My dream cast: I accidentally deleted this so I had to repost it. I am an idiot.
Hey Cassandra! I went to one of your book signings back in 2009 when you were in Canada. I remember during the time you and Holly Black were answering questions and one of them to you was; “Will the Mortal Instrument Series ever be a movie?” and your response (in the most of my memory) went like this “Well, if it was me and a group of friends in my backyard, then yes.” So when I heard it was licensed to be a movie, I was actually hoping for that home made movie of you and your friends xD


Yeah I really can’t stress how much I NEVER thought they’d actually make a movie out of my Shadowhunter books. Even when they were optioned as, like I said, most options never materialize into films.

It’s really too bad I had to dismantle my plans to make the film starring my friends in my garage. I had it all cast:

Simon; Maureen Johnson

Clary: Libba Bray

Alec: David Levithan

Jace: John Green

Isabelle: Holly Black

Magnus: Holly’s husband, Theo

The Seelie Queen: Gwenda Bond

Valentine: Scott Westerfeld

Sebastian: Sarah Rees Brennan

Luke: Paolo Bacigalupi, or possibly Jeph Jacques since he is somewhat wolfy and lives near me

Jocelyn: Garth Nix

Chairman Meow: My cat

Church: Holly’s cat


Professor James Moriarty had honestly supposed me so amoral that, provided that I and the Doctor were safe, I would dirty myself with literally any filth. The Professor supposed that the Sherlock Holmes he knew solved crimes because it had never occurred to him that committing them would be much more profitable. I am very unsentimental, I am calculating and harsh and didactic and snide and arrogant, but if I own one single virtue, and only one, the concept of justice goes very far with me. He thought me a brain up for hire.

-Birds to a Lighthouse by Katie Forsythe

Sorry for the disproportionate amount of Sherlock Holmes that has appeared on my blog, but it has been on my mind a lot lately for obvious reasons.

I had read the story before, but when I was recording and ran across this section, it really stuck with me. Part of the reason I think Forsythe’s stories are so wonderful (in addition to the writing &c.) is that she *gets* Sherlock Holmes in a way that so many adaptations do not.

I may be a canon snob personally, but I am absolutely 110% in favor of adapting the hell out of Sherlock Holmes stories. Set them whenever or wherever you like. Put him in New York City, New Delhi or outer space. I may have my personal and petty little quibbles, but they are just that. Quibbles. He is, after all, one of the most frequently adapted characters in media history. It’s all good.

BUT one thing his character MUST have, as much as intelligence and a measure of bohemian eccentricity: love of justice. By my lights, this is what is absolutely essential to his character.

The ACD stories were important to me growing up for number of reasons, but a large part of what made me admire and love this character is his profound sense of right and wrong, his tremendous compassion for the downtrodden. This is not to make him out to be a saint or an explicitly empathetic character - he absolutely was neither of these things - but he had a passion for helping people and making sure the vulnerable  were protected from the  powerful.

This is why Sherlock Holmes was not just another eccentric detective or domesticated sociopath. He did not solve cases only because he was bored, and he was not a criminologist just because it never occurred to him to be a villain. He was not just a brain for hire.

This more than anything makes Sherlock Holmes an interesting and worthwhile character, and any adaptation in which his love of justice never comes across betrays a complete failure to understand the great detective on the most fundamental level.

Zombie types - a post-swim conversation
  • K:I can smell your delicious braaaaaaains..
  • Tanker:Or vegetarian zombies, who want graaaaains..
  • K:Plumber zombies fix draaaaaaains..
  • Tanker:Pilot zombies fly plaaaaaanes..
  • K:Lion zombies have maaaaaaanes..
  • Tanker:Conductor zombies work on traaaaaains..
  • K:Sports medic zombies will tape your spraaaaains..
  • Tanker:Ok, that's enough..
  • K:But choir zombies sing the refraaaaaains..
  • Tanker:Oh gawd, shut up.
  • K:Doctor zombies cure your paaaaaains..
  • Tanker:Quit it!
  • K:Engineer zombies assess building straaaaaains..
  • Tanker:I hate you.
  • K:Construction worker zombies operate craaaaanes..
  • Tanker:SHUT UP!
  • K:Financial advisor zombies manage your gaaaaaains..
  • Tanker:I'LL KILL YOU!
  • K:Swimmer zombies hog all the laaaaanes..
  • Tanker:I FREAKIN' MEAN IT!
  • K:Meteorologist zombies try to predict raaaaaains..
  • K:Dry cleaner zombies remove staaaaaains..
  • Tanker:I hate you.
Pretty sure I'm a Byronic hero...

According to the great source of information in the cloud, Wikipedia, the following are traits of a Byronic hero:

  • Arrogant
  • Cunning and able to adapt
  • Cynical
  • Disrespectful of rank and privilege
  • Emotionally conflicted, bipolar, or moody
  • Having a distaste for social institutions and norms
  • Having a troubled past or suffering from an unnamed crime
  • Intelligent and perceptive
  • Jaded, world-weary
  • Mysterious, magnetic and charismatic
  • Rebellious
  • Seductive and sexually attractive
  • Self-critical and introspective
  • Self-destructive
  • Socially and sexually dominant
  • Sophisticated and educated
  • Struggling with integrity
  • Treated as an exile, outcast, or outlaw

Now… I think I meet almost all of that criteria… So… 

That’s about it.

anonymous asked:

You updated What If! Finally! Thank you so much, I loved it:) I am slowly becoming addicted to reading New Girl fanfiction, and you are one of the first authors I read. Could you recommend some of your favorite stories? Or authors?

Thank you, you are so nice:) Glad that you enjoyed it. And of course I have some amazing recommendations. Right now, I’m hooked to: 

The Art Of The Cocktail, by pulpobsessed, and

Strings Attached, by mrnickmiller

Their updates are regular and both stories are fantastic, well worth a read or twenty. I think you would also enjoy some of my personal all-time favorites:

 - Lifting Fog, again by the wonderful mrnickmiller,

 - At The Edges, by blithers, and 

Heart Like a Socket, by kyrafic.

There are so many great stories out there, these are just some of the ones I love best . Enjoy the read!

What a way to go!.

Just watched two butterflies mating in midair get sliced by our windshield wiper blade. While a bit gruesome, if you’ve gotta die, it could be a lot worse than instant death while getting laid AND flying.

Propane cylinder
  • Tanker:(sees small propane cylinder on the sidewalk) What the hell is that doing there?
  • Me:I don't know. Maybe someone dropped it.
  • Tanker:Who leaves a propane cylinder just sitting there?
  • Me:Maybe they didn't realize they dropped it. Maybe there's someone out there right now unable to cook their burgers because they lost that here. He's eating raw weenies and lamenting his fate.
  • Tanker:How would you not hear that you dropped it? Are you deaf?
  • Me:Maybe he is, and now you're just busting on him. There's some poor, hearing-impaired fellow out there right now contracting e-coli because he's being forced to eat raw burgers, having nothing to power his portable gas grill.
  • Tanker:...

Change style, I said (what style, there is no style, I hew to no single style)

Examine your writing, I said (like popping literary zits but worse because the scars don’t go away)

Write deeper, I said (I write the impressions of the every day and I don’t know what feelings are)

Me, having a bad writing day. Carry on.

hvdrated asked:

Can you stop blithering about straight people, your generalizations are both misplaced and unnecessary (yes I'm offended)

lol i haven’t even talked about straight people in ages you guys have such a weird unwarranted sense of self importance 

today I was at McDonalds and the girl there I’ve been crushing on super hard ended up taking my order and I was like


you were cute from afar I was not prepared for this level of social interaction

Fun Fact about me: if I have a crush on you, YOU WILL KNOW. Because I turn into a complete blithering idiot. I mix up words. I walk into stuff. i drop things. It’s not pretty

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Wikipedia put's people's "deadname" in because it's a repository of information and when they were born they were known by that name - THAT IS INFORMATION. It has nothing to do with transphobia you blithering idiot.

So why you normalizing transphobia?

Their deadname is useless because cis people who change name when they get married they don’t have shit like “Sean Cam (Born Sean Mac)” listed in their Wiki pages like goddamn, it’s only used in part of normalized transphobia – to out people that they’re trans and to invade their lives and privacy in the name of “repository information.” 

Trans people’s deadnames are useless because they’re not known as that name anymore, any instance of defending the use of someone’s deadname is transphobia, plain and simple.

A few days ago, I was inwardly despaired at the thought of being single - I mean truly single, with absolutely no flirtatious activity at any level with any guy.
Today, I am at that level but it doesn’t bother me. Maybe it will bother me later today or later this weekend or later this month. But right now, I am okay with it. It is not relevant to me. Having a companion right now is not currently a desire of mine.

That makes me happy.

dizzy-redhead asked:

4, 16, and 20

4. Are there any other fic writers you admire? If so, who and why?

hardboiledmeggs for her beautiful prose and history porn (as well as, you know, actual porn), jaqofspades was the gateway drug into Rogan fic (her fics were some of the earlier ones I read for the ship and was a huge fangirl over when I found her on tumblr not long after I joined) everything she writes is so filled with emotion and lust boiling over, dopemixtape writes a cracking tale filled with fantastic dialogue and delicious feels. blithers is a fantastic writer, I can get lost in her writing style even when it’s not a fandom I’m in. legete, another author who I wish I could roll around in the words that flow from her metaphorical pen. roboticonography

For his cracking way of writing Peggy so pitch perfect I could weep. aenariasbookshelf has a lovely depth and lyricism to her stories filled with lovely scenery porn. rainnecassidy

Has a flare for world building that is a joy to read. sarcasticfina has such a diverse list of fandoms that she writes for and fantastic descriptions of her characters movements and her dialogue.

16. Do you have structured ideas of how your story is supposed to go, or make it up as you write?

Ha. Most of the time I just wing it and go with the dialogue and imagery swirling around in my head. Whenever I try to plot out things too heavily my characters stop listening to me and go their own way.

20. 4 sentences from your work that you’re proud of:

“Yes, it’s a very nice shovel, Edgar.”

“Pala,” Edgar says pointing at Steve.

“Why do I need a shovel?” Gru asks.

“I think they want you to give me a shovel talk,” Steve says quietly. This is why Natasha thinks I’m an idiot.

“Do I need to give you a shovel talk?”

“Da,” the minions chant, clapping their hands together and cheer. Popcorn spills over the floor and onto the toe of Steve’s shoe.

“You are aware that I am a supervillain, yes?” Gru says drawing himself up to his full height.

“I am aware,” Steve says, straightening his shoulders. He thinks, ‘supervillain’ is a bit of a stretch.

More than four sentences I know, but I am very fond of this crack verse and we are going to see the Minions movie tomorrow.

The Minion Verse