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there was a certain feeling of peacefulness in this place and ned wasn’t quiet sure that he would trade it for anything. this place was something he had longed for ever since he had arrived in kings landing, ever since he had heard what the king had wanted. and now, he had it. never before had he been this content, had he felt this way as he simply sat ‘neath the godswood. many of days he would read, he would do varies things but today, he simply sat. he simply sat and thought, basking in the chilly warmth, basking in the calmness he felt.

despite the peace, there was an underlying feeling that he was missing something. that he was missing someone besides him. he knew who it was, he knew who he wished to share this space with but he did not wish her life to end so suddenly. there were times where a whisper of his name would ripple through the air, a ripple that sounded so familiar. and yet, no one came after it until now.

a loud thud caused him to open his eyes, ned unsure of wha the was going to find. what he found was not what he expected. “catelyn!” the name came quickly from him in surprise, the one time lord running to his wife who seemed disoriented. “what – how – y – are you okay?”

Send My Love to the Dancefloor! – Final Fantasy XV Ballroom Dancers AU

What do you mean that I wasn’t requested to do a Ballroom Dancer AU? PSSH. Imma post it anyways because we could all use an obligatory Ballroom Dancer AU! C:

Noctis Lucis Caelum


  1. Inspiration One
  2. Inspiration Two
  3. Inspiration Three
  • Perhaps the most basic of the other dancers, he only ever really wants to dance the waltz.
  • It’s a simplistic dance, with easy movements, and the others tend to make fun of Noctis for not wanting to do a more challenging type dance.
  • But he’s ultimately very good at it, knowing what to do to apply a nice flare to it with his dance partner.
  • He’s stronger than he looks, able to twirl his partner and at some points, even lift them up enough to spin them as they glide across the dancefloor together. He became quite skilled enough to do this, to where he can move over platforms and steps with his partner, which few have the grace and strength to do.
  • He’ll often be counting his steps out of sheer nervous habit as he practices with his partner, but when he’s out on the dancefloor, his anxieties melt away. He’s quite the natural in movement, almost like he becomes a whole new personality when he’s out there competing.

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bliss presents: theme fonts!

i’ve been really into webhosting and web design lately, so i’ve put together a collection of fonts for theme designers! directions are included on the page, but feel to ask questions if you have them! if you use them, send me a message so i can have a look at what you’ve done! :) (no need to credit me, ofc).


Whoohoo! You finally get to hear our Tikki, Chloe, and Sabrina!
Also screaming sucks because I do it so genuinely that my mic ALWAYS peaks no matter the setting lol sorry about that guys! This also isn’t even the upsetting script why am I crying lol
Also the conversation at the end with Alya and Mari, and Nino and Adrien are being done separately, but both pairs are so in sync that their conversations lined up!

LOTS of music this time! In order, they are:
Last Strobe by Miku Hatsune, Human (a Android Works) by Hashiyan, Mari’s ringtone is an 8-bit version of the Miraculous theme, Bliss by Yuyoyuppe, Background-sample, Title-goodend, and dolphin-dead are all from this RPG Maker game called UTOPIA, Woods Darker than Night by Coeur de Pirate, Softly from the Homestuck vol. 5 album, and finally Memories For the Future and then A Brief Respite are both by Masashi Hamauzu!

Now if you’ll excuse me, finals are a thing I should have been working on. lol

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***Don’t delete text, okay? Or you can forget about getting our sexy nail polish, Love!***

Oh, so since we’re such wicked polish girl-friends? :) We’ve decided to run some polish awards together :) Nail polish ones bwhahaha :)

The Rules:
  • mbf Lanie (an3la) & Justyna (la-petite-bleu)
  • reblog this once please, likes won’t count
  • it’s running till will get a decent amount of notes (50+)
  • probably we’ll do that in the middle of July or so
The Awards:
  • Best Icon - Forever Yummy
  • Best URL - Prima Ballerina
  • Best Blog Title - Miami Nice,
  • Best Theme - Sheer Bliss
  • Best Nagivation - Sand Tropez
  • Best Updates Tab - Jam n'Jelly
  • Best Background - French Affair
  • Best Sidebar - Sexy Divide
  • Best Quote of the blog - Beach Bum Blue
  • Best Overall - Smooth Sailing
  • Best Posts - Chills & Thrills
  • Best Personality - Berry Naughty
  • Justyna’s Favorite - Mojito Madness
  • Lanie’s favorite - Pink-A-Boo
The Note:
  • Even if you don’t win, we’ll promo everyone, who reblogs that post; X Solos | X Screenies | Rest in Lists

Happy reblogging & take care of your nails, Lovelies! x