• Before band camp:Oh boy, I can't wait for the upcoming week! I'm gonna have nice, strong, toned legs and feel great from all the hard work!
  • After band camp:My entire body is covered in sunburns, the worst at least a second degree burn. My feet are blistered and I have weird tan [sunburn] lines everywhere. Everything hurts. But hey, at least my calves are toned.

“You know why you’re sunburnt,right?”

Luke gave a sigh,preparing to listen to another one of the “I told you so” moments of the love of his young life. His back was sore and blistering,the back of his arms peeling and the back of his neck was on fire.His legs were less burnt but the dull pain was still there as they had been covered in sand by the freckled brunette that was sitting on his bum.

She obviously took pity on her stupid boyfriend and his lanky legs, at some point and decided to somewhat cover him up.

He let out a small groan,feeling her apply the aloe to his back with a soft, bushy make up brush she saved and the pads of her thin,careful fingers.

But yes,he knew why he was sunburnt.

“Because I didn’t go to bed with you last night."He grumbled into the pillow.The blonde bit his pierced lip,hissing in pain as she moved to one of the worst areas on his broad shoulders."Careful,Lilli.Please?”
Her touch lightened and he could hear the smirk in her light tone as she spoke.

“And because you didn’t go to bed with me,"The burning on his right shoulder intensified as she moved her dry hand over it to brush away the peeling skin."You stayed up too late.You stayed up too late,and then when we went to the beach,you stayed out from under the umbrella,and fell asleep in the sun.But where was your sunscreen,Luke?It wasn’t on you.”

“I forgot."He groaned,feeling like a small child that was being shunned by his mother.While Lilli had developed a tan that complimented her already smooth brown skin,he was lying under her,like a half cooked piece of meat.

"You look like you got slammed into a wall or something."Lilli informed him,gently removing excess aloe and applying it to too thinly coated areas."Or like you tried to wash off red stain.It didn’t work and you turned pink.Like someone dipped you in Kool-Aid and you dried up-”

“Interesting,Lillian."Luke refrained from moving to her hand as the gel soothed his burns.

"Hey,"She was giggling now,and Luke but his lip.Her giggle was infectious- almost as easy to get to someone as the fucking sunburn. "Don’t get all grumpy and short with me just because you didn’t listen to me,again.”

Luke propped himself up on his elbows,his cheeks were only burnt slightly and coloured as if he was blushing.“When have I not listened to you?”

“Well,counting only you or times with the boys,too?"He knew she was preparing to list experiences from the way she crossed her arms,a small smile on her plump and soft lips.

"Which ever.”

“The time I gad to convince you and Calum not to get a matching nipple piercing,when I told you not to play truth or dare with the boys and Michael dared you to lick the bottom of some café table with the gum and everything-”

“Okay!"He let out a laugh."Okay,I get it.You were right a lot,I was wrong a lot.Now tell me at least one thing I was right about,Lillian Oxford."He challenged,resting his cheek against her smooth and bare thigh.

Lillian thought for a moment,watching the ceiling fan spin.

"You were right when you talked me into that second date after a terrible first one,Luke."She smiled,thinking of their conversation on that chilly fall night.

"Why was the first one so terrible?"He furrowed his eyebrows and she let out a short laugh.

"Do you really not remember?”

Luke shook his head slowly.

“Well,first of all you sent the wonderful wingman Michael Clifford my way,who told me very bluntly that "I’ve got this friend who thinks those short shorts make you look very appealing."She giggled at his blush."Then you so happened to see Michael and I,and it just so happened you had an extra beer in your hands.So you gave one to him,and when you tried to open mine,the bottle broke and beer went everywhere.”

“You got a boyfriend out of it,though."Luke pointed out,a small grin on his lips.

"A boyfriend,yes.A very sweet one,too.Even if he doesn’t listen to me-”

“I got it!I got the message!"Luke laughed,"You can put my sunscreen on next time.Good deal?”

“Good deal."She lightly giggled and kissed his reddened cheek,humming softly."I love you.”

But at the same time, Brittany’s punishment took a toll on her feet, she had blisters and her whole toenail was falling off. And she didn’t have really any support from her houseguests besides Donny


“I don’t slow dance until after the fifth date!”
“So, I was reading this book on Jeffrey Dahmer…”
“These shoes pinch my toes and give me blisters, but they make my legs look hot, so I’m going to buy another pair.”
“I believe in coffee. Coffee for everyone.”
“I’ve been busy procrastinating all day.”
“Oh, don’t be shy. Show me your boobs.”
“This is why they took away my psychic hotline.”
“Let’s not play games. You desire me, don’t you?”
“I already got a chick. We can still be friends though.”
“I just got blown off by a guy I didn’t even go after.”
“You should find a safe, legal alternative to killing him.” 
“When I get through with him, there’ll be nothing left but jelly.”
“It’s a guy and a girl and they’re discussing… a herd of beautiful wild ponies running free across the plains.”
“I don’t have low self-esteem. It’s a mistake. I have low esteem for everyone else.”
“You’ve really created the illusion of depth.”
“When you’re popular, all unpopular people look alike anyway.”
“It won’t work; my face is too expressive.”
“I love being the hostess. It’s so easy to get home at the end of the night.”
“Would you say sleeping with a guitar in your hands counts as practicing?”
“I think people who run over animals should get run over themselves to see how they like it.”
“Unless your ex-boyfriend is an authority on D.H. Lawrence, don’t base your thesis on something he said while making out.”
“I have no friends. I walk alone.”
“I’m bringing a Polaroid.”
“She has no family. She ate them.”
“Isn’t modeling for people who drop out of high school to pursue a career based solely on youth and looks, both of which are inevitably declared dead at age 25?”
“She’ll never have to worry about mind control.”
“Hey, Grandma, it’s time for your damn pill.”
“I’m a mess, and it’s gonna cost six-thousand dollars to fix!”
“Well, everybody knows that late curfews should be go to people who can use them: attractive and popular people with lots of friends.”
“I can’t shoot my own mother. Not with paint anyway.”
“I was looking for the bathroom and all of a sudden you started shooting at me. I thought we promised not to do that!”
“Did you just spend two hours dressing up to go the door for one minute and dump your date?”
“If you look your best when you blow a guy off, it makes them feel like you care.”
“Sometimes your shallowness is so thorough, it’s almost like depth.”
“Did a mime crawl in here and die?”
“Today someone told me my writing was existential, so I thought I should coordinate, you know, with wardrobe.”
“Let’s finish outfitting, and I’ll tell you all about how nice Mr. Lincoln really died.”
“When you hear yourself talk, does it make sense to you?
“I’m sorry, what did you say you do? I thought I heard “intelligence”, but that can’t be right.”
“You can’t leave me here with those, those… yuppies!”
“You never told me whether you thought I was…. you know…. cute?”
“I figure, being attractive and popular, that’s what I’m good at. Maybe it’s not that important, but you know, it’s what I can do.”
“Fashion is fun and everything, but we should really do something about the rainforest and stuff.”
“When the dentist turned off the gas I had a change of heart.”
“Nothing says “be mine” like a pounding heart beneath a floorboard.”
“I knew those straight Cs in math would pay off someday.”
“You did something stupid for a guy. You may join the human race after all.”
“They may be poor, but that doesn’t mean they should be unfashionable.”
“They may be shallow, but that doesn’t mean they should be executed.”
“Even your imaginary friends are embarrassing.”
“It only seems like high school. Actually, it’s much worse.”
“Sometimes I feel like the whole adult world is against youth culture.”
“Hey, I’m jiggy with it.”
“Oh, what a joy I didn’t wake up dead.”
“I want to live to see what this place looks like after it’s obliterated.”
“You know, being a post-apocalyptic town is going to be cool. Other towns will be scared of us.”
“That’s the spirit, sweetie. Avenge my death.”
“So you finally convinced your dad that you’re not a communist?”
“Oh gee, did I wake you? I guess that means you haven’t been murdered. Well, that’s good.”
“I’m always late. That’s why I don’t wear a watch. They depress me.”
“Maybe we just have different ideas about what a commitment is.”
“No, no, absolutely not! It’s unethical, it’s immoral, it may well be illegal. I’ll have no part of it.”
“I had a bad experience on that hill with the Girl Scouts. We kept marching and singing and marching and singing about some freak named John Jacob Jingleheimer somebody.”
“Hey, if we told him to jump off a bridge, would he do that?”
“I’ve learned that my parents would rather I dropped from exhaustion than missed the opportunity to shred some congressman’s incriminating phone bills.”
“You could try failing at being sarcastic.”
“When you brush your teeth, do you ever scrub right through to your brain?”
“It’s times like these I’m glad I don’t go to your school.”
“I don’t know you well enough to wear my cape around you yet.”
“Oh, Caesar! Please, don’t poison me. I could love you, but those togas make your butt look so big.”
“Some king wants to kill me for loving some soldier or something, before I’ve had time to pass on my secret formula for eyeliner.”
“Impressive grasp of history, but she forgot the part where they all board Noah’s ark for a Caribbean cruise.”
“At the count of ten, I will snap my fingers, and hopefully remember none of this.”
“If you’re finished with your unsolicited outburst on fiber content, I’d like to call your attention to the fact that we’re surrounded by moving fashion violations!”
“You know I was thinking, if people in really poor countries can’t get food, does that mean they can’t get diet soda either?”
“There are girls in there rubbing stuff on each other’s cheeks and making animal noises. I got kind of scared.”
“At least you got out before the rhythmic chanting.”
“Some part of me is actually saying that breaking up is right.”
“You haven’t been eating out of the refrigerator again, have you?”
“Did you come down with a debilitating illness and forget to share the good news?”
“It’s not like I ask guys to buy me presents. I merely suggest.”
“This is like that scene in Pinocchio when he discovers he’s growing ears like the rest of the donkeys.”
“I’m sick of doing all the work while you just sit there!”
“No one is going to pay us to eat carrot sticks.”
“Is that the voice in my head that tells me to kill and kill again?”
“Satan’s voice is lower and he has an English accent.”
“If a teacher tried to take advantage of me like that, I’d tell them right where to stick it.”
“I love money. I’d shovel it down my throat if I could.”
“Do you still have that Magic Eight Ball?”
“You’re coming off all observant and honest, you know; antisocial.”
“Sex is nothing to be ashamed of as long as you’re responsible.”
“Soon as my parents are dead, I’ll tell you all about it.”
“Being in a relationship can’t possibly hinge on physical intimacy. ‘Cause that would mean our parents are still doing it.”
“Is this the ninth circle of Hell?”
“Doesn’t anyone in this town wear pants anymore?”
“Just for the record, the police don’t like it when you drive on the wrong side of the road.”
“Life sucks no matter what, so don’t be fooled by location changes.”
“I have to get used to this whole selling out thing first.”
“I’m not selling out. I’m attempting to acquire the skills and knowledge that will allow me to sell out.”
“That’s not exactly an apology but you know what they say about beggers.”
“Let us depart for a darker place where we can explore the melancholia that always accompanies true, unbridled passion.”
“My advice is stand firm for what you believe in, until and unless logic and experience prove you wrong.”
“There’s no aspect, no facet, no moment in life that can’t be improved with pizza.”
“There really is a school spirit. Spooky!”
“LOVE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! He was just a lonely exchange student, and I wanted to give him an American goodbye!“

msdapperlegit asked:

Hi, I noticed that you went to otakon this year, i did too. Did you enjoy yourself?

I did, I had a really good time! Ultimately spent far too much money, got a sunburn and some blisters, and got jet-lagged as hell coming back home , but it was worth it, in the end. How did you enjoy it?

Just feel like sharing this random act of kindness story:
So today I was at this garden exhibit and I had blisters from the shoes I was wearing, so I kept putting napkins where the blisters were.
A worker noticed and later on he came up to me and gave me two band-aids. We really need more good people like that in this world.

Headcanon where Rachel likes penthouses and wall-to-wall windows because she associates being at a high altitude as being superior to others.

That’s why she wears high heels and she likes to tower over everyone else, if she can help it. She despises being short and started to teach herself to walk in heels when she was only 14.

She also drives expensive, tall cars so even when she’s on the road she can still be tall af. She even wears heels when she’s just alone in her flat because it’s her way of dealing with vulnerability.

It’s worth all the blisters and foot pain because if she sticks to flats, she feels small and cowardly, which is everything she doesn’t want to be. She got a thrill of satisfaction when she met Sarah and Cosima, because despite the fact they were genetically identical, she still had a few inches on them because of her stilettos.

Rachel goes to extreme measures to appear taller, she is constantly sitting up straight and purchasing tailored suits so it’ll make her form appear taller. Rachel Duncan wants to be superior in every way possible.

I have blisters on my toes but I finished my second mile of the day! I will just have to wear different shoes tomorrow.

I have stayed well under my calorie limit for today & that’s a good thing because the kiddo wants to go get shakes tonight. :)

Omg I’m helping rebuild the deck around our pool and its destroying my life I’m a prince I’m not build for this manual labour I’m getting sunburnt and a million blisters 😭