People just don’t send enough letters these days. Why not make someone’s day? Photograph taken by Kendallishere

A lovely view of Lochgilphead at dawn. The hues in the sky and the reflections … fantastic! Photograph taken by Richard 

Thawing out with the first ray of light … phenomenal shot! It doesn’t get better than this, does it? Photograph taken by maxellis

The still pine and the fast moving clouds. A stellar combination! Photograph by AkkuV

The edge of the storm. Outstanding shot of a squall coursing its way across the Singapore Strait. Photograph by Gbscot

A huge Wandering Albatross chick on Bird Island (on the northern tip of South Georgia, in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean), coping with anything the winter can throw at it… so far. Photograph taken by JerryATG

A big smile and a bouquet of daisies … how perfect is this? Photograph taken by Lisalou

Watching the rays of the setting sun, while the wings race light to the ground … Photograph taken by Giacomo

Pools of light at Colmer’s Hill, Dorset. Photograph by Dougthehat …