Final Night of Blip Festival

Well, Blip Festival 2011 is over now, but at least the memories will live on forever through Here’s a couple I snapped last night:

Starscream CRUSHED it:

Nullsleeps visuals were cool, but Starscream stole the show in that regard. Their aesthetic is so perfectly executed. Love these dudes. Joined by chip brethren for a hug after the set:

Knife City’s set was also insane. Having just seen him last week I was expecting good things, but this was out of control good. He sets out:

Knife City Evolves:

<3 u Luke. Too good for your own good.

Everyone else ruled as well. Loved Nullsleep’s new stuff and Tabor’s visuals. I took off after that; already I won’t have recovered from this weekend for months.

miss u blip

Selected 3frames from Blip Festival 2011

A lot of people were breaking out last night and thursday at blip festival. Here’s a few of mine.

The gallery is full of awesome .gifs from last night (everyone else did a better job than I did). I can’t stress how great all of the artists at blip festival are – musicians and visual artists alike (not to mention all of the cool bros you meet). If you’re in NYC and aren’t there tonight, hate yourself.