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Imagine if Cinder and Ruby grew up apart from each other for years on end, then upon running into each other years later, Ruby calls out Cinders' name, and Cinder is confused as to who's calling her name. Then Ruby calls her Chowder, and Cinder instantly remembers the little girl who would call her that. Then they share hugs and other cutesy stuff :3

Ah yes, no words can express my feelings.

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Do you have a favourite Ladybug scenario? (Cuddling by the fireplace in winter, or something like that) If so, what is it? And from what AU, if any?

I just like the obvious ‘reading books together during bedtime’ and also Ruby and Blake drawing. Ruby doodling her cartoony style while Blake sketches real life. Sharing and comparing their drawings. I think it’s cute :D

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Perhaps both katanas have slightly longer, curved handles, each with a bottom that flips open allowing both katanas to lock into place with a simple twist, followed by the blades of the katanas flipping outward away from the weilder, as 2 halves of a bow string extend from a mechanism under the flipped blades. The string could be locked securly in place by a strong clasp, allowing for arrows to be fired. Perhaps your RWBY weapon would look like that in bow form? If that made sense?

Uuuuuu that’s sound nice, GDI I NEED TO MAKE Weapons so Reina could use it.

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You know, now I'm picturing Yang and Weiss having a discussion about how to/how not to drink milk/orange juice, thanks to all the asks you got about drinking milk from the container =P (I pour the milk into a glass, lol)

freezerburn au

basically them arguing about yang drinking out of the carton

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Okay, been wanting to ask you for a few days now... Have you drawn/ thought of drawing Cinder cosplaying Elsa in her frosty blue dress from Frozen, as Ruby stares with a nosebleed? If you have drawn that in the past, then I have yet to dig deeper into your art tag lol =3. Also, heya! Sorry for not talking much, I'm a easily distracted person who loves video games XD

Haha I don’t think I want to tho, but if you look at it Elsa’s ice dress is kinda similar with Cinder’s just different color and length of hem.

But I think if Cinder wears the dress it would well..melt (Kill me)

Haha no worry ^v^

blitzbolt replied to your post:Okay, just need an opinion of yours, if that’s okay. The thought just hit me, that what if Raven is Yang’s sister, not 

Oh, I could totally be wrong, but I thought it was an interesting thought =3 But waiting for season 3 is gonna be hard uwu An Evil twin would just… I would… I’d facepalm if it turned out to be that XD

im pretty patient. it can fly by faster than you think!

i was joking about evil twin but yea i would but at a loss for words if that really were the case lol

blitzbolt replied to your post: Who is your favorite pony to voice?

Not sure how to word this, but… There’s a game being developed called Fighting is Magic by Mane6. They currently have plans to release a total of 17 characters, all from season 1. I don’t know for sure, but maybe they’ll use Vinyl as a character ^^

I’m technically in it already as Mayor Mare (game announcer)

But yeah, if/when Vinyl goes up for audition, I will be ALL. OVER. THAT. I really appreciate that mane6 holds open auditions so everyone interested can have a fair shot at a voice :)

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So your RWBY OC Reina, was a previously existing OC that you adapted in to a RWBY OC? Just making sure if I'm following correctly ^^; If so, it sounds like what I'm attempting to do with adapting 2 of my OC's to fit them in to the RWBY Universe =P

Yep, you’re not wrong :D

I’m happy that I can use Reina for something I like ^^

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6, 15, 42

  • 6:Do you wish to travel a lot?


  • 15:Things about someone that you find attractive?

physically or like??? well i find someone very attractive if they make me laugh. but also someone taller than me cuz im a short person haha also someone who wears glasses are very appealing to my eyes [shrugs]

  • 42:What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

hmmm not sure. chicken liver? probably balut. (i dont think you should look that up aha)