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ParaNorman was first released on August 17th, 2012.

During the last few weeks leading up to the film’s release, Laika sent 49 packages to 49 people (including Neil Gaiman and Kevin Smith). Each package consisted of a wooden crate from “Blithe Hollow” full of “grave dirt” which recipients had to dig through to unearth a coffin. Inside the coffin was one of the seven cursed zombies, complete with background information and name. IMDb

Rick & Morty Alternate Dimension (Ricksona) Masterpost

If you have a Ricksona or know of one I didn’t get just tell me.

Dimension 826-E by same-old-shame-old 

Rick Z-117 & Morty N-22 by darth-buddha 

Morty #32 by cannibalsharkart 

Rick J-777 by kai-the-small-bee 

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anonymous asked:

Norman have you told writ and dipper about you adventure with Aggie?

[Dipper] Norman, we know.

[Norman] *awkwardly looks back at Dipper and then quickly averts his eyes* K-know what? Because I certainly don’t–

[Dipper] About Aggie. About, oh I don’t know, how you basically saved all of Blithe Hollow?

[Norman] *blinks* What? Wait, how do you–

[Dipper] Oh come on, Norm, you think some crazy thing like that would happen and not be all over the news right after? Plus, you sleep talk a lot.

[Norman] I sleep talk?? Is that how you found out!?

[Dipper] Yep. You basically explained in full detail what happened on that day. Also, you should know that you mumble both mine and Wirt’s name a lot.

[Norman] *blushes* O-oh… 

fic: Cheesy Lines and Lazy Days, Maximized [Parapines, No Sleep AU]

Pairing/Characters: Norman/Dipper

Word Count: 1,379

Rating: R

A/N: A ficlet for neko! Who sent me a prompt: “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On” (from this list of prompts). You said you wanted Parapines, so voila–here it is. Hope you don’t mind that it’s No Sleep AU, heh heh. (Also available @ AO3 by the way)

Summary: He doesn’t mean to make Dipper hard, when he hugs him tight, when he presses his weight on Dipper’s body. [No Sleep AU] 


Norman films Dipper wearing nothing but boxer shorts, red with polka dots. Dipper dances, to booming electronica – very, very indie. Norman giggles the whole way through. He watches Dipper point upwards and downwards, as the famous dance step goes. Dipper jumps around, and he has on a serious face. Rock and roll, he goes, I’m a fucking mercenary.

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A bunch of Mystery Kids AU’s I came up while I was bored.

(Note: Some of these were conceived by a friend while we were brainstorming together.)

Universe 413AU: The “main” universe, the one the comic is set in. Only the main universe in this comic.

Universe 314UA: An evil, inverted universe where the Mystery Kids are villains known as “The Misery Kids.”

Universe 216CV: A universe where Aggie is alive and Norman is a ghost.

Universe 106VB: A universe where the Mystery Kids are a sector of the KND.

Universe 822YU: A universe where Dipper and Lili are dating.

Universe 672XY: A genderswapped universe.

Universe 444PZ: A Steven Universe world where all the kids are gems

Universe 291ZU: A universe where everyone is a human-animal hybrid.

Universe 945SQ: A universe where the Mystery Kids are all psychics.

Universe 462QT: A universe where all the Mystery Kids go to the same school.

Universe 178KJ: A universe where Raz never left the circus and Lili saved Whispering Rock instead.

Universe 772JL: A universe where Loboto and Oleander succeeded and the kids work for him.

Universe 121SS: A universe where Aggie destroyed Blithe Hollow and the whole city has become undead.

Universe 900UZ: A universe where Poison Path controls the world and the Psychonauts are rebels.

Universe 553QU: A universe where the Mystery Kids are in the Third Street Saints.

Universe 010AP: A universe where Norman faded away to the afterlife after grabbing Aggie’s hand and she is forced to live his life for him.

Universe 321CW: COWBOY WORLD!

Universe 300AA: A world where Dipper, Raz and Lili are in a polyamorous relationship.

Universe 422PR: Pinecest is canon and everyone suffers.

Universe 672FY: Boarding School AU

Universe 511BY: A universe where the kids are all babies.

Universe 987RD: A universe where the Mystery Kids are a biker gang.

Universe 255RP: A universe where all the Mystery Kids are girls and there are no boys.

Universe 767LK: A world where the Mystery Kids are all in their mid-teens.

Universe 604MB: A universe where the Mystery Kids are all adults.

Universe 217KY: A sci-fi universe where Aggie is a rogue AI and Norman is a hacker.

Universe 520PO: A detective noir world where the Mystery Kids exist during prohibition.

Universe 881DL: A universe where Dib leads the mystery kids.

Universe 651IU: A crack ship AU where all the pairings are absurd.

Universe 514PF: A post-apocalyptic world where zombies and raiders roam the land.

Universe 155BL: A world where anime is real and all the kids are anime.

Universe 890JL: A world where the kids are super heroes.

Universe 890XJ: A world where the kids pilot a giant robot. 

Universe 891JL: A universe where the Mystery Kids’ adventures take place in the middle ages

So I had this idea for the ultimate crossover between some of my all time favorite chracters. Just think of it as Mystery Kids new and improved; Stranger Things meets Over the Garden Wall meets Coraline meets Paranorman meets Gravity Falls. If you want more details, just put it in my ask and I’ll be happy to go into more explaining. Anyways, heres the first chapter:

Chapter 1: Nightmares

The visions had only started a few weeks ago. At the time, Norman thought nothing of it. He was a horror movie enthusiast, after all. He was used to having creepy dreams. They weren’t that bad at first; just endless woods. Large trees for miles, zooming by like Noman was watching on a television screen, rather than actually being there. But then they started to feel…real. Too real. Norman could feel the breeze on his skin, hear the crunch of leaves under his feet as he walked. And in time, he discovered that the woods were not a quiet place. There were things…things lurking in the shadows. And Norman could never see them until it was too late, until he was being devoured, or choked, or driven into madness. But that wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part was when Norman woke up, never remembering what the monsters looked like, only the feeling of dread and fear that stayed with him all day. At night, he was afraid to sleep, and during the day he was jumpy. Norman figured his parents must’ve noticed, because one day they randomly called him and his sister into the living room. “I think we could all use some time out of Blithe Hollow,” his mother said, glancing worriedly at him. “So we’re going to go visit your aunt Susan in Gravity Falls, Oregon!“ Courtney groaned (she had never been one for being trapped in a car with her family for more than an hour). “You’re kidding me, right? That’s like, on the other side of the country!“ “No, we’re not kidding,” Norman’s father said, not sounding very happy about it himself. “So get packing. We’re leaving as soon as possible.” Norman hadn’t said anything about it. For all he knew, maybe taking a family road trip would clear his head.

beccadrawsstuff  asked:

ParaPines meeting sfw :P

“I love you Norman, but this is creepy even for you.”

“Not helping, Neil.”

“I am helping. I’m being super helpful. Friends don’t let friends be stalkers.”

“I’m not-” Norman stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and looked around for any eavesdroppers, living or otherwise He hissed defensively into his phone. “It’s not stalking. I’m investigating.”

“It’s worse than I thought,” Neil said somberly. There was the familiar crinkle of a bag of chips in the background. “How many friends have you made since you guys moved in?”

“I’ve made tons of new friends,” Norman said. 

Corporeal friends, Norm.”

“That’s so alive-ist.” 

Neil groaned. “I knew this would happen when you moved away. Dude, you gotta put yourself out there, y’know, like normal people do? You can’t bank on witch-curses and zombies to break the ice every time you go someplace new.”

His legs felt thin, itching and wrapped in too-tight denim. He started walking again without thinking, a brisk walk just shy of a jog. “This is serious, Neil, I’m not making this up! I’ve never gotten a feeling like this from a living person before.”

“…should I put Mitch and his boyfriend on speaker phone?”

Norman’s ears heated. “Not that kind of feeling! It’s like…” His fingers carded through the stubborn spikes of his hair. “It’s like…whatever it is that ghosts are made out of but more…alive?”

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Welcome to the Blithe Hollow Bugle!
So I played around with my app, Pages, and made this “newspaper” for Blithe Hollow, the town in which Norman from the movie Paranorman lives. This is the first of a sequence I’m planning to make. Hope you enjoy Edition One!

All words were written by me. I don’t own the photos, characters mentioned, or movie. Laika studios owns everything except for the written narrative itself.