• Ryuiji: Shapeshifting is the best super power because you can have any haircut any time you want, you can turn into a hotter version of yourself, you can turn into a dragon, you can turn into a robot, you can turn into a shambling mound of abstract shapes and sulk outside your estranged father’s house at night while chanting ominously about his sins,
  • Goro: This took a weird turn, but I’m still on board

I-I really like @blinkpen‘s King Gelatinous.

It started out as a drawing with two big blue magic dragons cuddling. But I wasnt very happy with how I drew the King so I made another drawing that I liked better. It just ended up turning into a lil scene of Merri poofing in and presenting the King with a gift of a giant sack full of food. I figured I may as well just make it a drawing sequence and added in the second scene to connect the first and third.

Merrilee visits various worlds to meet new folks and make friends. For certain reasons they usually cannot stay for too long in one place so they often wander around a lot but will return and visit again.
Its a major policy with them to bring gifts and be as warm and friendly as possible to the natives of any planet theyre visiting.

They will also often appear in their minilee form in order to appear nonthreatening and ask permission to be larger.

So I noticed that I haven’t drawn Kevin in a while and then I saw these amazing pallets and decided to try one of them out on his wardrobe. He’d probably wear something like this if he was going out with a group of friends on a Friday night or something fun and casual like that. But yeah anyways, this was super fun to play around with c:

Veri has mentioned this before but I can’t remember if they ever posted it and digging around for it would take too long cuz I’m at work and mobile tumblr is Bad

But mentioning “milk,” “juice,” “oil,” “leather,” or other such byproducts as coming from a source that cannot actually yield them (I.e. wasp milk, clown oil, pigeon grease, etc) is hilarious, but in a ‘what on earth is that and how did you actually get it’ way


anyone want some squid cheese?