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Papaya, Pistachios and Singing Bells: I adore eating papaya as it reminds me of my grandmothers house, where a half a papaya and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice were constants. Living in Canada, oceans away from the lush land of mango trees, mustard fields and hypnotic just picked jasmine garlands often wears at my soul, yet a visit to the Chinese fruit stalls often helps tide away the fruitless season in the North. I try to remain cheerful and healthy by also eating a few antioxidant filled nuts with hazelnut creme French press coffee, even though I notice that I often hoard the nuts for baking vanilla and cardamom spiked cakes. In the absence of light, I have taken to decorating my apartment with pink light emanating lamps, these create a soft, delicate, tender, inspirational and poetic ambiance that is ideal for both concentrated work as well as meditation and yoga. I few days ago, I acquired my first Tibetan singing bowl, from a Nepalese man who also taught me how to use it to clear my space, to create a sound bath and as a meditative tool, I told him that I hope the music I create brings me luck, he said, “everything is 50-50”. I have been dwelling upon this idea, that we are always halfway between breaths, between love and despair, between hopes and anxieties, between healing and illness, between the past and the future and between life and death. So let’s keep reminding us of this and what it means and how we can attempt to also unite with the oneness amidst the flux, which is the pinnacle of bliss. Love, Shammari


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@jerm_beats: Vaca stop off in Atlanta …. My little buttercup is loving this wheel of excellence