blink182 is stuck in my head

Jessi shit.

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1. Nicknames:  Jessi\Jess\Bolty\Jesster\Dumbface             

2. Gender: Bearded Lady.                                                                             

3. Star sign:  Cancer                                                               

4. Height: 5′5

5. Time:  12:51pm                                                                                     

6. Birthday: This month, 22nd day.

7. Favourite bands:  Alkaline Trio\Blink182\Bouncing Souls\Menzingers\Misfits\Tiny Moving Parts\etc

8. Favourite solo artists: Basically any of the bands I listen to, who have done anything remotely close to a solo thing.

9. Song stuck in my head: It’s been “Wings [your wild years]” by The Menzingers. 

10. Last movie watched: The Mask I think? – whatever last Nitz and I watched.

11. Last show watched: Currently: Friends 

12. When did I create my blog: April of 2k11

13. What do I post:  My boring life, my rad friends and shows, anything that catches my eye. Shit can go anywhere here.

14. Last thing googled: On my phone was my aunt’s fish company, on my computer was body art form’s website.

15. Do you have other blogs: Nay.

16. Do you get asks:  Hardly.                                                               

17. Why did you choose your url: When I first created Tumblr, it was “IrememberHalloween” – once deleted, it got taken. Jessi is my name and Halloween is my game. Halloween is also my favorite Misfits song\holiday AND back in 2004 when this whole url thing started, was a show I’ll never forget.

18. Following:  108                            

19. Followers: 695 – I’d be stoked if it wasn’t porn blogs mostly I’m quite sure. 

20. Favourite colours: Red and black.

21. Average hours of sleep: Try to get at least 7. 

22. Lucky number:  7                                                                            

23. Instruments: I love and attempt the guitar. Lately been wanting to buy a bass and try,

24. What am I wearing: Boxer shorts and a white tee.

25. How many blankets I sleep with: Summer – maybe one. Winter – usually 3.

26. Dream job:  Fuck if I know anymore. I’m 27 1\2, come back to me.

27. Dream trip: Urgh, so many places but San Diego is my first. I’ll get there.

28. Favourite Food: Yknow, I’ll eat pizza any day and every day. 

29. Nationality: Serbian\Mexican.

30. Favourite song now: Tough question.

I don’t have 20 to tag, so if I tag you, you can do it or not. I’d love to read it, though!

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Nicknames: Hannah banana, Hammy, Hoonar, beeza and many more I don’t wish to discuss.

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Cancer

Time: right now? 7:29

B-day: July 8th

Favourite bands: Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, Linkin park, the killers, the all-american rejects, blink182, Guns n’ roses, imagine dragons and honestly the list goes on it’s a ridiculous obsession I need to stop.

Favourite singer: Brittney spears, Harry styles, Jessie Reyez (she is very underrated and deserves more attention I recommend checking her out), Ellie goulding, Lorde and others I can’t think of but I know as soon as I post this I’ll go WHAT ABOUT THEM.

song stuck in my head: This is gospel -if you don’t know who this is by we can’t be friends and you shouldn’t be on this blog

Last movie watched: The new spider-man homecoming, not the worst marvel movie ever but not the best.

Last show: American horror story

Blog B-day: I want to say late October

What do I post: PHANNNN, depressing emo shit because I’m totes cool like that, occasional band crap and some random aesthetic shit that makes me happy.


other blogs: none

do I get asks: Like I think I’ve only ever gotten 2, because I have SO many friends.

Why did you choose your url: because I like Dan and Phil a lot if you couldn’t tell so it’s a combination of dans first name + my middle name + phils last name :) (yes, my middle name is grace, how original right?)

Following: 96

Followers: a whopping 15 ;) I know, I know, I try for it not to get to me you know but man with all these people it’s sometimes overwhelming.

Fav colour: Black or white, yes, I know how original

average hours of sleep: Dude honestly some nights 3 others 14 my sleep schedule is all over the show.

Lucky number: Probably 8

Instruments: Piano or electric guitar

Wearing: Pastel blue hoodie, black skinny jeans, watermelon socks and undies

blankets: currently laying in bed with 3 blankets on me

Dream job: No fucking clue

Dream Trip: probably a trip all around Europe

Fav Food: I literally will eat anything except seafood and onions

Nationality: STRAYA MATE

 Sooo yeah I tag - @fuckyouphansreal, @nerdgeekfreakgirl, @phansterdam, @httpsoftdan, @philester, @pseudophan, @frecklie

most of these peeps aren’t my mutuals I just really like their blogs