blinky blank

okay imagine this. 
One of John’s favorite jumpers goes missing. And he’s searching for it a few days and John asks Sherlock if he has seen it. And Sherlock’s all like “John, why would I have your jumper? That doesn’t make sense. It’s yours. Besides, I have warm clothes, I hardly need to steal yours.“ or some shit like that. And John just fuckin knows that Sherlock had something to do with its disappearance. But, he doesn’t argue. No, instead he decides to retaliate by taking Sherlock’s…pajama bottoms. He steals them at one point, when he’s doing the laundry, and doesn’t really think about it. That is, until one night. It’s so cold in the flat and he his pjs are dirty and…well, it couldn’t hurt to sleep in Sherlock’s pajamas for one night, right? He’d wash them and it would be fine. The problem is, the pants are so damn comfy. They’re silky and soft and Sherlock’s- John just loves to wear them. So he starts to wear them all the time but he only puts them on as he goes to bed. Sherlock doesn’t and will never know. But one morning - maybe he’s exhausted from a case and isn’t quite thinking yet - he just goes downstairs in the morning to make tea. Without taking the pants off. In fact, he’s standing in front of the stove, wondering why he has had to pull up his pants for the thousandth time, wondering why they’re drooping down his hips, when the reason finally hits him. It’s because they’re too big on him. Because they’re Sherlock’s. Panic sets in and John is about to run upstairs to change but when he turns around Sherlock is just standing behind him and has that blank, blinky expression on his face. And John really just doesn’t know what to say. It’s mostly because of their current situation and he’s confused as to why Sherlock isn’t saying anything and just looking at him Like That and he doesn’t know what to say and he doesn’t understand why Sherlock’s sweater doesn’t fit, did he shrink it in the wash or- John’s jumper. Sherlock is wearing John’s missing jumper.