the signs as my favorite parts of the sword of summer
  • aries:Loki liking the Red-Sox and Poptarts
  • taurus:Otis the Goat who loves depressing stories
  • gemini:Jack the Sword wanting to be called Magnus
  • cancer:Thor wanting to fight Jesus
  • leo:Sam hiding behind a potted ficus tree
  • virgo:Blitz's bulletproof necktie
  • libra:Hearth signing 'I love you' at the giant.
  • scorpio:A pen sword is the stupidest thing Jack's heard of
  • sagittarius:Taylor Swift being a low-key dwarf
  • capricorn:Hearth and Blitz being known as Magnus's mom and dad
  • aquarius:Magnus, rhymes with Swag-ness
  • pisces:X being Odin the whole time