Pay attention closely to your surroundings without using thought.. Where are you? What feelings are passing through you? What sounds can you hear?
Feel. Breathe. Listen.. be easy on yourself today.
Be ok with where you are at this moment. Feel your muscles unwind and just sink into your essence. Find yourself there.


yes girl
but also a woman.
yes woman,
but also a girl.

can you hear me now?
im serenading you with
shimmering sunlight,
soft breezes,
soft fresh air.

can you hear me now?

i love,
i love,

im singing now
a mantis song, im
singing a cumulus cloud song,
im singing
oh life oh life,
i love,

i love,
oh life,

a five fingered starfish song,
a hillside wildflower song,
an elk song,
a leaf song,
a flicker on water song,

oh life,

i want more,
i want more,

life song,
oh life song,

sing me,
sing me
Fangirl problem #4

That blissful moment when you find a fanfiction about your favorite OTP, that is multiple chapters long, characters aren’t OOC, has great plot and make you squeal with all the fluff and smut. I mean all that Klance, Kagahina and OtaYuri goodness!!!

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