It’s pretty much a known fact that Star City is a magnet for all sorts of trouble, so it should come to no surprise another evil organization has come to play. What exactly is Shadowspire? In regards to origins, Shadowspire is a terrorist group run by Baron Blitzkreig, who we know as the man who held Oliver captive on Lian Yu, as well as someone hoping to harness magic to establish control. Perhaps Damien stole that, acquiring whatever abilities he current possesses. We’ll probably have a much better handle on this complex backstory once more puzzle pieces fit together. If Queen could pinpoint how Darhk’s powers work, then he stands a greater chance of finally killing defeating him once and for all.

Scarface, by Kelly Schremph.

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hello, i feel the need to clarify this. arrow didn't cast a black man to play a nazi. Jimmy Akingbola is playing Baron Reiter Baron Blitzkreig is the evil Nazi super villain. it has been said by the producers that Baron Reiter is not going to become Baron Blitzkreig in the show. just felt the need to tell you.

I almost forgot about this. I just read an article about this and dont get why they felt the need to include that character at all if he won’t turn into the Nazi but I don’t care about arrow anyway. But thank you for your message! It’s really nice of you and I appreciate it a lot!

Blitzkreig X

Kemarin, gue, angkatan 2013 dan 2014 sukses nge-LDK-in anak-anak baru HI angkatan 2015.

Acaranya seruuuu banget. Kita nge-LDK-in anak 2015 3 hari 2 malam di vila cha cha, Bogor, Jawa Barat. Isi acaranya kurang lebih ada Tata cara bersidang, penulisan ilmiah, games, outbond, tafakur alam, dan acara-acara seru lainnya.

Dan dengan berakhirnya acar Blitzkreig 10 ini, berarti selesai sudah acara-acara kampus yang harus gue jalanin. Acara BK 10 ini bener-bener acara kampus gue yang terakhir. Kayaknya sih angkatan gue udah gak akan ada acara kampus lagi. Udah bener-bener fokus kuliah dikarnakan bulan maret nanti gue dan angkatan 2013 memasuki semester 6 *yay* dan udah harus bener-bener fokus kuliah.

Ngomong-ngomong soal semester 6, well, gak kerasa aja udah masuk semester 6. Cepet banget, berarti tinggal 1 tahun setengah lagi kuliah gue selesai. Doain aja semoga gue bisa lulus serta wisuda tahun depan. Ameen.

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