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  •  Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
  • Blitz the Ambassador - Afropolitan Dreams 
    • Fatgums x Bambu - …A Peaceful Riot…(this came free with Party Worker)
    • Bambu - Party Worker
        • Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound 

Native Sun - A short film by Blitz the Ambassador & Terence Nance


people make things this beautiful?

Breathe (feat. Bob Murat)
Blitz The Ambassador
Breathe (feat. Bob Murat)

Breathe (feat. Bob Murat) - Blitz the Ambassador

What you know about hip-hop will change as soon as you listen to this track. This dude is freaking incredible. And by the way, that is HIS horn section. He has a live band on this record. With horns and everything. This album is freakin awesome. This track is awesome. Real music, right here.

Free Your Mind
Blitz the Ambassador
Free Your Mind

Blitz the Ambassador: Free Your Mind

Staring at the land of my birth
With a bird’s eye view
See the truth and it hurts
Still waiting for the people
To rise up on the continent
Still they got all our Kings divided
Stealing all the resources
While they lie to us
From the World Bank, it goes to the IMF
And the puppet politicians
Are supporting their policies
Selling out their own people
To the government overseas
So whatever they do, we do
Whatever they think, we think
It’s so insane
How the richest continent
Got most of the poor people
They pillage us and wonder why
we are not equal
Got a lot of nerve to call us Third World
When we were the first architects in this world
But remember ain’t nobody saving an African
Only an African can save himself

Free your mind, free, free your mind, free your mind,
colonial mentality.


Blitz The Ambassador feat. Les Nubians - Dear Africa (2011)


eMERGING was a curatorial experiment that placed visual art and music side by side, and explored an array of artistic expressions that define this unique emerging merging of cultures and art forms. The exhibition featured the works of visual artists and directors Kajahl BenesKudzanai ChiuraiDelphine DialloModou DiengHassan Hajjaj, dream hampton, Pieter Hugo, Hycide, Kahlil Joseph, Terence Nance, Cinque Northern, Storyboard P, Ebony G. Patterson, and Hank Willis Thomas & Kambui Olujimi, and music by Blitz the AmbassadorFlying Lotus, Seu Jorge, Just A Band, Shabazz Palaces, Spoek Mathambo,  THEESatisfaction, and others.

eMERGING :: Visual Art and Music in a Post-Hip-Hop Era from MoCADA on Vimeo.


Blitz the Ambassador feat. Seun Kuti - Make You No Forget


Blitz the Ambassador - Something to Believe

Directed by Terence Nance, the “Something to Believe,” addresses the detachment we all battle when faced with the the world’s overwhelming issues. “It’s hard to think about all the problems in the world without getting a little overwhelmed. So, a lot of times we just ignore things.” Blitz said

fattoreVproduzioni on youtube said: “0 dislikes, that’s the shit”


Native Sun: Short film by rapper Blitz The Ambassador & Terence Nance. Interesting piece exploring themes of identity, culture and the idea of ‘home’, with beautiful symbolism.  Narrated in Pidgin English by Blitz.