bliss of now

LOOK AT THEM. Pure domestic bliss.

Now, most of the times we see Yuuri get caught by surprise by the camera, not really posing for it, and yeah other times he’s smiling but god look at how big of a smile he is showing here, perfectly posing for the picture.

Also, Yurio trying to use chopsticks, he is clumsily holding them, still new, but he’s trying and he is enjoying every minute of it, all this while having his hair clipped back to keep it from getting into the food. This is by far one the most adorable things I’ve seen…



In Honour of International Women’s Day:
10 Movies About Friendship Directed by women

Farah Goes Bang (2013) Meera Menon

Fort Tilden (2014) Sarah Violent Bliss & Charles Rogers

Friends With Money (2006) Nicole Holofcener

Girlhood (2014) Céline Sciamma

Miss You Already (2015) Catherine Hardwicke

Now and Then (1995) Lesli Linka Glatter

The Trouble with Angels (1966) Ida Lupino

The Sisterhood of Night (2015)  Caryn Waechter

Walking and Talking (1996) Nicole Holofcener

Zero Motivation (2014) Talya Lavie


Shallura Week Day 7: Change / Beginning

“Let us start over, Takashi. My black paladin. My Shiro. I want to start my life over with you…”

It’s days late but I finally finished this piece for the last entry of shallura week. I was heavily inspired by THIS SONG (Please listen for the full experience) and got the idea of letting these two take a little ‘escape’ into an underground lake on a planet filled with bioluminescent activity. They deserve some peace and bliss, honestly. 

This print is now available on my Redbubble | My Art Tag


I feel like you’ll become a bit happier than you are now if you [just leave Cloud Nine behind and go outside].
- If only we’d met… under better circumstances or at a better time.


After weeks since Nesta brought Cass home life has been surprisingly brighter for Nesta. Sure Cass can get on her nerves, but she has learned to love his antics. But things are about to change when a surprise enters through her balcony door.

  Part 1 Here     Part 2 Here

Nesta awaked by a rustle of movement and something barely grazing her arm. She groaned into her pillow knowing exactly who had woken her before the sunset.

“Cass it’s not time to get up,” Nesta mumbled into her pillow. Sleep still trying to tug her back into bliss. For sometime now her nightmares of being turned into a vampire by Hybern were diminishing with each passing day. It had started not long after Cass arrived two weeks ago. Perhaps having another living being close by that offered comfort instead of loneliness made sleep easier to bear.

Fluttering of wings sounded over Nesta’s head. Cass was ready to get the night started. He was eager to be let out on the balcony to stretch his wings and fly around the building before returning to Nesta for whatever tasks she had in store today.

Nesta rolled onto her side and tugged the covers tighter over her head. Only the top of her head with wild dark golden strands peeked out from the thick fabric. She felt Cass’s body land at her feet on the bed. This was a sort of game he always seemed to play. Nesta was determined not to lose this round so she tried to ignore him.

Slowly he began crawling up the length of her body. She could feel the tips of his claws through the covers as he moved up. His wings would flap occasionally to warn Nesta that he was getting closer to his intended destination.

“Flap around like a pigeon all you want,” Nesta grumbled darkly as she closed her eyes. “I’m not getting up.”

Cass released a noise of disagreement. He inched over her hip and kept moving until he stopped at her shoulder. Still Nesta did not move from the comfort of bed.

At this point Cass resorted to his next plan of attack. He sniffed around the top of her head and top of her ears that were ticklish. Nesta fidgeted and burrowed into her covers for safety.

“Cass,” Nesta whined when he still wouldn’t stop sniffing around her head. She could feel his weight shift as he huffed out a breath that Nesta could only assume was his form of a laugh.

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John Silver went from not particularly liking Flint but joining forces with him if it meant getting what he wanted to seeing him as his closest friend and being scared and unhappy at the thought of him surrendering himself and yeah, ngl, this makes me emotional and makes me wonder what the hell happens to eventually destroy their relationship.



Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Can you do a Theo x reader based of the song Dynasty by MIIA? Thank you!

Thought we built a dynasty that heaven couldn’t shake. Thought we built a dynasty like nothing ever made. Thought we built a dynasty forever couldn’t break up….

It was cold, not temperature wise, although you wish it was because that would be easier to fix then this. You didn’t mind being alone, you grew up as an only child, even spent most of your days alone. It was nice to be able to enjoy your own company every now and again. Things changed 3 years ago, a move to Beacon Hills enabled you to find out what it’s like to be around people who genuinely cared. From there a boy stole your heart - Theo Raeken. As you’d expect the first 6 months were absolute bliss, but fast forward to now and things couldn’t be more colder if they tried.

Feeling lonely even though you had someone next to you was something no one should ever experience. But here you were, laying next to Theo and you felt utterly alone. Turning to face him, he of course was fast asleep, unaware and clueless to what was burning and crashing around him. You learned early on that Theo was one of those people that didn’t like to fix a situation, unless it somehow affected his greater plan. There was no way he couldn’t see or even feel the ongoing distance between you and him. And the more it stayed broken, the more you realize that perhaps he didn’t even want to try and mend this relationship.

Making sure to not disturb him, you lifted the covers and let the coolness of the fall boards hit your feet. Grabbing the night gown from the chair in the corner, you left the room and walked out onto the balcony. The breeze was picking up, but that didn’t bother you. It was better to be out here, then in there. Tears pricked your eyes and looking out into the distance, you wanted to just scream. “Y/N?”, wiping away the few tears that fell you exhaled a sharp breath and turned to smile at Theo. “What are you doing out here? It’s freezing”, he asked slightly shivering from the cool air. “I couldn’t sleep, just needed some fresh air”. Theo nodded then disappeared inside, when he was completely out of sight, you collapsed onto the railing and closed your eyes.

Retreating back into the room, Theo was back asleep and your eyes locked on the closet then back to Theo. It pained you to even think about leaving, however this is what your relationship had come too. Quietly grabbing a notepad and pen, you sat down at the kitchen table. Taking a breath, a few tears dropped on the page, quickly wiping them away you started writing.

Dear Theo,

This isn’t easy for me, despite what you might believe. There is no way to put this expect our relationship has run it’s course. We made almost a year worth of memories, captured beautiful moments and learned so much about each other. And I’ll always carry them with me. But I need to be honest, some days it’s hard to see if I was a fool or you a thief…many warnings came my way about you, but I let you in, I let myself fall for a guy who had mystery written all over him. I don’t know how things got to where they are now, perhaps it’s my fault or maybe we simply just grew apart. What I do know is that I gave you every piece of me, my body, my heart, my everything. And all I gave you is gone now. So seeing all this collapse pains me to know end.

Truth to be told I don’t know how to be so close to someone so distant. It all fell…it all feel down and instead of us cutting ourselves on the broken pieces, that we know won’t ever be put back together the same way, we end it now before this gets any worse. In saying that, this is goodbye. I hope that whenever we see each other on the street or in the hallways, we can smile knowing that once upon a time we did love one another.

I wish you well, Y/N

Tearing out the page, you stood up walking over to the desk to grab an envelope. Placing the note inside and signing “To Theo” on the front, you made your way back into the room and left it on your pillow. Carefully wheeling out a small suitcase, you collected all your clothes and looked back one last time to Theo, who was dreaming peacefully.

Taking off the night gown you replaced it with a large beige coat and put on a pair of boots. Picking up the suitcase and handbag you made your way to the door, “Goodbye Theo”, you whispered. Silently closing the door you kept your gaze up ahead fearing if you looked back, you’ll break and not go through with this. Opening the front door, yet again the cool breeze gave your skin goosebumps.Tonight you were leaving with a broken heart and a river of tears, while tomorrow morning Theo would wake up to an empty bed and closet plus a goodbye letter.

But this was for the best, in the long run this will be the right decision for the both of you, even though it might not seem like it now. Shutting the door, which signified the end of a chapter you walked down the pathway and knew whatever happens next you’d survive it.

Because sometimes you have to let go…no matter how painful it is.

Merry Christmas, @omghoechlinplease!

It’s a quiet day– the best kind of day as far as Derek’s concerned. He’s settled on the couch, knee deep in the first half of next week’s required reading. His face is just barely out of range of a ray of sunlight that’s been steadily creeping across his living room floor towards him. In about twenty minutes that’ll become a problem, but for now?


The doorbell rings– probably the biography of Abraham Lincoln he ordered off Amazon. With a lazy stretch, Derek drops his book on the end table and gets up to answer the door–

–and the world spins–

–and he finds himself standing in a grimy, poorly-lit warehouse, staring down the barrels of at least six automatic rifles.

“Uh,” he croaks, hands twitching upwards on reflex, when someone captures his wrist in a vice grip and yanks. A rough voice shouts get down, dumbass! and he follows obediently, more out of shock than anything else. He folds his legs under him and throws himself to the ground behind some waist-high metal container, biting back a curse when he hits concrete elbow-first.

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OKAY LISTEN UP. It’s going to be fine.

Okay, I initially freaked out about episode 11, as we all did. But here is why I’ve come to the conclusion that there is nothing to fear, and we will all be okay (and most importantly our beautiful boyfriends fiancees on ice). Our babies will live happily ever after, if not in bliss then in blissful setup for season 2.

Now, I only watched episode 11 once, so forgive me if I’ve made mistakes here. I’ll try and edit if I find new information. but basically, here is a brief list of reasons to Not Worry™.

This got OBSCENELY long so find more under the cut.

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Worlds Apart (Jefferson x Reader)

Originally posted by divergente-en-llamas

Prompt: I haven’t seen a request for a Jefferson soulmate AU? I’ve no preference for how or when but I feel like he could have used a little love <3

A/N: You’re right anon, Jefferson deserves so much love because we all love him. LOOK AT THAT FACE, I MEAN COME ON. Thank you to the anon who requested this!

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