My dream cast: I accidentally deleted this so I had to repost it. I am an idiot.
Hey Cassandra! I went to one of your book signings back in 2009 when you were in Canada. I remember during the time you and Holly Black were answering questions and one of them to you was; “Will the Mortal Instrument Series ever be a movie?” and your response (in the most of my memory) went like this “Well, if it was me and a group of friends in my backyard, then yes.” So when I heard it was licensed to be a movie, I was actually hoping for that home made movie of you and your friends xD


Yeah I really can’t stress how much I NEVER thought they’d actually make a movie out of my Shadowhunter books. Even when they were optioned as, like I said, most options never materialize into films.

It’s really too bad I had to dismantle my plans to make the film starring my friends in my garage. I had it all cast:

Simon; Maureen Johnson

Clary: Libba Bray

Alec: David Levithan

Jace: John Green

Isabelle: Holly Black

Magnus: Holly’s husband, Theo

The Seelie Queen: Gwenda Bond

Valentine: Scott Westerfeld

Sebastian: Sarah Rees Brennan

Luke: Paolo Bacigalupi, or possibly Jeph Jacques since he is somewhat wolfy and lives near me

Jocelyn: Garth Nix

Chairman Meow: My cat

Church: Holly’s cat


Professor James Moriarty had honestly supposed me so amoral that, provided that I and the Doctor were safe, I would dirty myself with literally any filth. The Professor supposed that the Sherlock Holmes he knew solved crimes because it had never occurred to him that committing them would be much more profitable. I am very unsentimental, I am calculating and harsh and didactic and snide and arrogant, but if I own one single virtue, and only one, the concept of justice goes very far with me. He thought me a brain up for hire.

-Birds to a Lighthouse by Katie Forsythe

Sorry for the disproportionate amount of Sherlock Holmes that has appeared on my blog, but it has been on my mind a lot lately for obvious reasons.

I had read the story before, but when I was recording and ran across this section, it really stuck with me. Part of the reason I think Forsythe’s stories are so wonderful (in addition to the writing &c.) is that she *gets* Sherlock Holmes in a way that so many adaptations do not.

I may be a canon snob personally, but I am absolutely 110% in favor of adapting the hell out of Sherlock Holmes stories. Set them whenever or wherever you like. Put him in New York City, New Delhi or outer space. I may have my personal and petty little quibbles, but they are just that. Quibbles. He is, after all, one of the most frequently adapted characters in media history. It’s all good.

BUT one thing his character MUST have, as much as intelligence and a measure of bohemian eccentricity: love of justice. By my lights, this is what is absolutely essential to his character.

The ACD stories were important to me growing up for number of reasons, but a large part of what made me admire and love this character is his profound sense of right and wrong, his tremendous compassion for the downtrodden. This is not to make him out to be a saint or an explicitly empathetic character - he absolutely was neither of these things - but he had a passion for helping people and making sure the vulnerable  were protected from the  powerful.

This is why Sherlock Holmes was not just another eccentric detective or domesticated sociopath. He did not solve cases only because he was bored, and he was not a criminologist just because it never occurred to him to be a villain. He was not just a brain for hire.

This more than anything makes Sherlock Holmes an interesting and worthwhile character, and any adaptation in which his love of justice never comes across betrays a complete failure to understand the great detective on the most fundamental level.


No Stories (Part2)

Pairing: NewtxReader

(Part 2 of Newt breaking up with you)

Requested by the lovely lovely @paradiqe and @arianasmagconrunner, thank you so much for requesting and I’m incredibly glad people liked it, part 1 was the first time I had ever posted any of my writing ever! Sorry for any grammar errors, and that it’s a bit short. I’d love to have more requests!! Thanks!

“You’re such a blithering shank!” I yelled at Thomas, who was wildly running away from me with the evilest of grins stretched across his face. I wiped the water that clouded my eyes and squeezed it out of my hair, laughing despite it all. Thomas had discarded the empty bucket as soon as he’d thrown the water at me, so I picked it up and turned to face Thomas.

“Come back here you wretched little-,” my smile was immediately wiped off my face. Newt’s own smile vanished as we made eye contact (insert gif 1). It felt as if I couldn’t breathe, and I choked in a gulp.
Every time I saw Newt or heard his name, or thought of anything remotely related to him, I felt my heart completely sink. It was nearly impossible to ignore him since everyone in the glade worked together. At first, I had pretended it was okay. Sometimes Chuck would sit next to me during our meals and complain about Newt, even though there was nothing to complain about. I would play along, making Newt sound like the worst guy out there even though we all knew, that could never be the case. More times than a few I would catch myself thinking about Newt and I, nitpicking my way through what I had thought was a perfect relationship; trying desperately to find what had gone wrong.
In the end, though, I was just sad. Not on the outside, no, I still ran around the Glade laughing my head off, fooling around with Thomas or Chuck, or even Minho whenever he decided to not be his usual grumpy self. Whenever I caught myself laughing extra loud, or being more childish than usual, though, I always thought back to what Newt had said, to all the words that had torn my heart into pieces; and stopped immediately.
Most of all, I was lonely. I didn’t realize how much Newt was part of how I solved problems, made decisions, thought things out until after he stopped it all. Before, whenever I couldn’t make up my insanely busy mind, I’d always chat it out with Newt, and as expected, he’d always made it all make more sense. All my secrets, all my stories, it was always Newt who listened. All wide brown eyes and smiles, and I missed that more than the world. On the days I felt especially self conscious, at war with myself in my mind, Newt loved me for exactly who I was, nothing less. I just didn’t get how he could just let it go so easily.
“Earth to Y/N…., are you mad?” Thomas peered questioningly into my eyes and prodded at my arm. Newt and I broke eye contact simultaneously, pretending that nothing had ever happened, like usual.
“It’s fine, Thomas,” I gave him a small smile to reassure his worried face.
“I saw who you were staring at, Y/N, wanna talk about it?” he asked, uncharacteristically kind and polite (jk jk love me some Thomas).
“It’s fine, really, I’d rather just go find something to do. I think Alby mentioned something earlier, see you later Thomas,” I waved him off and without a glance back, made my way to the homestead.
                            *                      *                      *
Post-dinner and all the gladers were already half asleep. I put away the last couple of dishes and walked off to a little secluded spot on the field that led to the maze doors. I absentmindedly picked at the grass and amusedly watched the gladers play a game called “kick-the-ball”, but which included no actual balls. The torches were lit and I could see all their shadows dancing in the light as the ran around, hollering, like the teens they were supposed to be. I turned to my back and watched the sky. (insert gif 2)
Chuck and Thomas had both gone to bed, leaving me by myself, so I quite almost expected it when I heard the sultry voice I had wished of hearing all these weeks.
“Can I sit?” Newt asked, the faint outline of his body in my peripheral vision. I turned my head so I didn’t look at him, cursing Thomas and Chuck for not being with me. They were my Newt-repellents, drawing me away whenever Newt was in close proximity. Even without an answer, the British boy sat next to me with a sigh, grunting as he adjusted his leg.
“Y/N, I’m sor-“
“Save it Newt,” those were the first words I had said to him in over a month. It felt weird talking to him again, like I had just figured out how to talk. “The last time you said sorry, you didn’t even mean it; which defeats the purpose of saying it at all.”
“Y/N please, please just let me,” he gently placed his large hand over mine, and I felt myself almost immediately giving in. Feeling my fingers curl over his, I turned and still tried my hardest to not make eye contact with him. One move and I would knew that the tears would start running. “Please,” he almost whispered. My chin was lifted gently with his finger, guiding me to his eyes. I let out a breath I didn’t know I had been holding and faltered.
“I’m sorry, sorry I was a fool and absolute rubbish, and just, I was just so scared that one day I would hold you, and you’d just fall out of my arms like sand. You’re too precious for all this bloody shit that’s going on and it’s not fair that I have to live everyday worried I might lose you. I was a stupid shank and thought that if I just pushed you away hard enough, you wouldn’t be in harm’s way as much. That you deserve the world and to be happy, to be living in some grand old palace with every wonderful thing surrounding you. And you won’t ever get that with me, here. Because the way we live is a ticking time bomb, Y/N, and I’m terrified that one day everything’s just going to go off and you’ll be gone. Now I know that the closer you are to me the better I am, because then I know that whenever I reach out a hand, your’s will always be there. I just want to get us all away from this. To get you away from this nightmare.” He paused to take a breath. “ I fell in so much love , not like stepping into this kind of like hole of love, but a whole bloody abyss. And your so gorgeous, I mean not just your looks, who your personality, oh my god it’s so beautiful. I know we’re not very old, and that maybe I don’t know enough about love, but I missed every single millisecond that I was away from you. I was a whole bloody mess. Not hearing your stories or your laugh, or that way you raise your eyebrow when you get annoyed at me. I missed that without you, no one cared enough to ask me what I was thinking, what was running through my head. And I’ll be dead before I ever say goodbye to you like that again, Y/N. ” My heart lurched and ached, filling to the brim with happiness and pouring over. Newt had never said anything like this. He had told me he loved me before, he had told me I was beautiful, but he had never thought out a whole poem of words and looked at me like I was the universe. My eyes filled with tears, me being the ever so emotional person I was, and I felt as if nothing else mattered except right now. This. Very. Second.
“I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m so so sorry, and I love you to millions upon millions of pieces, and I’m not scared of anything anymore.” he rambled on, talking with his hands and spitting out emotion after emotion. (Insert gif 3)
“Now, if it’s not too weird to ask, can I please kiss you?”
“Come here you twat.” He crawled over the expanse of my body, placing his gentle lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, smiling into the kiss as his dusty blonde hair tickled my cheek. My lips melted into his as he clung onto me like I would disappear. Newt’s long fingertips rested at my hip and his thumbs drew small, calming circles. His rough nose brushed against mine as he left yet another lingering kiss on my lips. He planted a weathered kiss on my jawline and one on my hand, which he was holding. I was then pulled flush against his body, smushing my cheek against his rough linen shirt. This was the one place I didn’t mind feeling like a porcelain doll. In Newt’s arms. Something wet landed on forehead and I looked up to see Newt rapidly wiping a tear off his face.
“Don’t worry Newt, I’ve got you. I’ll always have you.”

Quick side note, requests may take a longish time because I’m a really slow writer and I apologize. Hahaha, okay, thank you so much for reading, requests would be great! 

Zombie types - a post-swim conversation
  • K:I can smell your delicious braaaaaaains..
  • Tanker:Or vegetarian zombies, who want graaaaains..
  • K:Plumber zombies fix draaaaaaains..
  • Tanker:Pilot zombies fly plaaaaaanes..
  • K:Lion zombies have maaaaaaanes..
  • Tanker:Conductor zombies work on traaaaaains..
  • K:Sports medic zombies will tape your spraaaaains..
  • Tanker:Ok, that's enough..
  • K:But choir zombies sing the refraaaaaains..
  • Tanker:Oh gawd, shut up.
  • K:Doctor zombies cure your paaaaaains..
  • Tanker:Quit it!
  • K:Engineer zombies assess building straaaaaains..
  • Tanker:I hate you.
  • K:Construction worker zombies operate craaaaanes..
  • Tanker:SHUT UP!
  • K:Financial advisor zombies manage your gaaaaaains..
  • Tanker:I'LL KILL YOU!
  • K:Swimmer zombies hog all the laaaaanes..
  • Tanker:I FREAKIN' MEAN IT!
  • K:Meteorologist zombies try to predict raaaaaains..
  • K:Dry cleaner zombies remove staaaaaains..
  • Tanker:I hate you.

the thing is abt the turkish airlines/batman thing is, like, what the fuck are u expecting? are u daft? has the US ever cared abt the armenian genocide? or any minority in “turkey”?? like use your head! armenians need to honestly get our heads out of our asses and use our energy towards something useful. instead of voicing outrage over some american celebrity doing a commercial for Turkish airlines, be outraged about the shit turkey does to the kurds and assyrians and armenians all time. use ur voice to spread info and awareness, educate ppl for gods sake. show your support all the time bc i know u know america and americans don't  give a flying fuck.

Pretty sure I'm a Byronic hero...

According to the great source of information in the cloud, Wikipedia, the following are traits of a Byronic hero:

  • Arrogant
  • Cunning and able to adapt
  • Cynical
  • Disrespectful of rank and privilege
  • Emotionally conflicted, bipolar, or moody
  • Having a distaste for social institutions and norms
  • Having a troubled past or suffering from an unnamed crime
  • Intelligent and perceptive
  • Jaded, world-weary
  • Mysterious, magnetic and charismatic
  • Rebellious
  • Seductive and sexually attractive
  • Self-critical and introspective
  • Self-destructive
  • Socially and sexually dominant
  • Sophisticated and educated
  • Struggling with integrity
  • Treated as an exile, outcast, or outlaw

Now… I think I meet almost all of that criteria… So… 

That’s about it.

What a way to go!.

Just watched two butterflies mating in midair get sliced by our windshield wiper blade. While a bit gruesome, if you’ve gotta die, it could be a lot worse than instant death while getting laid AND flying.

Propane cylinder
  • Tanker:(sees small propane cylinder on the sidewalk) What the hell is that doing there?
  • Me:I don't know. Maybe someone dropped it.
  • Tanker:Who leaves a propane cylinder just sitting there?
  • Me:Maybe they didn't realize they dropped it. Maybe there's someone out there right now unable to cook their burgers because they lost that here. He's eating raw weenies and lamenting his fate.
  • Tanker:How would you not hear that you dropped it? Are you deaf?
  • Me:Maybe he is, and now you're just busting on him. There's some poor, hearing-impaired fellow out there right now contracting e-coli because he's being forced to eat raw burgers, having nothing to power his portable gas grill.
  • Tanker:...

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HI!!! I just wanted to say hi! Because! Of reasons! So consider that done, as of right.... NOW. *waves again on her way out!*

RETURN!! RETURN!! What’s happening in the blithers corner of the world?? WHAT ABOUT THAT STAR WARS AMIRITE? 

In other news you might be interested in, Better Off Ted is still amazing after the nth viewing
Turn Off Trouble Like You Turn Off A Light - Chapter 1 - blithers - The Avengers (2012), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Las Vegas, Accidental Marriage, Memory Loss, Road Trips

“Oh, God,” he said, and she knew just enough about Captain America to find this a pretty strongly worded statement on the situation. (Or, Steve and Darcy wake up married in Vegas.)

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Thoughts on this? reason[.]com/archives/2016/02/04/cruz-and-rubio-heirs-to-bush-obama-milit

Well let’s see, even before going to the URL it appears to an article on foreign policy from Reason…the people who are so “libertarian” that they’re now opposing property rights as something the government has no right to defend.  Promises to be idiotic.

But let’s see what this disaster has to hold. 

So starting with the title “Cruz and Rubio: Heirs to Bush-Obama Militarism“ You can tell the writer and the editors at Reason are a couple hemispheres short of a working cerebrum.  If you think that Bush and Obama had the same foreign policy that you can just hyphenated them you’re a blithering idiot.  Bush was no neocon thus he didn’t understand an invasion has to be followed by nation building, but his goals were inherently pro-America.  Obama on the other hand has only not gone into full on retreat as he (or more likely his advisers) point out that Congress would impeach his ass in a second for such treason. 

But hey the author doesn’t understand the difference there…let’s keep going. 

“There’s no point splitting hairs over whether Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio is the biggest warmonger. Both love the bloody and costly U.S. empire.“ SO you first have the utterly infantile use of the word warmonger…plus the uber liberal use of US Empire.  The by line says Sheldon Richman, but it could be Chomsky.

The first paragraph has lines like “Both believe in American exceptionalism“ How dare they! The bastards! How can they possibly believe the greatest nation on earth is the greatest nation on earth.  The scum.

Or my personal favorite “Both want to prevent detente with Iran, which poses no danger. “ If I didn’t know this was from Reason where people are actually this dumb, I would say this was from The Onion because most human beings see genocidal lunatics with nuclear weapons as a problem.  But not the brain-trust at Reason.  And you wonder why I call libertarians cowards and pro-tyranny.

But the second paragraph gets really good.  “The neocons, who front for Israel’s ruling interests,”  I just love anti-Semitism being shown as if it’s actual intelligent policy.  And think my claim that this was written by a Neo-Nazi isa little much?  Well how about this one from the same article.

After all, without this manufactured threat, how could Israel continue, with America’s blessing, to crush the Palestinians’ independence aspirations or have its way in southern Lebanon and the Golan Heights?

Reason now shills for Hamas apparently. 

The rest of the article is equally anti-Semitic and pro-tyranny.  

So in answer to your question, my thoughts on it are you should never listen to anything is anti-Semitic trash masquerading as journalism puts out.

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Ok. So when you say things like, "In undergrad I took a class..." You do realize that is so unimpressive, right? You spent a semester reading cherry picked parts of a textbook. You spent 4 months learning about different topics in one subject. It's not the 90's anymore, nobody is impressed by undergrad work. You sound like a tool.

You sound like a tool yourself mate, because you’re acting like you know what I was talking about, when you don’t. I wasn’t elevating the fact I took an undergrad course, anyone can take one if they go to college, I was highlighting the fact that in this one specific course we talked specifically about language and gender and how people thinking ‘person’ was sexist because it had ‘son’ in it are blithering idiots who know nothing about language, linguistics, etymology, and are ultimately anglocentric. Furthermore how these people are also ultimately springing on these words because they have an axe to grind and will jump at any opportunity to do so, factually correct or not.

One could also argue ‘arson’ must be based on the word ‘son’, or dishwasher on ‘her’ because those graphic representations are in those words…but they wouldn’t be right. Like moving to gender neutral language is a good thing when it comes down to words which are needlessly gendered for real like fireman -> firefighter, because those do have actual gender association, but ‘person’ doesn’t. Hell we use ‘person’ to degenderify words like businessman -> businessperson, salesman -> salesperson, so clearly person is not a word containing actual gender bias.

So back to your statement, who is the real tool here: someone who used an example from past experiences to talk about something because it was definitely relevant, or someone who misunderstood what someone said then tried to act like they were somehow so much more elevated because they had formed said misconceived opinion then used that to try and insult someone else? I’m inclined to say the latter.

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Ew, Unca Dave is a retarded repubelicunt succboi

You’re a blithering idiot cowardly child.

So it looks like I come way out ahead of you.