i just gardened too hard.

i gardened to the point of lightheadedness, jelly for muscles, a blister on the palm of my hand, too tired to shower. we’re talking like 500 bulbs.

where is my extreme gardening trophy please n thanks.

cerrenyra  asked:

Just as a note, you said this a while ago but I forgot to say something, sorry. Holding ice over where you want to cut may not be a good idea because I heard it could give you blisters if you hold it there for long enough??

ohhHHH TRUE TRUE ice responsibly, kids

some people are forests
with secrets hidden under rocks
and a calm, quiet belonging
like nowhere else.

some people are seas.
when you think the tide is finally coming in
it only retreats,
secrets sleeping fathoms deep.
they can pull you in
and tear you apart
but they will still be beautiful,
still a work of art,
and you don’t know if the hurricane was meant to drown you
or to drain itself.

some people are mountains.
all narrow paths and steep climbs
stumbles and scratches until you find purchase.
the wind at the peak
will dry your sweat-soaked skin,
cool your sun bleached face
and for a moment, 
a single moment,
they let you see the top of the world.

some people are fires,
living and wild and hungry,
capturing everything it desires,
not knowing, not caring about the blisters,
the burns
that hurt everyone close enough.
the only regret is that they cannot be engulfed themselves.
—  the world is made of people | a. b.

Purple Skittles don’t taste the same in every country. In the UK, Europe, and Australia, they have the robust, tarty flavor of blackcurrants. However, because the US banned blackcurrants due to the plants carrying a disease known as white pine blister rust, purple Skittles are grape-flavored in America. Source