blinking city

  • Man Overboard: I miss my girlfriend.
  • The Story So Far: I hate my girlfriend.
  • Neck Deep: I hate my girlfriend even more.
  • New Found Glory: I miss my girlfriend, but I love my friends.
  • Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!: My girlfriend doesn't realize the importance of having friends.
  • Motion City Soundtrack: I miss my girlfriend so I'm gonna self-medicate by drinking this bottle of Jack Daniels...
  • State Champs: My girlfriend doesn't know a damn thing about me.
  • Four Year Strong: Who cares if I don't have a girlfriend? I'm gonna rise up and prevail anyway, also where's the pizza?
  • Green Day: I really fucking hate the government, so I dumped my girlfriend.
  • All Time Low: I've lost track of how many girlfriends I've had in the past year, also I'm covered in bras for some reason.
  • Real Friends: My girlfriend didn't appreciate my sleepy eyes and bony knees, so she dumped me.
  • Saves The Day: I wrote a 600 word essay on why I can't get a girlfriend.
  • Say Anything: I wrote a 1200 word essay on why I can't get a girlfriend.
  • Brand New: I wrote my masters thesis on why I miss my girlfriend and can never get over her.
  • Yellowcard: My girlfriend gave me PTSD.
  • Joyce Manor: My girlfriend left me because I didn't last that long in bed.
  • Tigers Jaw: Man, fuck having a girlfriend, what's the point?
  • Sum 41: I act as if I don't want a girlfriend, but I'm secretly very lonely and dislike being single.
  • The Wonder Years: I don't have a girlfriend, but I really hate my town.
  • A Day To Remember: I hate my girlfriend AND my town.
  • Blink-182: I fucked ur girlfriend in the ass, lol.

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I'm feeling 62. (Please don't cry) really hard even though like 2 out of the 3 words are barely in Andrew or Neil's vocabulary

Okay so like I love this concept and I love this dialogue but…. Andrew doesn’t say please and Neil would never say please in front of Andrew, but……. I did my best
#62. “Please, don’t cry.”

Andrew’s sweatshirt is the only barrier between Neil’s skin and the biting December air. Where the metal of the balcony touches Neil’s bare thighs and feet, he freezes. Tears stick to his cheeks. The cold doesn’t register. Neil just feels the heat of a gasoline fire, smells flesh and hair and plastic burning. He can feel the resistance against his fingers when he rips his mother’s bones from the seat with blood acting as velcro.

The balcony door slides open and Andrew steps out. King slips past Andrew’s feet and trots over to Neil. The cat meows before stepping onto Neil’s thigh and head-butting his chest. Neil blinks, and more tears fall and freeze in place. Sir meows from the doorway and paces, but he won’t come outside. 

“Your cats are stupid,” Andrew says, sitting down crosslegged beside Neil. 

Neil doesn’t respond except to drag in a trembling breath. Andrew and the cats are peripheral to the last moments he has of his mother. Neil’s grief and exhaustion warp reality until the memory feels more real than the present moment. He’s not sitting on his balcony, remembering California, he’s on his knees on the side of the road, vomiting up the smell of ash and the taste of sea salt until his stomach is empty.

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band iphone wallpapers

can be used on iphone 4/4s and iphone 5/5c/5s

And she had never been one for adventure, but that night she ran across narrow bridges that crossed rivers and flew down steep tunnels between dams. The moon was there to keep her company and it showed her the way of the ravenous tides, as well as illuminated the blinking city at her feet.

Her lips were red and swollen from kissing the boy with the calloused hands and wanderlust eyes and she was laughing harder than she had in ages.

She was free.
—  n.g // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #20

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Aww omg #15 from your cuddle prompts ("Pull over, I wanna sleep in the back") would be so cute for Baby I think & so fitting

Baby + “Pull over, I wanna sleep in the back”

Late night drives were a constant in a world that was high paced and ever changing. Each Friday Baby would show up at your door, humming a song with his keys swirling around his finger. And today was no exception. You beamed at him as you grabbed your jacket, interlacing your fingers with his. “Did you do anything today?” Baby asked, pulling out one of his earbuds. “No, today was boring. Nothing happened.” You shrugged, and you weren’t lying. You didn’t have work and your show didn’t record so you spent most of the day lounging around your house. “I missed you today.” Baby mumbled, swinging you interlocked hands. “You did huh?” You teased, leaning against his car. “I did.” Baby stated matter-of-factly as you placed your hands on his chest, smoothing over his shirt.

Your arms wrapped around his neck as you brushed your nose against his before letting your lips touch. Baby’s hands found their way to your hips, anchoring your body against his. He smiled against your lips, making you laugh as you shoved him. “I’m so in love with you.” Baby said dreamily. You rolled your eyes, pressing a curt kiss to his lips before ducking into his car. “Come on lover boy, let’s get out of here.” You called as he jogged over to his side of the car, a goofy grin plastered on his face.

Baby pulled out his other earbud as you turned on the radio, changing it to a station you both liked. Baby peeled away from the curb and you let yourself get lost in it all. The music, the perfect weather, being here with Baby, his scent, the city lights, everything. You let your mind wander as aimless chatter filled the space. You talked about trivial things, voices soft and tired. You were leaning on your arm, and staring out of the opened window. “It seems peaceful at night.” You said, laughing at the end as this all started to feel a little cliche. Not that you minded. “It’s quiet.” Baby agreed, his hand finding yours that rested on your thigh. You looked over to him, eyes dropping his warm hand that enveloped yours. “Your hands are always soft.” Baby spoke quietly, almost to himself. You let your fingers intertwined, not feeling the need to respond, but just to enjoy the calmness you two rarely got.  

You yawned as you looked back out the window, occasionally glancing over to Baby. He noticed your heavy eyes, and wanted to take you back to your place, but he also wanted to spend as much time with you as possible. And before Baby knew it he had turned out of the city, cruising on the mostly abandoned highway before the scenery changed. You blinked as the city lights vanished the blurs of green filled your vision. “Baby?” You wondered, turning to face him. “I wanted to get out of the city.” He explained while you nodded, another yawn falling from your lips. “Can you pull over, I wanna sleep in the back.“ You mumbled, as the car slowed to a stop. You climbed over the seats and flopped onto the back seats, legs stretched out, albeit a little awkwardly, but you were comfy.

You hummed along to the song that filled the air, eyes still glued to the window. Baby missed the warmth of your hand on his and pulled over after driving for a few minutes. The car rattled as the gravel road met the rocky shoulder. Baby opened his door, and pulled his sweater off before joining you in the back. You instantly moved to lay your head on his lap, sighing as he draped his sweater over you. “Let’s stay here for a bit.” Baby said, his voice thick with tiredness as well. “Okay.” You muttered, as Baby began to trace the sides of your face. From your temple down your cheek, to your jaw and chin. His thumb brushed over your bottom lip, and he could feel the smile twitching at your mouth. “What’re you doing Baby?”

“Memorizing the details of your face.” He said, reaching into his sweater pocket to pull out his IPod.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Because I never wanna forget you.” You expression softened as Baby handed you an ear bud, nodding at you to take it when you eyed him. He copied your action as he placed the other in his ear, and a soft song started to play. “I think of you when I hear this.” Baby stated, looking down at you as you moved to lay on your back. Your hand cupped the side of his face as you stared up at him, enjoying the softness of his features in the moonlight. “I’m so in love you with,” You repeated his words from before, your breathing slowed and eyes dreary. “And I never wanna forget you either.”

Say I Love You

♡ Anonymous: Hi! Could you do a scenario with Jaehyun you too are talking and laughing at something and you accidentally say ’ I love you’ and you two sit there shook and you get flustered and embarassed bc you thought that he would say that first or it would happen like very romantically

♡ A/N: I’m so sorry this was so delayed, here you go! Enjoy!

♡ Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader

♡ Genre: Fluffffff

♡ Song:  김이지 (꽃잠프로젝트) - 흩어져

As you walked, your heels clicking against the pavement and the bright rays of the sun kissing your skin, he became closer. He stood there leaning against the tree and scrolling through his phone. He looked ethereal from where you were. His dark hair falling over his forehead and his dark eyes scanning the screen of his phone. He was so unaware of his glistening beauty that he so effortlessly resonated. You saw other girls stealing a look at him and then blushing and walking ahead. That annoyed you. How he arrested other people’s attention without even realising. You felt threatened that what you called yours might not be yours anymore. 

He looked up and smiled cheerily at you and enclosed you in a warm hug. His shirt smelled like soap. You snuggled into his chest wanting his embrace to last forever and he didn’t mind as he stroked your hair and planted a gentle kiss on top of your forehead. The fragrance of newly blossomed roses dominated the air as he walked next to you, holding your hand with the familiar firmness. 

“Work is getting harder. They’re making us practice even more now since the comeback is so close.” You only ogled at him. His eyes sparkled as he kept on ranting about his work and how he loved it and hated it at the same time. But you zoned out. 

Jaehyun and you had been going out for a while now. It seemed normal to you that you now had a boyfriend and that you wouldn’t be alone at parties. But today was different. It was as if you were being pulled. When you got his text message early in the morning, about him wanting to hang out, you jumped out of your bed and started dolling yourself up; trying on several outfits to select the perfect one. You wanted to impress him, you wanted to be close to him, you missed him. 

He detached his fingers from yours and flung his arm over your shoulder, smiling cheekily as he talked. “You’ve been very quiet today,” he said. 

“Yea I’m just hungry,” you replied, obviously lying. Would you tell him the truth? That he made your heart hurt and your mind swell and that he was suddenly becoming the reason why you would wake up and his musky fragrance is the only thing you want to inhale for the rest of your life? No, you wouldn’t.

“Well you should’ve said it earlier.” He chuckled as he changed paths. “Look, that diner is amazing. You’ll fall in love.” He was getting excited. Of course Jaehyun would get excited over the idea of food. 

“I think I already have,” you mumbled quietly so he wouldn’t hear you. He swung open the door and waved a polite hello to the cashier and forwarded to find the nearest seat. He wore a flannel button down and black skinny jeans and his hair was in a beautiful mess from the wind outside. You reached out and tried to fix his dishevelled hair. He looked up at you and smiled and you swear you heard a crack somewhere inside your body. His gaze was unwavering as you fixed the messy strands of his dark hair. His smile slowly disappeared and turned into something else. As if he were in a deep thought. You halted your movements and just stared at him. He was much more beautiful up close. How did you get so lucky to have him?

You inched back from the table and sat on the soft chair, a little embarrassed by the moment. He smiled to himself and reached for the menu, clearing his throat and trying to concentrate.

After the heavy atmosphere, formulated by you both, lifted a little, he began another of his conversations about the boys. “Oh my god and then Johnny fell back on his head and we all died laughing,” he said as he showed you the video. You both indulged in a hearty laugh before the words spilled out of your mouth. The words you were pressing inside. But they made its way onto your lips. 

“I love you,” you said. His smile disappeared as he just stared at you. You internally stabbed yourself. You cheeks turned a warm shade of red as you looked away, fidgeting with the hem of your shirt. “I’m sorry,” you stuttered, wanting to cry.

“Y/N,” he said softly and extended his arms to hold your hands. He encased them in his palms and looked at you. “Please look at me. You shook your head, not wanting to meet his eyes. “Please?” He pleaded. You gave in and looked up. He smiled at your state, your afraid eyes and your cherry red cheeks. “I love you too.” He said. You heart started beating again with relief, a flood of happiness washed over you. “You don’t have to be embarrassed about it. I wanted to confess to you a long time ago but I wasn’t sure if you…if you liked me too.”

“We’re dating Jaehyun, of course I like you.” He looked at you, dumbfounded.

“Yea but like, dating is like playing around. You never know what the other person is feeling they validate it you know?” 

“You’re making no sense.” He laughed and shook his head and then turned to look at you fondly. 

“We aren’t playing around just to let you know,” He said solemly. You looked away, smiling. The sky was beginning to darken outside as the subtle city lights blinked from the window. It was all really prepossessing but the person sitting in front of you was more. 

Oh I love this one so much I had to do it.

Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs and your favourite lyrics from each one

1. The Rocket Summer- Treasures

So I’ll fall asleep and try not to think twice about all the things that forever will kick me down the steps for being too nice.

2. Blink 182- Going Away To College

Bouquet of clumsy words, a simple melody. This world’s an ugly place, but you’re so beautiful to me.

3. Say Anything- Signal the Riflemen

Let’s make love on top of broken blackboards, I’ll slide the colored chalk around your every curve.

4. The Front Bottoms- Tattooed Tears

Let’s talk about how it felt on my shoulders as it came pouring out my ears. Let’s talk about the face of our love and how it might look with the addition of tattooed tears.

5. The Format- If Work Permits

I’m here to tell you loves not some fucking blood on the receiver. Love is speaking in code, it’s an inside joke. Love is coming home.

6. Motion City Soundtrack- Last Night

My body aches, it heaves, it shakes. All somersaults through so-called art and I still don’t know exactly who I am. I never will, amen.

7. Brendon Urie ft. Nate Ruess- C’mon

Try not to mistake what you have with what you hate, it could leave, it could leave come the morning. Celebrate the night, it’s the fall that will define. Shall we sing ‘til the morning? If I fall forward, you fall flat. If the sun should lift me up, would you come back?

8. Go Radio- What If You Don’t

There was a time I had a symphony and it played love to me for days. Then all at once I heard the strings, out of tune and out of key.

9. Anberlin- Dismantle. Repair.

Hands, like secrets, are the hardest thing to keep from you.Lines and phrases, like knives, your words can cut me through. Dismantle me down, repair. You dismantle me, you dismantle me.

10. Bayside- Sinking and Swimming on Long Island

My good intentions just keep sliding by the wayside, but it’s high tide and they get washed away with time.

Wow. This turned out so much better than I could’ve imagined. Thank you iPhone for shuffling my music pretty perfectly. The only skips I made were repeat bands because what fun is that?

title Up
summary Wishful thinking gets you nowhere.
pairing Itasaku, Tobisaku
rating hide the children

Part i | Part ii | Part iii (here) | Part iv | Part v | Part vi | Part vii | Part viii | Part ix | Part x | Part xi | Part xii | Part xiii | Part xiv |

If there was anything she wished she had known before this life, it was to get used to strange ceilings. Sakura couldn’t even begin to count the number of times she had squinted up, not recognizing the water stains. 

But this time, as her eyes opened, she recognized the crystal chandelier. The eggshell ceilings. She remembered specifying to the designer that she hadn’t wanted white. The walls of her mother’s apartment had been painted too white. It was probably to make the run-down place look cleaner somehow. But the harsh color seemed to repel life. Repel them. 

As she blinked, she saw a wisp of smoke rise up toward that not-white ceiling. 

“…wei…” she said. There was a pause. And then she heard a sigh.

“Shit. I forgot.”

The mattress dipped. She heard him roll out of bed. The door to the balcony opened. Cool air gusted in for a second before the door closed. Sakura sat up in time to see a very naked Tobirama puffing on his cigarette outside. He sucked in a few breaths before he flicked the lit cigarette over the edge of the balcony. Down onto the city below. 

Their eyes met when he slipped back into the room. He waved the rest of the smoky air out behind him as he shut the door.

“I forgot,” Tobirama said again, “My bad.”

Sakura rubbed the heel of her hand against her temple. 

Diu,” she cursed. And then she looked toward the window again. The waters of Victoria Harbor were black, same as the sky. “Did I sleep at all?”

“Maybe half an hour. Thought I’d finally screwed you unconscious like I promised,” he sighed, almost sounding wistful. Sakura laughed, rolling onto her stomach. She liked this side of him- a little arrogant, just a little crass. 

“Dumbass,” she muttered under her breath. She reached for her phone on the nightstand. There were a few missed calls. A text from Tenten letting her know that the night market was okay. Which made her remember something.

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disney princess aesthetics
  • Snow White: the warmth in a loved one's smile, getting flour everywhere when baking, but getting to lick the spoon, curling up on a saggy couch, sticky tree sap, watching cartoons on a gray day, sunlight after a storm, staying up late with your favorite people, birdsong in the morning,
  • Cinderella: the smell of clean clothes, bubble baths, putting your feet up after a long day, dewdrops sparkling in the morning sun, sitting under willow trees, the clicking of heels echoing in a large room, cut gem stones, singing when no one else is around to hear, polished silver, starlight,
  • Aurora: blooming roses, walking barefoot through grass, petrichor, peaceful solitude, carving initials into a tree, twirling in skirts, the trickling of a stream, daydreaming during lessons, juicy berries, gently brushing hands when no one is looking,
  • Ariel: doodling while taking notes, cherry lip gloss, stargazing, running until your lungs want to burst, threading fingers though soft hair, fireworks, placing your hand on water and not breaking the surface, hearing an old favorite song, the taste of salty tears, feeling at home,
  • Belle: intricate wood carvings, illustrations, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet, silk sheets, satin gloves, a pen gliding across a page, sunlight streaming through a window, freshly baked bread, that new book smell,
  • Jasmine: purring cats, fruity drinks, exotic perfumes, scrapping your knees, painting your nails, cooling sweat on the back of your neck, city sounds, basking in the sun, picking up smooth stones, the gleam of moonlight on soft skin,
  • Pocahontas: long walks to nowhere, bleeding watercolors, rolling down grassy hills until your clothes are stained green, deep breaths, the wind blowing through you hair, the smokey taste of burning wood, weaving daisy crowns, roaring rivers, feeling secure in someone's arms, clear skies,
  • Mulan: polished steel, flower petals, cold air nipping at your cheeks, chapped lips, yards of silky fabric, rough hands, cleanly flooded paper creases, sipping hot tea, relaxing strained muscles, being reunited with loved ones after a long time apart
  • Tiana: powdered sugar, comfy shoes, refreshing swims on hot days, blinking city lights, savory home cooked meals, the warmth and familiarity of your own bed, constellations, the lingering scent of a meal after it's been put away, smiling until your face aches, trying new things,
  • Rapunzel: coloring outside the lines, welcoming hugs, fine needlework, getting dirt under your fingernails, sunlight catching specks of dust, mixing globs of paint, pressing wildflowers in a book, sugary icing, carbonated drinks tickling your nose, a familiar lullaby,
  • Merida: wind whipping through your hair, oversized sweaters, sloppy handwriting, red sunsets, bruised elbows, that slightly sunburnt feeling after spending all day outside, mismatched socks, bonfires, the sturdy feeling of an old tree trunk, hidden paths through the forest,
  • Anna: checking every few moments to see if the brownies are done, wool mittens, bubble gum, being excited about seeing a dog, hot cocoa with whipped cream and cinnamon, butterfly kisses, pants with holes in the knees, brightly colored hair, too many pillows, drawing pictures in the fog on a window,
  • Elsa: snowflakes on eyelashes, high heels, fern frost, the smell of hair dye, porcelain, mint toothpaste, sharpened pencils, salads with crisp lettuce leaves icy cold metal, pressing your forehead against a cool windowpane,

So this is an Outlander AU I’ve been playing around with ever since I watched Arrival. It’s a bit, err, weird so I wanted to see if people would have an interest in it before I dive in completely! 


October 26, 2018

Weird dreams since it all began. Everything—so vivid. Shadows exist there, and have discernable shapes. I can do more than sense a presence behind my back; I can see it in the shifting, shadowy bodies approaching. Light, all this light.

In my dreams, there is so much of the old life. Strawberries, as big as child’s fist, that I can smell and touch and taste. Little seeds on my mouth; crunchy. I think of sand as I bite, and then it’s there, it’s all there: a beach where the water isn’t frozen. Watergate Bay, I think, in late July. I stand on the shore, watching the waves roil, when a sweat bee lands on my arm.

I don’t swat at her, just let her suck the honey right out of me. (People cry over daffodils these days, but I say fuck the daffodils. I’d weep if I saw a bee.)

There are faces in my dreams, too. And though I canna remember them when I wake, I know there is a woman. Sometimes a kid appears—the woman’s? I have no idea—but she’s got spider legs and freckles like you wouldna believe. She laughs and she laughs, a paintbrush in her hand, and she is forever laughing, this girl, a beautiful, bird-like laugh and —

They do make me think, these dreams. All I do is wonder:

What are these dreams, and who are these people?

What will happen to all the kids and that little girl with the legs and the freckles and the laugh?

What will happen to me or to that strange woman?

What will happen to any of us?


It is so dark, Jenny. The whole world’s gone dark.

Your brother,



April 16, 2018

Eleven days ago, human existence divided into two parts: Before Darkness and After Darkness. The latter, pessimists will argue, is ignorant and misleading. Who is to say, they ask, that there will be an After? Who is to say that this isn’t the state of our lives, our world, our humanity for the rest of eternity? Darkness, darkness, and more darkness.

It’s funny: the line between B.D. and A.D. is a meager span of eight and a half minutes. Or, if you want to be precise—to make the time sound shorter, like we couldn’t have seen it coming—a matter of 510 seconds. That is how long it took for our planet to realize it no longer had its mother, the Sun, to offer her steadfast care of yellow light and warm hugs. For those 510 seconds, us earthly billions scurried like ants, oblivious to the growing shadow of the palm that was slowly, slowly descending.


No more sun.

B.D. becomes A.D.

I could tell, ye ken? I could tell something wasna right. Felt a chill right down my spine, I did.

This is a quote from a farmer in the Shetland Isles whose potato crop, in just a few short months, will die out. Travelers will sink their teeth into the greening skin, desperate for a taste of an uncanned vegetable. The solanine that poisons their insides in exchange for this token of the B.D. world.

This same farmer—the man who claims he felt the cold finger of imminent doom—will meet an ironic death: hypothermia, in his own bed. It will be 43 below on that day, a temperature even his warm-blooded wife, long in the ground, would have blanched it. There will be no one to mourn him, save the travelers eating the toxic potatoes, and even they will fall not long after.

His son lives in Stirling with his own wife, and he will not know of his father’s death when it happens, but deduce its occurrence from the prolonged silence. Silence, in the A.D., is none of the things it once could have been. Not anger or disinterest or dementia. Only death—the certainty that something wasna right.

But this is months away yet, and so the son, named Ian Murray, has no reason to assume the frozen corpse of his farmer father. As of this moment, it has been eleven days since the sun vanished, and outside Ian’s home is one of the hundreds of Sites. He flocks there, as everyone within the vicinity does, to see the strange phenomenon at the Killin stone circle. It floats over the rocks that no one—not even Ian, who lives just three sloping hills away—ever paid much mind in the B.D.

But now: crowds surrounding them. Children on parents’ shoulders, sound booms and camera crews, iPhones perpetually raised and Instagram filters debated.

Mayfair or Ludwig? Which d’ye reckon will make it brighter? I need my cousin in Wisconsin to see this.”

“She’s already seen it, ye clotheid. This shit’s all over the news!”

And it is. Every broadcaster all over the world has come to Britain, Ireland, Brittany, England, Scotland, Bulgaria, Israel, and Poland, setting up camp by every ancient stone circle now glowing with—

“Light!” people cheer.

“Light!” people hiss.

“Light!” people cry. And they cry and cry and cry. Has anything ever been more beautiful than this, they ask? These perfect lights—the only natural light left in the entire A.D. world—dancing above the standing stones?

“Like fairies.”

Bigger than fairies.”

Eventually, the parties of gawkers are broken up and ushered back to their homes. They trudge through the all-consuming dark, seeing almost nothing, but hearing the chatter of hope and fear buzzing around them. They cannot do anything except sit in front of their televisions or their radios, waiting for answers that will arrive when it is nearly too late. Their screens already black, the electricity out entirely. Everyone huddled close under flickering candlelight, still whispering, whispering:

“What are the Orbs?”

“Where do the Orbs come from?”

“Why are they here?”

And so on the evening the Orbs first appear, Ian and his wife return from Killin circle, trying (and failing) to make sense of these lights that have appeared in their recently lightless world. They sit at their rickety IKEA table, listening to their children in the living room—“Is this the end of the world?” one of their daughters asks—before they finally call the wife’s brother. No one in the Murray household has the foresight to understand that the bulbs above their heads, the sound of Doctor Who, and the cell phone they are dialing might eventually disappear.

“Jamie,” Ian says into the receiver, “Jamie?”

And Jamie Fraser, having been brutally awoken that morning, rubs his face and thinks, Aye, that’s me all right. The badge swinging from his neck proclaims himself so: Dr. James Fraser, Solar Astronomer.

“Jamie, what the Devil is going on?” This, from Jenny, Ian’s wife, who is convinced that the Orbs are a government hoax. Those damn bastards, she keeps muttering, those damn bastards.

Jamie is leaning against a tree, feeling the weight of his badge and, thus, his responsibility dragging him to the ground. He has been avoiding the glare of the floodlights, which are now shining so brightly on the uniformed men and his impossible task. He does not want to get used to them, this artificial light. Wants to forget them so that, when such forgetfulness becomes necessary, they are impossible for him to miss.

“I’ve no idea.”

“D’ye think it’s aliens or some sort?”

“Dinna be daft, Ian, this has the English written all over it. Those damn bastards.”

“We’ve only been here since this morning, Jenny. We willna ken any answers for a while.”

“Weel, where are ye?” Ian asks. “Are ye here? In Stirling?” And Jamie, against his will, looks at the Orb over the clefted rock. It dims, brightens, then dims again. No discernable pattern in its behavior, though Jamie feels as though it is calling to him. Close your eyes. Listen.

“Today’s been such a blur, I—I honestly canna remember. I woke up wi’ a man banging on my door in Glasgow, and then I was in a helicopter on my way here.”

“Christ,” Ian says.

Jamie looks off into the distance, at the small but blinking city, and imagines it several months from now. A ghost town, perhaps. A crater of an even deeper blackness where the signs of life he is watching now have dwindled into nothing. How long though? How long will it last without the sun?

“We’re stationed no’ far from Inverness, but I’m no’ sure what stone circle this is.”

“As long as it isna Stonehenge,” Jenny replies, bursting with a knowledge gleaned from the Killin crowd. “Two people dead there. A sacrificial ritual before the police arrived.”

Jamie almost laughs at the idiocy of it all, but then a stern voice takes his attention. It crackles from a walkie-talkie carried by one of the army bigwigs.

Craig Na Dun? Craig Na Dun, are you there? They’ve found two more Sites in the Orkneys. Over.

If you’re struggling like I am - Ch. 26

Summary: You are hired as a makeup artist for BigHit working with BTS. You are older than all of them, yet, despite your best efforts, you find yourself slowing falling in love with the youngest member.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader, Jungkook X Noona

Genre: Angst, Fluff and Smut

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27(final)

Chapter 26 - Easier

You and Jungkook have coffee…and dinner… and a evening drink… in his apartment…

Word Count: 4.6k (of 73k)

Warnings: a bit more angst and a bit more smut

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