So I’ve almost finished playing Bowsers Inside Story and I’ve concluded the team on it had every vore/stuffing and related fetish out there so here is a list so far

1) inflation: literally the plot of the story is a curse on the land that is turning everyone into perfectly round blobs
2) vore, obviously! First thing that happens is bowser inhales everyone!
3) size changing: by charging bowsers adrenaline you can turn him temporarily into a giant the size of his castle so he can fight buildings!????
4) endosoma: simply being inside someone else, since everyone travels around inside him pretty freely
5) stuffing + inflation: the villain forces bowser to eat magical fatty foods and he gets very fat very quickly
6) regurgitation: the blitties, which bowser inhales but spits right back up somehow!?????

There’s probably more

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I think it's sad how everyone wants Ludwig back without giving Roy a chance. we should give him a chance! Roy, tell us something we don't know about you so we can know you better! :)

Roy: Eh? I’m not the star of this whatever-it-is that Lutz and Pineapple Nerd are a part of!……. Buuut I guess I can tell you all on how Lutz and I met and became friends. 

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okkkk so i’ve never done a follow forever but i reached 2100 followers and i was like ok i should make one of these. 

so if you’re tagged you are a mutual and i love you! thanks for liking my blog and i like you back

and all the bolded & italicized ones are my most favorite people!!! sorry they’re no in particular order, i had to go through 2000+ people that i’m following so i didn’t have time to alphabetize them

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i know i forgot some people but honestly, i love all of you, thank you!

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PREFACE: An Open Letter to the Fandom

Dear friends,

I’ll be the first to admit my own shortcomings, so there is no header for this.  It’s not very pretty, but it’s the best I can do.

Second: This is a thank you letter.  To the writers, to the artists, to the gifmakers, to the ones who challenged the status quo, to the ones who have been here from the very beginning, to the ones who have contributed countless points since: thank you.  For everything you have done and continue to do— thank you.  You are the heart and soul of this fandom.  Fandom does not exist without you.  This is home to so many of us, myself included, and you have made it so.  Thank you so much for existing and for putting your hearts on the line for this wonderful thing we call fandom.

On a more personal note: thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.  I am grateful beyond words to know you, and you have all made me a happier truffles than I can possibly say.  I admire you all, and I still love you so deeply.  You are my world.

Without further adieu: I present my 2014 Follow Forever.  Every person on this list has, in some direct way, changed my life.  I am immeasurably thankful for it, and I hope you all have found friends among them, for they are among the very best.

All my love, now and forever,


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