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It was a mission Steve was both ready and not ready for. He was still looking for his Bucky and after persuasion from Sam Wilson, he enlisted the help of his Avengers team. They were two days outside of Murmansk on the boarder of Finland when Stark’s scanners picked up the signal. There was an old abandoned Hydra base where they believed Hydra once housed The Winter Soldier program. Inside the desolate metal warehouse was one blip of life… but no heat signature. Tony melted off the iced-over lock while Natasha kept look out before Steve busted it open with his shield. The ground was dusty and untouched clearly for years yet Jarvis piped in with his latest readings two floors below. But what Steve found in the darkened room was not the Winter Soldier. There were six large cryogenic chambers darkened and dusty from neglect over the years. They checked one by one; each silent and empty; except the third on the right had a small hum. Steve rubbed on the glass to clear the fog and damn near though he was having a stroke. He scratched at the glass faster trying to clear the returning frost in desperation and confusion. “Stark! Get this chamber open! Now!” He wanted to smash the glass but the fear of damaging the life sustaining technology kept him somewhat at bay. Tony was there instantly scanning the controls and working on opening the chamber. He assumed just as the rest that somehow Bucky returned to the base and locked himself in. But when the chamber opened, what fell out into Steve’s arms was not Bucky; but a petite brunette.


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Do you ever have this moment where you realize that we have one life? One blip in time to do what we need or want to do. In the grand scheme of things it’s so short and ends so quickly. And I know for me, I’ve largely been ignoring that important fact. I worry my life away about things that don’t really matter, and I’m not saying that’s my fault or that I should stop (although it would be nice if I could). I’m just saying it’s good to recognize and take comfort in the fact that the things that keep you up at night may not be important to you at all. So it’s okay to be selfish from time to time, to have that extra piece of pizza, to drop that class, to talk to the person you like, to enrich your experience. As long as you aren’t fucking with someone else’s experience then in the end don’t we owe it to ourselves to try to be as happy as possible with the time we’ve been given?

we are all minute
we are here in one breath and then we evaporate in the morning sun
we are temporary

(the daunting magnitude of the cosmos can be terrifying)
yet the easiest way to stay sane
is to stay moving
even if we feel that our lives won’t even be a blip in the history of histories

if we stay moving
we might be a blip in the life of another

—  time and space | d.p.b
IRC room topic: It's very hot today in NYC
  • shane: anyone for a sweaty coffee run
  • shane: "Feels like 109"
  • shane: oh my
  • genevieve: that's crazy - I heard there was grady's cold brew coffee in the fridge
  • brandon: i can't go out there. i would explode.
  • genevieve: you should take a coffee walk over there
  • genevieve: to the fridge
  • shane: hehe
  • faye: TO THE FRIDGE
  • brandon: if you want, I can stand by the fridge with a biker hat on and judge every one of you for the full coffee shop experience
  • genevieve: better grow a mustache first
  • faye: i can play the jerk who asks questions like, "is this coffee fair trade? do you have soy milk? is it organic?"
  • genevieve: I'll Instagram everyone's coffee

Reminder to take a step back from that thing that’s been freaking you out and look at it from a distance. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a blip. Your life will not end because of it. You will not fall into ruin because of it. There are always solutions. It’s never as bad as you think it is. The more you sit there ignoring it or avoiding it, the worse it’s going to be. But it doesn’t have to get worse. Sit down and get to work. You can do it. And you can make it great.