the gang in group projects

- Sam actually tries to get things done

- Magnus sometimes forgets to show up to help

- Alex does show up, and spends the entire time fuming about how nobody is helpful

- when Magnus actually is there, he and Alex spend the entire time flirting

- Blitz is the only one with nice slides

- Hearth did it all the night before

- his slides were memes

- most of them face the unholy wrath of Samirah Al-Abbas because she did almost everything

  • Person: So how did you and Magnus meet?
  • Alex: It was on a battlefield during a fight to the death.
  • Person: Um...
  • Alex: I decapitated him.
  • Person: ...
  • Alex: It was pretty hot.

I hit 200!!!! Here are some of the icons i promised, the Magnus Chase people! Im definitely gonna put out the 7 heros of olympus and harry potter, and maybe a few others! Thank you so much for all the support and reblogs, i love u guys ❤ (also if you use please credit me!)

ok dude this may not be exactly what you ordered but yeah

Naturally, Alex had noticed first.

She was perceptive about things – feelings in general. She was (albeit surprisingly) the most perceptive of their group.

Sam got it second, and told Amir. Even by that point, it was poorly hidden, if there was an attempt to conceal it at all.

It took the rest of Floor Nineteen a little longer to catch on, but they eventually did, even Halfborn – who was arguably the most insensitive being in at least four of the nine worlds.

Magnus, on the other hand, was completely oblivious.

Nobody had bothered to tell the poor soul, possibly because they imagined he had been informed previously, and possibly because they assumed that he was perceptive enough to realize what was happening.

Hearth figured that PSA were fine in front of Alex. Alex had figured it out right off the bat. She’d confronted Blitz and him.

“I know,” she said, as way of  opening the conversation.

Blitz had blinked, stunned. “I – what?” he’d said.

Hearth hadn’t signed anything. He had been motionless.

Alex grinned. She had a cheshire-cat grin, like she was playing with them, like she was hunting. “Don’t be silly,” she’d purred. “You’re so fucking gay I have to avert my eyes to avoid rainbows permanently imprinted on the inside of my eyelids.”

And there it was, blunt as a policeman’s nightstick. Blitz had visibly flinched, and Hearth had placed a steady hand on his back, as though it were a reflex. It was a reflex, he realized. No wonder Alex had figured them out.

Movie night.

Magnus was half-passed out on the patch of carpet by the arm of the couch, leaning against Alex’s legs as she wrestled for the remote with Sam. Hearth had draped his long, lanky body over the couch, his head resting on Blitz’s knee, tracing lazy circles on the back of the dwarf’s hand. 

They were rewatching Thor: The Dark World for possibly the thousandth time, because Amir swore there was something entertaining about Loki playing for the right side. Sam swore he wanted to watch it because he had an enormous celebrity crush on Tom Hiddleston, which he denied in the kind of way that made them all assume it was true.

The movie was just finishing up – Loki’s disguise melted away, revealing his true, widely smirking figure perched atop the throne of the kind of Asgard – when Magnus saw Blitz lean down and plant a quick kiss on Hearth’s lips before standing up and excusing himself.

He was almost asleep by that point, and the comforting folds of unconsciousness took him into their arms. He drifted off to sleep, unaware of anything out of the ordinary. To his half-conscious mind, kissing was perfectly normal for Hearth and Blitz.

The next day, Hearth was greeted by an outraged “You’re dating and you didn’t tell me?”