Yay! I finished some art ;w;. Guys. How do I shade?! Guys?! ;w; I need to learn how to shade so it’s less painful.

This is now the first overlay of my pets on Subeta that’s done by me and not an official art edit XD;;. And he’s also my newest pet…all the others hate me now ;w;.

At first his name was Caramel Apple, then I was like…wait that’s dumb. Then, I changed it to Karamell because all the better ones are taken ;w;.


What can I say. I want more AC MADs -shrug-. Why not do some myself? :D.

Edit: Wait…why do those annoying black bars show up on youtube but not when I play it here? Oh well, at least they’re gone.


Yay! Joining the bandwagon <33. I caught one on time for once -shifty eyes-

My favorite Pokemon is Raichu but I wanted to make a trainer with her hairstyle. So for myself as a trainer I chose my second favorite, Mareep. OwO Ehehe.

Fun fact: Those boots on the Mareep trainer are actually based on my favorite pair of boots. :D

gdi Tumblr, I want my images bigger :< Full-view looks best

Wooo! I’m done! Ezio playing with kitties for Mjeulnina my target for the AssCreed Secret Santa.

-starts sobbing- I’m sorry. I’m a horrible procrastinator and I didn’t get this done by Christmas ;w;. I hope you like it.

This was fun to do, even though I’m terribly slow and it took me three days to finish. -huff- I need to speed up my production time.

Kitties! 8DDD


Decided to post my ponysona Digi. I’m terrible with names and making cutie marks D;

Which sucks because I’m poni…fying a couple character and I siting there sobbing because it shouldn’t be this hard -sob-

Oh and also Applelie Digi just because it was fun to do OwO

Was playing with the ‘Make a Pony’ app on The Hub’s Facebook page and made this guy. I had too much fun with him.

Don’t know if I’ll keep him or not. Needs a name though OwO;;

I couldn’t draw anything else successfully all day, no matter how hard I tried ;w;. If all else fails, draw ponies ;w;.

Wheee, first art post instead of just reblogging a bunch of junk.

Wanted to play with a style…thing. So I’m gonna doodle a bunch of my characters. OwO

This is Artimis, Techy and Alexander. They my favorite kiddlets, 7,8 and 10 restrictively. Techy is always getting picked on, even though if the bullies try and hurt him they get hurt themselves hah, so Arti is always trying to defend his ‘honor’ even though he’s the youngest and smallest. Alex just goes along for the ride.

This was the scene in my head:

Arti: Hey! You stupid bakas! Leave him alone!

(Artimis is a big weaboo -cough)

Tech: Uh…

Alex: -sigh- We need to stop him before we have to explain to his brothers that he got yet another black eye.

Tech: R-right.

Decided to doodle my pony OCs. Made concepts of them a while ago and had fun messing around with them OwO.

Gah! I can’t think of names for the other three. I’m sooo bad at naming ponies ;w;. Don’t even get me started on their cutie-marks -sob-

That’s how I feel. Everything I’ve been trying to draw tonight is just ugh, and I feel just so blank -flop-.

Damn you work, stealing my energy. -fist shake-

…On that note. I need to sleep, I have work at noon and it’s already 2:30 >.>;;