Welp I just finished re-reading book 5 so I figured, Sandwings, why not.

I always struggled with Sandwings the most out of all the tribes; the face shape always threw me off, and I could never figure out how their sails should be. But after this exercise I think I’m getting a bit better at them. I really like my designs for Burn and Six-Claws, they sort of remind me of like a dinosaur or something. I didn’t aim for that but it looks cool ahah

I like Smolder a lot as a character, I always imagined him to be a rather handsome looking dragon, I tried to get that across here.

Poor Sunny really sticks out like a sore thumb amongst all these pure Sandwings haha  Oh well

The blister from hell: Rich Hill, Dodgers haunted by baseball's baffling bubble

Two of the major leagues’ top starters from last season, playoff performers expected to contribute substantially to their teams’ postseason aspirations this year, are sidelined by the kind of issue that might keep your grandpa from going on his evening walk — blisters.

The floundering Toronto Blue Jays put right-hander Aaron Sanchez, the 2016 American League ERA champ, on the 10-day disabled list Sunday because of a blister on the middle finger of his pitching hand.

That’s the same affliction that continues to torment Los Angeles Dodgers lefty Rich Hill, who left Sunday’s game early after a blister popped open while he took practice swings in the on-deck circle; he was placed on the DL on Monday for the second time this month.

And New York Mets ace Noah Syndergaard has seen two of three starts shortened by blister and fingernail problems.

As an industry approaching $10 billion in yearly revenues, baseball has found ways to maximize performance through specialized training, nutrition and rest while extending careers by surgical means.

Somehow, the remedy for the common blister remains a mystery.

Inner Monologue of a Person Removing Skin from a Blister on the Bottom of Her Toe. (#dancerproblems)

How is this skin so thick?

Why doesn’t this hurt?

It looks like it should hurt.

I usually use these scissors for cutting paper to wrap presents.

They must be having an identity crisis.

Now how will I wrap presents?

Why is my toeprint so persistent?

Shouldn’t it straighten out when I pull on it?

Shouldn’t it lessen the deeper I go?

Wow there’s just a giant hole in my toe now.

Like that dream I had when I was little where I could see into this dry hole in my fingertip.

I saw some bones break in their brittle dryness.

Why did my fingertips have tiny ribs?

I had no concept of anatomy, obviously.

Do I now? I mean, when I’m dreaming.

I can’t think of any similar dreams in recent history.

It looks like a fish scale.

I can absolutely see our reptilian origins. 

They’re right here.

In my toe skin.

In my toeprint.

Is my toeprint tied to my identity?

Can my identity be stolen from it?

Should I shred this before I throw it away?

Like an expired credit card.

My toe skin.

A credit card.

How does this not hurt?

This is so surreal.

It is ME, right?

Why can’t I feel it?

It cuts like paper. Well, cardboard. It’s much thicker than paper.

Is it me?

What am I?

It WAS me.

Now what?