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Let me follow you~! My dash is dead

Hey guys, I need more friends and people to follow, so do me a favor and like/repost if you post or reblog any of the stuff below. Or if you just post a lot of music stuff. Thanks, I appreciate it.

- Melanie Martinez


-The Front Bottoms

- Halsey

- Sherlock/Benedict Cumberbatch

- Mystic Messenger

- Keaton Henson

-  Other bands (My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco,  Blink 182, ADTR, etc.)

- Any anime

- Memes

- Zelda

- Markiplier/Jacksepticeye/Youtubers

- Indie games

-Depressing stuff/meaningful words and whatnot

-Or if you’re just cool!