Sometimes I wish I wasn’t as intelligent as I am. Because I can’t live in blissful ignorance like others. I can’t ignore the problems around me. I can’t live in peace knowing the type of world we live in. And the type of people that surround us. I can’t. I just can’t.

i whisper secrets
into the breeze
who teasingly
tell all the bees
and their beauty queen
who’s gold is seen
will without fail
spin a blissful tale
carry it about
and very soon
drip each word
into the blooms
of fragrant flowers
who’s petals do tell
the unfolding story
to all who smell

Brie • a blissful tale

Pleasant little things

• the weathers warming up but a few days ago the wind kept knocking out the power and yesterday morning there were big fluffy snowflakes
• I refashioned some old clothes into a cropped tank and two strapless tops and reweaved leggings I made almost four years ago
• I did a salt sweep, cleaned and cleansed my bedroom and made a new essential oil combination for my diffuser
• I brought a table out from storage to use as a desk / working altar
• I’ve sorted more things to donate
• I sat for a super lovely meditation and doubled my usual time
• I practiced yoga while the sun was setting and watched the colours change through my window