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Beauty and the Beast Post-Curse headcanons Part 2

So after posting my first installment of post-curse headcanons I realized that I forgot a few characters. Given the positive response to the first post (and a few sleepless hours last night) I have come up with more. I hope you enjoy them.

-After the curse is broken, Chip makes a point of apologizing to Maurice for scaring him during his first visit to the castle. Maurice assures Chip that it wasn’t his fault and asks him to give him a tour of the castle. Chip happily agrees and proceeds to lead Maurice on a uniquely childlike tour. Much less (accurate) history of the castle. Way more hide and seek tips. “And what about this portrait here?” “That’s Monsieur Funny hat. I don’t know what his actual name is…but he has a really big funny hat. These curtains make a good hide and seek spot too. But make sure your feet are covered–Hey wanna see the cubboard I used to sleep in?!” Maurice called it the best tour he had ever had.
- Once Belle and Adam become engaged, Maurice offers to paint an engagement portrait of the happy couple. But dispite their best efforts, they have a very hard time working a long formal portrait sitting into their schedules. The sketches from their early attempts all felt a bit stiff. Then one evening Maurice decides to discreetly pull out his easel in the library while Belle and Adam sat curled up together reading, comfortably in their own element, aware only of their books and each other. This stealth portrait allowed Maurice to capture the tender look in Adam’s eyes when he would look over at Belle (a look he attempted to control–and usually failed–when he knew his future father-in-law was looking) and a look of bliss Belle seemed to only have in moments like this. The portrait is so successful, Maurice continues to make these candid portraits for other residents of the castle, capturing their happiest moments to last forever.

- Chapeau is a man of few words. He prefers to quietly observe in social situations, welcome guests with a wordless smile and nod as a greeting, and to play his violin. That said, he knows everything there is to know about the goings on of the castle. Lumière can’t think of what to get Plumette for her birthday? Ask Chapeau. Chip can’t find a toy he misplaced. Ask Chapeau. His answers are brief, but nearly always the perfect solution.

Cadenza and Garderobe
-Cadenza and Garderobe decide they want to try to teach FrouFrou to sing. This proves to be a very loud and comical task. The rest of the castle is not nearly as tickled by FrouFrou’s performance as a vocalist, but it makes Cadenza and Garderobe so happy they all play along.
-Garderobe has been known to dispense unsolicited romantic advice to Plumette and Belle, some of which makes them blush and look for the nearest exit. However, most of her advice really is helpful.
-Cadenza also offers advice, but it is usually related to writing a song in some way or other. It can be hard to tell if he means metaphorically or literally.

-Cogsworth has developed the uncanny ability of knowing the exact time of day without looking at a clock. Lumière finds this hilarious and tries to prompt him to give the time without him realizing it. Dispite his accuracy as to the particular minute, Cogsworth often forgets what day it is.
-Once Cogsworth hears of the way Clothilde (Mrs. Cogsworth) treated Belle in the village during the curse, he demands she apologize, which she does (perhaps a bit too profusely.) Their reunion is the rockiest of the castle residents, having been a less than stable relationship to begin with. Somehow Lumière gets roped into acting as a sort of couples councillor for them. He isn’t quite sure how. But ultimately he is willing to do just about anything to help his friend find happiness.

-LeFou ends up being one of Belle’s most dedicated pupils when it comes to learning how to read and write. He uses his new skills to write a note to Stanley.

Belle and Adam
- Adam likes to turn little every day moments into opportunities to dance. Belle could be doing something as simple as sorting books in the library, only to be swept up in an impromptu waltz about the room. Once they have finished Adam helps her complete whatever task she was doing so that she doesn’t find his spontaneous dances too disruptive.
-He can’t get enough of hearing Belle say “I love you.” He goes completely weak in the knees every time. Every now and then he will ask her to say it “one more time” because he didn’t get to hear the very first time she said it.
- Adam is way more into wedding planning than Belle. Belle just wants a simple wedding, which means he has to reign himself in at times. His excitement can get the better of him. She said yes and he wants to shout it from the rooftops (and has.) He has learned Belle has a certain smile that she gives him when he starts to get an idea a bit too over the top. Ultimately Belle has the final say on everything, because her happiness is all he really wants. As long as she is his and he is hers, that is all that matters.

- As news of the engagement spreads, Agathe decides to pay a visit to the castle to congratulate the happy couple. Adam is a nervous wreck the entire time she is there (calmed only by Belle standing protectively by his side and reassuringly telling him she loves him) but is a completely gracious host all the while. Seeing the lasting trauma her curse had on the people of the castle, Agathe bestows a spell of protection over the castle and its residents as a wedding present, providing them with health and prosperity for the rest of their days. As she departs she tells them she will leave them in peace, but will return in a few years time with another gift. As Adam attempts to thank her for her generosity she cuts him off by saying “No your highness. This gift will not be for you. It’s for the baby.” With a wink she leaves Adam and Belle standing speechless, as she leaves to ponder a proper gift for her future fairy godchild.

“Nice wedding Eugene but I don’t understand why only my mother and I got the memo for feathered hats.”

When you and your mother are being judged by everyone else…

Friends (The Heirs! Youngdo) Pt11

Type: Angst Fluff

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Request: Part 11 for Friends about their wedding, wedding night and the morning after it.

“Why is Yangho wearing a dress?” you asked “you don’t have a niece or a sister and he really wanted the dress. I had a cute pastel purple suit picked for him and everything” Bona spoke as Yangho twirled in the dress “I look pretty” he says posing for you as you nod at the dorky boy. “Oh look at you” your mother squeals as she rushes over “oh honey smile come on it’s your wedding. All your family is here to see you and even some of Youngdo’s. You should be happy” she says rubbing your lacy sleeves as her eyes went wide “my gosh this is amazing. Are you wearing the wedding ling-” “mother your son” you comment as she makes a sound. 


Youngdo nearly broke out laughing as Yangho pranced down the aisle throwing the flowers as Daeho awkwardly walked behind him before he got ready for the big moment. He took a deep breath as he first saw you hands patted his shoulders in a supportive manner as Chanyoung was happy for him. “Don’t cry” Tan teased as Youngdo lightly waved him off as he was too busy watching you walk down to him. The moment you were in front of him was the best one to him. “I just want to kiss you” he whispers as you smiled “you look handsome” you whisper back “may I start” the priest jokes as you two look away from one another feeling embarrassed but ushered him off.

“Dear friends and family we’re gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of Choi Youngdo and Y/N L/N in marriage” the priest says as you simply stared at Youngdo was had a dorky smile on his face. His speech seemed to go on forever for you as you wanted nothing more than to get it all over with so you could be in his arms. “Do you Choi Youngdo take Y/N L/N to be your lawfully wife, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live?” the priest asked as Youngdo smiled “I do” he spoke as you let out a breath that you didn’t know you were even holding before smiling.

Do you Y/N L/N take Choi Youngdo to be your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do you part?“ you were asked “I do” you responded as it became more real. Youngdo felt a tap as he looked down at Daeho handed him the rings. Youngdo handed you his as he held yours “the pair have wanted to surprise you all with their own vows as they exchanged” the priest spoke as Bona smiled at the fact you two had actually planned something for your wedding on your own. “Y/N” Youngdo starts as he looked you in the eye. “I met you almost two years ago and I wanted nothing more than to annoy the crap out of you” he started as everyone let out a light chuckle. “You made me feel human. You gave me this feeling I had never had when I was with a girl and when I would tease you, you always had the best smartass answers. And I think that’s the reason I fell for you” he continues as he took a deep breath “you never needed me to take care of you and I know you won’t need me to in the future. Your strong and independent. And I love you more than I’ve ever loved another woman” he told as his friends shared a surprised look about how deep it actually was.

“ Youngdo” you let out a sigh rather quickly “you opened me up to people. Forced me to socialize with your friends. You took me on a date and didn’t give me the option of being being your girlfriend” you start as he smiled brightly, you looked back at the girls behind you. “I found out your step sister no matter what she may say, cared enough to get in my face questioning my feelings for you" you call put Rachel as a light comeback as Youngdo looks behind you remembering what he heard. “I thought you were a madman for wanting to marry right after high school but I really don’t think it would be better any other way. And I can say with all my heart you’re the only guy I have had a real crush on and also say I truly loved” you finished as he squeezed your hands. No one had really heard you say anything more than your one liners and smart comments before. It just seemed so out of character for you both to talk about your true feelings but here you were expressing it to everyone who mattered.

“By the powers vested in me. I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride” Youngdo was told as he cupped your face. Bringing you in for a loving kiss and you instantly kissed back. He pulled back and laughed happily “you’re completely stuck with me forever” he teased as you stroked his face “I know” you say again kissing his lips lightly.


You and Youngdo just sat there on your wedding bed. Neither of you seemed to be able to process everything that happened tonight. “So like how may people do you think used this bed?” Youngdo asked as you laughed “who knows anymore. This bed has probably been here just as long as we have” you joked as he smiled. “So like you want to?” he blushed as you let out a breath “I think so” you responded as he nodded. “Okay. Okay. Where do I start?” he asked nervously.

You leaned over and kissed him passionately as his hand went to your back lightly stroking it as his fingers grabbed ahold of the zipper on your dress. He pulled back giving you a look before you nodded and you two got up and he turned you around pulling the zipper down. His fingers pushed the fabric off your shoulders helping it off your arms before your lingerie became clear “they picked a nice set” he whispers as your dress completely fell off.

You nervously stood there not facing him as he took his jacket off and lightly turned you. “Help me too” He whispered as you nodded, your fingers went to white top as you undid the dress shirt revealing his toned chest. He pulled it off as you looked down at his pants. He grabbed your hands and brought them to his pants as they shook. “Its just my pants” he says as you nodded undoing his belt. He smirked as you burst out laughing. “Lightens the mood right?” he asks as you laughed at the fact he picked the dorkest boxers he owned to get you to laugh as you both needed to cool your nerves. He slide his pants off completely before he brought you in for a kiss. It was just enough to make your night better as he slowly sat you down on the bad. “So do you think we need a condom?” he asked “do you think we need to?” you asked as he looked at the box he took from your home. Youngdo tossed the box behind him as he laughed “they were right. I want a baby right away” he whispered as he ushered you up the bed before climbing over you. “I love you” you whispered as you pulled him down for a loving kiss.


You woke up the next morning to see that Youngdo was already out of bed. “We don’t go on our honeymoon for another 2 days” he spoke seeing you sit up. “Also I ordered room service” he contonued as he made his way back over to you kissing you lightly as he laid down beside you. He let you cuddle into him as he stroked your bare shoulder. “You’re my wife now” he hummed still not believing it all. You made a sound “I know” you comment as your fingers ran along his smooth chest. You guys laid there in a bliss as the bell rang “breakfast” he spoke getting out of bed “stay here I’ll serve you” he finished “boxers at least” you call as he made a sound grabbing his underwear sliding them on as he rushed to the door.