bliss collection

Since I’m always being so judgemental of other people’s wedding dresses from Say Yes to the Dress on here - I thought I’d post a picture of my own dress with my identity hidden as best I can (if you recognize me…well…HAI - let me know - I have internet shopping and Avengers issues).  It was from the Monique Lhullier Bliss collection and I had the belt added.

There is also a veil.  Funny story about the veil, I originally planned no veil because I thought my feminist (old school) mother would disapprove.  For her wedding in the 70s she wore a wreath of flowers.  I figured I’d do a flower or just something else.  But then they put a elbow-length veil on me in the store and my Gloria Steinem loving mother teared up.  So we bought it.  Along with a bedazzled headband (I REFUSED to call it a tiara). The first words out of my mouth to the sales consultant was “I am not a princess.

Actually - fun fact - after I get this dress cleaned in the next few days, I’m donating it to an organization that gives dresses to military brides.  So that’ll be nice.