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Are Ginny and Mike gonna hook up later or is he supposed to be way older than her?

Someone told me Mike is near the age of retirement for a Baseball player. I’m not sure if that is correct or not. We can keep in mind that people with large age differences get together all the time and them hooking up is a possibilty. From the Pilot, as far as I’m concerned, it seemed like that was what they were insinuating. Not necessarily a hookup, but some attraction between Ginny and him. I mean, he said she had a “perfect pear-shaped” butt among other things during the episode. Ginny wasn’t so innocent either (talking bout seeing him naked to Blip’s wife)👀👀…

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hokay! apologies for the blip y’all, i wanted to get anon back on for the shyer crowd and cut down on anxiety re: my inbox, and a friendo was nice enough to help me out with doing my best to keep my blogging and draws outta sight outta mind for folks

and if u’d like, pls do anon-prompt me some jaytim scenarios and i’ll pick one for my draw session tonight/tomorrow (all that sorting thru the tag ended up getting me in a shippy mood…”jaytim: most popular” is so dangerous. so dangerous.) 

Part two of the lost Paladin transmissions chapter. Part one is over here.

“Okay, if you’re sure.”

A few blips on the screen, more static, and then a low, deep chuckle that sent a shiver down his spine before the image stuttered together.

“No. Way. Is that- that’s not- that can’t be Zarkon. Is it?”

It could have been. It was. So much younger, his face unscarred, his eyes golden instead of malevolent purple. And laughing as he leaned on the table for support.

Coran bit his lip, then pressed his knuckles to his mouth to hide it as he sank deeper into the chair as another figure came into the screen. Tail poking out of her Paladin armor - She’d always hated that an armored tail gave her no freedom of movement, and Green had complied for her - she plopped into a chair beside their former comrade, tossing a datapad carelessly onto the table between them as they both finally got their cackling under control.

They seemed to be in some kind of waiting room. Or office hall. Coran wasn’t sure. Somehow he thought he remembered this, but he couldn’t place it.

“So to make the longest story in investigation history short, there was no ‘secret drug compound’ being synthesized,” he said with the most exaggeratedly sarcastic air quotes he could muster, which made her have to muffle more laughter. “There is no such thing as yiuichidine. It doesn’t exist.”

“All just a hoax made up to scare the government into getting paranoid over simple foods like yuichi berries. Which didn’t stop idiots from trying to do it themselves,” she added, wiping her eyes. “Wait ‘til you get a load of the footage we shot during the investigation. Which reminds me-” She picked up the datapad again and started tapping a series of complex codes, snickering to herself.

“What are you doing?”

“Sending that video of the millini water cult ‘blissing out’ on yuichidine crystals to the little goblin. She’s gonna pop a power node laughing.”

The completely undignified snort the younger Zarkon made at that made Pidge’s mouth drop open. Right as the Galra leader started to speak again though, the video glitched, jittering several times before skipping to another, completely different setting. Coran did recognize the plant-buildings and colorful fountains of Roralla, and his widely smiling face, more excited than Coran had ever seen the Blue Paladin before. Which could only mean-

“Hmm, my friend, it is time! Twelve planetary cycles have all been for this, and it has all been worth it! The entire clutch is healthy!”

The hatching. His chest hurt a little, but Coran smiled, eyes watery. Pidge edged closer, and Coran ruffled short hair in an affirmation that he was still alright.

“Hmm, I have been selected for hatchery duty this year. My clan is so proud of the honor. I will bring the new generation into the world happy and strong. I have been preparing a new watersong for the process! Would you like to experience it?”

He had then. He did now. Coran started to lean closer to the screen-

-and cursed under his breath when it glitched again, the picture scattering into dozens of picts of color that fluttered and wavered. Static flickered through them, and Pidge frowned, fiddling with wires and switches in an attempt to get it to stabilize.

“Here, let me see it,” Coran said, sliding out of the chair to sit down beside his fellow researcher, and together they managed to wheedle the holo back together.

She was dangling Joitree upside down by a foot as the much smaller Paladin swung fists in vain at her. Though they’d managed to get the picture back, there was no sound. Coran didn’t need it, though, to tell that what Joitree was probably spewing wasn’t meant for Pidge’s ears. The Green Paladin, on the other hand, was just grinning as she one-handedly made some adjustments on a machine before dropping Joitree, who landed on her feet and promptly kicked her in the leg before grabbing a proton wrench to begin working on another part.

Pidge snickered.  “Who’s the tall horse-cat thing in Green’s armor?”

Coran rested his chin in his hands. “That was Mirje. She and Joitree picked on each other all the time, even after they became friends, as you heard in the first transmission. But they did some amazing work together. In fact I think I remember this thing,” he added as the two, still soundless, began giving their progress report, indicating various pieces of the machinery to the camera. “If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it refined all the poison out of the air from a planet-wide warzone after Voltron dropped it off. Advanced cleanup and migration efforts a good hundred years.”

Wow. Think it’s still there for me to look at?”

“Probably not. The Galra likely destroyed it when they started confiscating everything built by their races. Or turned it into a war machine.”

That earned a noise of disgust and Pidge sank back to rest on elbows with a scowl.

“Maybe we could find some of their old work, though. I’m willing to bet they didn’t find all of the old Yulnadae labs. In fact I’m almost positive they never found Joitree’s. She never took Zarkon there.”

“I’m game-”


His breath froze in his throat and his head whipped back to the holo screen. While they’d been talking, he hadn’t noticed that it had glitched again.

And staring back at him, in the armor of the Yellow Paladin, was now a much younger Alfor.

things neurodivergent students do to get through the day

• shakey leg

• holding book open to look like ur working when ur actually takin a break bc u can’t focus

• stim rings/toys

• putting in ur ear buds but not playing music bc u want to be left alone

• wearing a disguise so They can’t see u on the cameras tht are around the school

• joking abt having too much caffeine so ppl dont ask why ur hands are shaking

• reorganizing everything as a distraction

Keep adding 2 this pls


The Internet Reviewer Blip Shutdown Super List

Alrighty! Now that Blip is shutting down, us internet reviewer types have been posting where you can find our stuff, so I thought it’d be helpful to have a list of what folks have posted. I’ll update it as I get more links, so please send them my way if they aren’t here!

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