the gang in group projects

- Sam actually tries to get things done

- Magnus sometimes forgets to show up to help

- Alex does show up, and spends the entire time fuming about how nobody is helpful

- when Magnus actually is there, he and Alex spend the entire time flirting

- Blitz is the only one with nice slides

- Hearth did it all the night before

- his slides were memes

- most of them face the unholy wrath of Samirah Al-Abbas because she did almost everything

  • Person: So how did you and Magnus meet?
  • Alex: It was on a battlefield during a fight to the death.
  • Person: Um...
  • Alex: I decapitated him.
  • Person: ...
  • Alex: It was pretty hot.

Imagine Blitz and Hearth trying to come out to their group, and Blitz starts with, “So…Umm, Hearth and I, we’re ,uhh..”

He starts stuttering and Hearth takes over. But Hearth is also very nervous and forgets the sign for ‘dating’ so in he just makes a small heart with his hands and points to himself and Blitz.

“Yeah, that. ”

(Magnus then gets punched in the arm by Sam when he gives $20 to Alex)