bliss collection

The Lillie P. Bliss Collection, 1934.

One of the founders of The Museum of Modern Art, Lillie Bliss played an extraordinarily large role in shaping the institution. In her will, she gifted the Museum with a significant share of her remarkable collection—some 150 works of art—thereby establishing the founding collection and a substantial core on which to build. However, Bliss’s will stipulated that in order for the Museum to receive the artworks, it had to achieve financial stability within three years—no small feat in the midst of the Great Depression. The challenge was met, and the entire Bliss bequest, including works by Cézanne, Modigliani, and Picasso, went on display in 1934, three years after her passing. One clause in Bliss’s will proved particularly useful in the years to come: the Museum was free to sell her works individually in order to build the collection. Some of the signature works in MoMA’s collection, including Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, were acquired in this manner.

See images of the installation and more at 35 of #52exhibitions.


Last Tuesday night AD came over and in his true fashion he was late… usually he’s only late by 20 minutes or so, but he was an hour and a half late.

When he arrived I was pacing around the living room talking to my husband on the phone and I saw AD pull up. I got off the phone and gave myself a once over in the mirror. Walked over to the door and let AD in.

He asks me how my trip to Dallas was and a little small talk before he grabbed me and started to kiss me. He’s been on my mind since Friday when he wanted to meet and I just melt when I feel his strong body against mine. We make out passionately in the living room and before I know it he’s undressing me, sliding my shirt over my head then reaches his arms around me and with one quick motion, unhooks my bra and it’s on the living room floor. He leans down and kisses me again as he slides his shorts and boxers off to expose his hard cock. AD puts his hand on my shoulder pushing down slightly and I’m on my knees sliding his rock hard cock into my mouth. I wrap my hand around his cock and place the other on his thigh as I slide his cock in and out of my mouth.

While his cock is in my mouth he makes his way to the love seat in my living room and sits down. I look up at him and he tells me he almost forgot how good I am at sucking him cock, it’s been about 3 months since we’ve fucked. I give him a shy smile then take his cock back into my mouth and drool all over his cock and suck on his balls. I then slide his cock between my tits and he makes a comment how he likes my hair, caught me a bit off guard. Usually my hair is blown out straight when we would meet but I went au natural and it was curly. It runs through my mind how he has given me quite a few compliments. I then start to stroke his cock and he tells me to stop and squeeze it. I do and I squeeze it hard, which he tells me to do it harder, I give it all my might. He’s laying back in the love seat watching my hand grip his cock.

He stands up and I slide his rock hard cock back into my mouth. He places his hands on my head and holds it still as he thrusts his cock deeper into my mouth and presses it against my cheek. Holding his cock there and slowly pushing it deeper into my mouth. He then pushes my head down on him as far as I can go. His cock is almost touching the back of my throats and he pulls my head back. I gasp for air and smile, looking up at him with watery eyes.

I start to undo my jeans. He asked if I wanted to fuck in the living room or go back to my bedroom. Bedroom it is! He puts out his hand and helps me up from the floor. We walk back to the bedroom and I turn on a small lamp on my dresser, so it’s dimly lit. I slide off my jeans and panties and he kisses me again with utmost passion. I feel like each time we meet, he’s becoming more and more passionate with me.

I lay back on the bed and he gets on his knees and sides his cock into my mouth and starts to fuck my face. It was a little uncomfortable so I flipped around on my stomach and continued to suck his cock.

Before I know it I am laying on my back and AD is on top of me, my pussy is soaked by now and he slides right in. I run my hands over his muscular arms and he’s looking at me, there is no avoiding eye contact with him and I get locked into staring right back into his eyes. As he slowly fucks me he mentions how we sure do like to look at each other when we fuck, he asks me what I like about him when we fuck, and I tell him that I like this and how over powering he is. He mentions how he does like how he can make me drop to my knees when he wants me to suck his cock. He also tells me that he noticed I changed my picture on tinder, it was around Christmas last year when I did, which then lead to him asking if I had any luck since the last time we saw each other. I tell him I had some and he smiles asking that he senses that he has priority over anyone else, all the while he’s slowly fucking my pussy while on top of me.

If you haven’t noticed by now AD likes to talk when we fuck, I find it a turn on and rather enjoy it. He then proceeds to ask if my husband knew if he was there fucking me, I tell him yes, but I never tell him the details. “Good”, he says, “ it’s better off that way.” I smile at him then somehow it got brought up but I tell him that he fucks me better than my husband. He playfully laughs, I feel him get extremely hard inside my throbbing pussy. “Talk about an ego trip!”, AD tells me as he smiles. He then proceeded to fuck me harder, throbbing inside me. I’m close to cumming, he grabs my tits and starts to suck on my nipple, circling his tongue around and moves over to my other breast. AD continues to ram my pussy until I cum all over his cock.

AD fucks me a little longer before he pulls out of me and tells me to get on my side. He straddles my one leg and pushes the other towards my chest and slide his rock hard cock inside me. He pounds my pussy extremely hard, using my leg as leverage to get his cock deep inside me. I’m starting to cum again, a non stop orgasm, my pussy is tightening around him and I can tell he’s close to cumming as he’s fucking me faster and harder.

He pulls out and stands on the side of the bed stroking his cock. I slide to the edge of the bed with my head right along the edge as he stands over me, stroking his cock right over my face. He lets out a moan and shoots a hot load all over my face, hair and hits my tits. I lay on there bed still in orgasmic bliss. He collects himself and then heads to the bathroom to get me a towel to clean up. I get up and meet him in the hallway. He takes a look at my cum covered face and gives me a smile, as if he’s admiring his work.

I grab him a towel from the closet to clean up and finish cleaning up myself and lay back on the bed for a moment while he’s in the bathroom. He comes back into the bedroom and starts to get dressed as I get up off the bed looking for my panties. I put on a pair of sweatpants as it’s getting late and I want to relax. We both go to the living room and collect the rest of our clothes and get dressed.

I plop down on the love seat and he’s just looking at me, as I’m feeling drained but extremely relaxed. I ask him if he went to a biker event that happened over the weekend, which he did and we talked about my travel for work to Vegas the next week amongst other things.

He tells me he should get going and I stand up to say goodbye, he gives me a hug and kiss. I let him out the door and off he goes, who knows when I’ll see him again… hopefully sooner than 3 more months….


You never know what you’ll find when you drop in on the MoMA Conservation Studio. On a recent visit ahead of the opening of Robert Rauschenberg: Among Friends, Christopher Rauschenberg, the artist’s son and a photographer, spotted a Matisse awaiting attention among the microscopes and easels. 

[Photo: Christopher Rauschenberg | Artwork: Henri Matisse. “Interior with a Violin Case” (detail). Nice, winter 1918-19. Oil on canvas. Lillie P. Bliss Collection. © 2017 Succession H. Matisse / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.]

Day 7 … did that week go so quickly?

We had some problems with directions a couple of times today, mainly finding our way out of Paisley heading south. We wanted to get away from the busy A roads to the quieter B roads, but someone had been hiding the road signs. At one point we were in a quandary and on a small unmarked road, wondering whether to turn round or go ahead, when a man in a blue jumper appeared over the horizon and told us exactly where we were and pointed the right way forward. Very timely that was, I will now always favour men in blue jumpers!

We had an early lunch then made great progress and arrived at our lovely farmhouse b&b. It offers us the luxury of a bath, and the lovely farming landlady drove us to the pub a couple of miles away so we could have a good feed, then collected us! Bliss! So socks and undies washed, we are both in our pyjamas watching tv.

Tomorrow will be over 50 miles and we will be staying our last night in Scotland, at Dumfries. We are sad at the prospect of leaving such a smashing country.

Since I’m always being so judgemental of other people’s wedding dresses from Say Yes to the Dress on here - I thought I’d post a picture of my own dress with my identity hidden as best I can (if you recognize me…well…HAI - let me know - I have internet shopping and Avengers issues).  It was from the Monique Lhullier Bliss collection and I had the belt added.

There is also a veil.  Funny story about the veil, I originally planned no veil because I thought my feminist (old school) mother would disapprove.  For her wedding in the 70s she wore a wreath of flowers.  I figured I’d do a flower or just something else.  But then they put a elbow-length veil on me in the store and my Gloria Steinem loving mother teared up.  So we bought it.  Along with a bedazzled headband (I REFUSED to call it a tiara). The first words out of my mouth to the sales consultant was “I am not a princess.

Actually - fun fact - after I get this dress cleaned in the next few days, I’m donating it to an organization that gives dresses to military brides.  So that’ll be nice.