How can every religion claim to be the only one? How can they preach love, yet fight each other holding guns? I think the golden sun might be able to shed some light. I’d rather push peace and knowledge to defend our rights. These leaders in suits tell us to fight for one side. You think they got their sons and daughters on the frontline?

Stop relax and remember even in the worst weather
You’ll find a way across it, there’ll be brighter days honest
So get up, get out and get somethin that’s on the real
Forget what you were taught and show these people how you feel
Who are you to tell me how to live my life
Cause I won’t give this up
These are my shoes
My view
My cue
To say I do give a fuck

And pretty soon I’m a bloom and it’ll be alright
Everyday’s another chance to ignite
Cause I’m addicted (Uh-Oh), I’m addicted (Uh-Oh) I’m addicted to this universal feelin called life

—  Addicted - Bliss N Eso