Среда и простой, но в тоже время мощный и гибкий язык программирования, изначально созданный для написания компьютерных игр. С его помощью вы можете создать 2D/3D-игры любого жанра и типа: Action, Puzzle, Advanture, RPG и пр. Blitz сможет вместить в себя что угодно! Этот ЯП включает в себя всё лучше, что было в Blitz3D и BlitzPlus, добавляя тонных новых возможностей…. Читать дальше »

a-daya asked:

What do you know about Blitz Sonic? I've had ideas to experiment with Adventure!Sonic as well as another gameplay where I take its base and change the homing attack to a Slingshot-attack that you charge like a spindash in the air (the idea is the bounce-off walls or running on them depending on the impact angle) with mouse+keyboard controls. But from what I searched it's dead, and if that's the case I might look to mod a game, like Quake, boosted with the Darkplaces engine.

I know very little about Blitz Sonic. No idea where you’d get the raw source code, I don’t know if there’s a Blitz Sonic central community, don’t even know where to start on any of that.

I think I’ve heard OzCrashSonic’s “Sonic World” source MIGHT be open now? I have no idea, sorry.

Re-releasing my old projects under new licenses

Re-releasing my old projects under new licenses

It’s been some time, hasn’t it? I was mostly busy fixing things and getting things in order again, as one could see the past few days with the random downtimes (did someone call for a permission issue?) and twitter posts. Anyway, I’m back now, with a release. (more…)

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With talk of Sonic Generations getting Mario Galaxy levels over at Sonic Retro I decided it was probably time I stop hoarding these for myself and post them up for download. The release comes in two flavors; one that comes with a BlitzSonic build of Sonic Freerunner v1.2 and one that comes with just the plain map files if you have another version of BlitzSonic you want to use them in.

The original video description follows:

These three maps (Isle Delfino Plaza, Bianco Hills, Peach’s Castle) were ported to the ORIGINAL BlitzSonic back in 2007 by Damizean, one of the original coders for BlitzSonic. The reason they were ported is because Damizean needed game environments to test Sonic’s movement in. They are intentionally incomplete and are missing props like trees and other objects. They are not intended to be “a game”. No other levels will ever be ported by Damizean. They weren’t released because previously because the engine was still in development and I was never given permission to post it publicly.

When an ISO of Mario Kart Double Dash for the Nintendo Gamecube was ripped, it was discovered that one of the developers at Nintendo had accidentally included Windows-based model viewing software that allowed anyone to open and view BMD format models. This included character and map data for Mario Kart Double Dash, Super Mario Sunshine, and a small number of other games, opening up the ability to rip these models using software like “3D Reaper DX”. This eventually afforded the ability to read BDL files from Super Mario Galaxy, as well. If you would like to use any of this software, however, you are on your own as I do not know where to get it, how to port levels, or basically anything about BlitzSonic.

Either download the version that comes with Sonic Freerunner v1.2 or look up map installation instructions for whatever flavor of BlitzSonic you use. There’s plenty of different versions available, so find one you like. Any further than that, and I’m afraid that I cannot help you. As for controls… when using keyboard, WASD will steer Sonic, and the mouse is used to move the camera and jump. The only supported controller is the Xbox 360 controller. You can try other controllers, but they might not work.

Uh, sure, I guess? I didn’t really make the maps, but given that they were simply ported from another game, knock yourselves out. Infact, something you’ll probably notice is that despite these maps containing “complete” versions of Isle Delfino, they aren’t REALLY complete. What I’d really like to see is somebody stitch together all of the Super Mario Sunshine maps to make one big complete fully detailed Isle Delfino. That would be rad.

Can’t do anything about that. I didn’t port the maps, I didn’t make the engine. I am the last person you want to ask a question to. Figure it out on your own.

Disclaimer Screen:
Super Mario Galaxy 2 - “Epilogue”

Main Video:
Super Mario Galaxy 2 - “Sky Station Galaxy 1”

Final Word:
Super Mario Galaxy 2 - “Title”

More info about Sonic Freerunner can be found here:

Sonic Freerunner v1.2 + Maps pre-installed:…FreeRunner.rar (47mb)

Just the maps:…JustStages.rar (27mb)

This is my first time using Dropbox so hopefully I did this right. Somewhere in the back of my mind I keep saying, “I should have gotten Damizean’s permission” but considering they’re just ports it’s probably not a huge deal? I give him all the credit, too.

If I sound cold in the video description, my apologies; I just don’t want to play tech support to a bunch of people asking dumb questions.