and all but i thought this meme was perfect!!! Hope you like it !! :V even though is a very used meme … lmao

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to draw any sketch until the end of June / my animation project? 

Well, I just couldn’t resist drawing a sketch of Blitzwing and the Jet Twins, seeing how they share a lot of similarities (they are subjected to experiments involving the modification of the body beyond what is possible, like triple-changers / flying autobots. Not to mention the fire and ice/wind powers).

Anyway, Blitzwing sees two flying Autobots and want to give a hug. Jet twins Do Not Want.