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EDIT: It seems like Detentionaire has been removed from the Cartoon Network site as searching for it or clicking old links results in an error page. It is still available to watch on other sites such as KissCartoon or WatchCartoonOnline. And of course, is available for purchase on the Canadian iTunes store.

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This Week in Universal News: The Invasion of Poland, 1939

On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland, marking the official start of the Second World War. Sixteen days later, Russia invaded Poland from the east. By the end of September, Poland had succumbed to the dual attacks divided between Russia and Germany following a secret nonaggression pact the two nations had signed the previous week. Although Polish military forces were overcome, a strong Polish resistance existed throughout the duration of the war.

The initial invasion prompted Universal to release a special edition on September 4th, 1939.  The narration tracks for these reels no longer exist, but the audio for President Roosevelt’s neutrality speech has survived. (At roughly 5:50).  

Universal News Volume 11, Release 803, Special & Local, September 4, 1939

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First Public Fanmix!

Big Damn Heroes- A Mix for the Chaotic Good in all of us as well as the scruffy underdogs who appreciate some uppity, come-and-get-it music.

Party Poison- My Chemical Romance | Can’t Keep No Good Boy Down- The Parlor Mob | Hooked on a Feeling- Blue Swede | Kiss with a Fist- Florence and the Machine | Take the Heartland- Glen Hansard | Coffee, God, and Cigarettes- Mischief Brew | “The Take Over, The Breaks Over”- Fall Out Boy | Blitzkreig Bop- The Ramones | Which Side Are You On- Ani DiFranco | This is not a Game- Chemical Brothers

blitzkreig  |  bellamy & anaxis

He knocked on Bellamy’s bedroom door, but Anaxis didn’t wait to be asked in before he entered. “I brought you something, my pet,” he said, lounging on Bellamy’s bed immediately and with great pleasure, as if this was the only thing he’d been wanting to do in the entire world, if only other duties didn’t keep him distracted. Anaxis set a Barbie of Scarlett in her Twelve Oaks barbecue dress in front of Bellamy, pointing at the doll’s exquisite little face.

“I repainted her to look more like Vivien,” the demon explained. “I miss those sorts of diversions, creating flowers out of dead relatives’ hair, painting china, delicate little operations to while away the hours. It makes a restful counterpoint to the carnage. And these skills are the sort that will always serve you well.” Anaxis grinned, smoothing Bellamy’s hair and kissing her head in an almost guardianly gesture, if he didn’t follow it up with, “Do you want to go out, poppet?” and left no doubt, with the sharp edge to his smile, what they’d be doing.