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Cuddle // Alexa Bliss

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For @wwedivasmut

Request:Imagine where Alexa and the reader are cuddling and the reader will do anything to make the Alexa blush and then the reader says something and Alexa comes back with something that kind of shocks the reader but makes her blush

Warnings: None

A/N: First of all, I would love to thank you for all the requests ♥ and two: I thought it would be a great idea to finish and post this imagine since my baby won tonight ♥ I’m so proud of her 

Today was a day off for Alexa, your girlfriend. For once, which was very rare, she could spend the whole day at home with you. So you decided to do nothing special, simply enjoying to spend some time together and cuddling while watching some tv shows or movies. Which was you loved the most actually. 

But today, you wanted to make Alexa blushes more than anything, it wasn’t easy to make your girlfriend blushes. So you had to try a few compliments before maybe, succeeding at making her blush. But you didn’t except to turn this way. 

“ Y’know Alexa, you’re so cute when you’re cuddling with me. “ you said smiling 

“ Oh yeah? “

“ Yeah! Well you’re usually really beautiful, but when you’re all cudly, I love it so much “ you said

“ Well thank you love “ replied Alexa smiling lovingly at you

“ I have a question “ you said looking at your amazing girlfriend

“ Yes, what? “ 

“ How do you look so beautiful all the time? “ you asked her seriously, trying to make her blush

“ I don’t know. But there’s one thing I know. You are so beautiful and I’m so lucky to have you. And that’s why, one day, I’ll marry you “ said Alexa, suprising you and making you blush

“ Wait, you’re serious ? “

“ Yes I am. You don’t want to? “

“ Yes I would love to! “ you said smiling happily

Home Away From Home - part 8

Part 7

“That guy is a total mood killer,” I said annoyed that we just got chased out of the moment. “I think I might know how to revive it though,” Sehun replied. The elevator stopped at his floor and we both got off He connected our lips for a sensual kiss and walked us to the door.

Genre: smut, angst

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what i’ve learned is that it’s truly okay to not be okay all the time, as what you’re going through will pass. give yourself time to heal, and you’ll find that unbridled happiness, golden sunrises, blissful smiles and starlit nights will be a part of your life once again.

Ladies, a quick survey

Please reblog if a guy has ever told you any of these things:
1. You only watch wrestling because they’re hot.
2. You watch wrestling because your boyfriend watches it.
3. You’re faking it to get a boyfriend.


In Honour of International Women’s Day:
10 Movies About Friendship Directed by women

Farah Goes Bang (2013) Meera Menon

Fort Tilden (2014) Sarah Violent Bliss & Charles Rogers

Friends With Money (2006) Nicole Holofcener

Girlhood (2014) Céline Sciamma

Miss You Already (2015) Catherine Hardwicke

Now and Then (1995) Lesli Linka Glatter

The Trouble with Angels (1966) Ida Lupino

The Sisterhood of Night (2015)  Caryn Waechter

Walking and Talking (1996) Nicole Holofcener

Zero Motivation (2014) Talya Lavie